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  1. I can't believe that I can ditch the protein bullets!! It's been a week since surgery and I can have a real protein shake! Sweet!! It may seem strange to crave a protein shake but after a week of choking down the bullets-Wow, I'm ready. It has been an amazing week. Already, I am waking up feeling much better and energized. No longer depressed about my weight problem, I wake knowing that I have finally done something about it and it is great to be done with binge eating and food hangovers. Take care all, Pennie
  2. Me too. I am struggling with food addiction that did not go away with the surgery. It is a daily struggle between what I am supposed to eat and what my brain wants to eat for comfort. A perfect example, Monday I had to have my cat put down due to illness and I used that as an excuse to graze on Ben and Jerry's all day. I have lost a lot of weight since surgery but I feel that I would have lost more if my brain was on board with this new way of eating. I am waiting for that "magic pill" that changes brain chemistry! I have been going to a great therapist and we have made progress but it seems that I am hardwired to want to eat for comfort since I have been doing it since I was a child. But I am not going to give up hope that my new way of eating post-op will replace the nagging need to comfort eat as I continue to feel stronger and healthier. You are so not alone. All of us have food issues that did not go away with the surgery.
  3. Here I am three months out and I still have not mentally accepted 100% that most of my stomach has been removed. When I sit down to meals I have to repeatedly remind myself to take it slow and chew. Part of my brain still believes that I can eat like I used to and I have to keep reminding myself that things have dramatically changed. I am not complaining-I am very happy with the surgery and my weight loss but I am wondering how long it will take before my eyes are not bigger than my stomach?
  4. Hi All, I use the Bariatric Advantage passion fruit flavored iron and it gives me nasty iron burps. Does anyone have a brand that doesn't do this? TIA, Pennie
  5. FreeToBeMe

    Exercise=Weight Gain? Help!

    Is it true that increasing your cardio will make you gain weight or stall for a bit? I have doubled my cardio and keep fluctuating between 2 pounds on the scale. Is this muscle holding onto water? Will drinking more water (I average about 80oz) help? TIA!
  6. FreeToBeMe

    Tortillas are No Go!

    Hi All, Living in the Southwest, I have eaten tortillas all my life. A bean burrito is as basic as a sandwich to me. Now I am not complaining, just noting, that when I try a piece of one now, post-VSG, it clumps like paste in my throat. It is just funny how much changed in what I can successfully eat. Carbs are a no-no but you got to have a few. Down the road, I hope to use the high-fiber tortillas like Mission's Carb Balance to cook with. But that's not the same as a really yummy flour tortilla:drool5:. What basic foods have y'all had to give up? Take Care, Pennie
  7. Hi All, I get on a fancy scale monthly that reports Fat Free Mass such as muscle, bone and water. Since last month I am down six pounds of FFM. I worried that it might be muscle that I am losing. Any advice would be appreciated. I am three months out and do an hour of walking/stationary bike a day. Do I need to up my protein intake? Pen
  8. FreeToBeMe

    Help with Medicare Plz!

    I have been reading here and there that Medicare is going to cover the sleeve in 2010. Has anyone else heard that? I called Medicare and the representatives only know about what has already been approved. My surgeon's office doesn't know anything. My surgery is scheduled for December and I am willing to put it off until early next year of course if Medicare will cover it. Does anyone know how to find this information out? Thanks so much for your time. Pennie
  9. FreeToBeMe

    Orders of PB2 Delayed??

    Hi All, Anyone else order PB2 from the Bell Plantation website and not get it yet? I ordered mine over a month ago. The website talks about delays and bad batches that can't be shipped. Anyone know any news? Thanks, Pennie
  10. FreeToBeMe

    Cash Pay Question

    I was cash pay and I could have had the sleeve in less than a month after my consult but I had to wait due to financial reasons. Good luck!
  11. Hi All, I am about 9 weeks out from surgery and have noticed that my nails are getting brittle and break a lot more often. Could this be a sign of a lack of something in my diet? Any suggestions to make my nails stronger? Thanks! Pennie
  12. FreeToBeMe

    Sleep apnea?

    My sleep apnea significantly improved after the surgery. Now, 70 pounds lighter, I am able to sleep on my stomach in a bed again. Before, I was sleeping in an armchair. I have never been officially diagnosed-just going on my own symptoms.
  13. FreeToBeMe

    What do you miss?

    I do occasionally dream about eating pizza. That's the one food I really miss. Sometimes, I'll make a veggie pizza on Flat Out bread and that will kinda satisfy. But I miss the chewy, doughy crust. However, I wouldn't go back to my pre-sleeve days when I ate enough pizza to put myself into a food coma.
  14. FreeToBeMe

    5 days post-op & have questions...

    I gained a lot of weight from the IV fluids but it did finally go away. When I was five days out, I couldn't drink water without having gas pains. Now I can take a couple of gulps and I am two months out. Hope you feel better soon.
  15. FreeToBeMe

    TMI but help?

    I know exactly what you mean by feeling that you have to go but can't. I am two months out and only go every 2-3 days. Sometimes I use glycerin suppositories to get things moving.
  16. FreeToBeMe


    I love to add PB2 to my chocolate protein shakes. Tastes just like a Reese's. PB2 is on backorder now--I ordered some in the middle of March and still haven't received it. I am going to try a local camping store that is supposed to carry it.
  17. FreeToBeMe

    Tomorrow is the day...Yea !!

    I am so excited for you! You have a super attitude and are well-prepared for the sleeve. In less than 24 hours you will have a great tool that will let you build a new relationship with food and a whole new life. Pennie
  18. I can't believe how callous and rude those comments are! I am sort of amazed how freely friends and family discuss my appearance to my face. They specify body parts. It can get too invasive. I realize there are major changes but I still appreciate discreetness in compliments.
  19. FreeToBeMe

    Help with Medicare Plz!

    Try this website Medicare Rights Center - Home It is for a Medicare advocacy group that is not connected with the government but they might give you good advice.
  20. FreeToBeMe

    Meeting the guidelines

    Hi, I drank a lot of Crystal Light for the first 2-3 weeks because I couldn't tolerate plain water. I drank Profect (eew! I know) in the first week to get my protein in. One good thing about is that it is only 3 ounces so it doesn't take long to consume. I like Muscle Milk Light because it has a thinner consistency and tastes good for a protein shake. Costco sells it and I think WalMart does too. Just do the best you can-soon you will be able to drink a lot more. I averaged 250-300 calories my first few weeks out. Good Luck. Pennie
  21. Hi,

    How's the pre-op going? You are almost there!! Nervous and excited, I bet. I just read on one of the boards that we share the same starting weight. I am at 290 now and it's great to be in a new century. I haven't weighed below 300 in at least five years. Love the sleeve!

    Take Care,


  22. I've heard the same thing so I space my protein out over the day. My shakes just have 22 grams.
  23. Anyone else take this stuff for their Omegas? I like it because the capsule is tiny and there are no fishy burps. I am wondering how many I should take a day. Any advice? Thanks! Pennie
  24. I was in the hospital for 2 nights and the thing I really needed was something to wash my face with like moist towelettes or something similar. Lip balm (with no petroleom products) is another one. Good luck!
  25. I had to wait til two weeks after the surgery and I am having to do the chewable vitamins, iron and calcium.