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  1. I am following a two week diet of a 1000 cals a day consisting of 2 high protein shakes and one meal with no junk carbs. I am trying to keep it down to 30 carbs per day with a close eye on the fat intake. It definitely becomes difficult sometimes so I try to focus on an image of a healthy liver. Good luck! Pennie
  2. Hi All, I just got all my supplements together and it is exactly two weeks before my surgery. Would it be a good idea to start taking them on the pre-op diet or should I wait til it is over? I have been taking a regular multiple but I am almost out. TIA! Pennie
  3. FreeToBeMe

    Can I Ever Eat Bread Again?

    Hi All, After reading my surgeon's guidelines for post-op eating, I am wondering if anyone, several months out, eats high Fiber, low carb bread and tortillas? Are they a total no-no? I do love a slice of toast with my Protein. TIA, Pennie
  4. FreeToBeMe

    Is PB 2 OK?

    Hi All, Thanks for answering all my questions. I am arranging the pantry and I keep finding things that I wonder if they are legal or not. I have 3 jars of PB 2 and would love to add it to Protein shakes. If you haven't heard of it, PB 2 is a lower fat peanut powder that you can add to stuff or use to make Peanut Butter. Would it be sleeve friendly? Thanks for your input! Pennie
  5. My psych eval was also very easy. They want to make sure that you are in a sane frame of mind to choose life-altering surgery. I had to do the fill in the bubble test. They were mundane personality questions but every once in the while there be something strange like "T or F: I am in daily touch with the President." I actually laughed at some of them. Good luck:)
  6. Hi All, I love reading these posts. Thanks for the great information. I have two questions about pre-op testing. What exactly is an EKG? Do I have to run on a treadmill or is that just for a stress test? And for the chest X-ray is there a machine that I have to fit into? Can I keep my bra on for these tests? How about a sports bra? Thanks!
  7. Hi All, I want to put this on this board because it gets more traffic than the Insurance Board. I am currently scheduled to do a self-pay on December 2nd. Now, I am reading on different WLS boards that Medicare will starting covering the sleeve in January. In fact, some folks say they have already been covered. So far I have hit a brick wall trying to confirm this. The Medicare phone reps have no idea, my surgeon's office doesn't either and I have Googled it to no avail. I really need suggestions about whom to contact to see if this is true. Are there any Medicare advocacy agencies that might know? I really feel in a bind and am on the verge of postponing my surgery. Thank you so much for you time. Pennie
  8. I specifically scheduled my surgery so I would not have my TOM. But, of course, because of stress, the change in the weather, etc, TOM has started 10 days early. I am afraid that I will have it in next month right when I am supposed have the surgery. After post-op, will it be possible to change my pads and stuff? I am easily embarrassed and totally chagrined about this. Thanks All.
  9. Hi All, I would like to say Hi to everyone. My name is Pennie and I am scheduled to be sleeved on Dec 2nd by Dr. Patrick Chiasson in Tucson. I am really excited but also full of questions so I am thrilled to have found this forum. I wrote in another thread how I am coming to the end of the "Last Suppers" and am ready to eat to be in the best shape possible for the surgery. Wish me luck! Thanks all for your support. Pennie
  10. Hi Kelly, My birthday is also in December and I am being sleeved on Dec 2nd. I am totally excited and nervous! Last night, I had a gorgefest on In-N-Out cheeseburgers (my uttermost temptation) and I realized that I can't keep eating like that. I want to be lighter and healthier for my surgery so I've decided to eat normal amounts of healthier but tasty foods and exercise. Anyway, I am so thrilled for both of us! Pennie