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  1. I made it through the procedure and all is fine. At first I thought it didnt work. Now it seems that I am not throwing up as much as I was and holding down alot more. I have only had one acid reflux attach, since the 16th. This is a big change. :biggrin:

  2. I have Federal BCBS and they paid for me to have a revision a gastric bypass to a VSG. I to had a problem with vomiting, the opening was narrowed and not allowing food to go through. I think when you appeal the decision is made by a different clerk. Dont give up. They dont always consider VSG investigational, my was approved the first time.:laugh0:

  3. I had a stomach stapling and had complications so went with a sleeve. I started at 218 pre sleeve was 208, now at 179 11 weeks out. So i have lost 39 lbs total. I have a curves membership and exercise 3 times a week. Some times it is difficult for me due to me having multiple sclerosis. I find it very easy to use this as an excuse. I always get dressed and go and do what I can even if it isnt the whole 30 minutes.

  4. Well I personally stay away from aspartane, due to the fact that in some studies it has been linked to multiple sclerosis and I have this disease. I was a big diet coke drinker prior to my diagnosis. Since it is so much work trying to figure out what is in what I stay away from them all. I am sure I accidentally get them occasionally, but not knowingly.

  5. You guys are crazy!!! LOL! I had never heard of being splinted either, but he explained it to me that it was done the same way that someone who has a clogged artery has a balloon put in to allow the blood to flow. It is left in for a month or so and then removed, allowing time to stretch the opening. Doesnt sound fun. I will have to return to liquids. I am currently taking prevacid and zantax, but it only helps after the fact, not to prevent the attacks that i have.