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  1. Fat Pat no more

    what a difference

    Looking good girl.
  2. Fat Pat no more

    Help us test our new Android app!

    I would love to help. Add me.
  3. Fat Pat no more

    9 months before and after pic

    Wow you look great. O whole new you.
  4. Fat Pat no more

    October sleevers?

    Hoping for a October date waiting on insurance approval. This wait is hard.
  5. Fat Pat no more

    4 month pik!

    Good work. Keep it up.
  6. Thanks for sharing. This was is good to know for when I get my sleeve.
  7. Fat Pat no more

    200 lbs down

    Great job.
  8. Fat Pat no more

    Don't lose too much - aaaargh!

    Also there's the jealousy issue.
  9. Fat Pat no more

    66 Pounds Down!

    Way to go girl.
  10. sorry didn't mean to hit send. Anyway she told me about meeting. I went with her and now I'm having surgery and she's not.
  11. For years I said I would never have WLS. The a fried told me about a simanar
  12. Fat Pat no more

    October Sleevers - Who else

    iI'm waiting foe insurance approval. I won't have to do any pre op liquid diet except for clear liquids day before.
  13. I took it years ago. I didn't know I sleep eating till my sister got hurt in a wreck and had to sleep in a recliner. I stayed with her awhile she said I would get up make me something to eat then clean kitchen and go back to bed never turning on the lights. There was a night light in her kitchen. She just started telling me to put the food back and go to bed and I would. I never knew. Till later she told me why I couldn't loose wt.
  14. I've only told one friend. She her husband and older daughters know. Others I might tell after it all said and done if they ask. I don't she where it's everyone's business. But I won't lie. Most everyone knows I've been dieting and exercising more and can see the difference. And I haven't even had my surgery yet.
  15. Fat Pat no more

    Haw any one used Dr Balder in MS or LA?

    My paper work has gone to the pr advocate to send to insurance. Just have to try to wait till I hear from them. This is the hard part for me now.
  16. Fat Pat no more

    August 15th

    He's my Dr too. I really like him as does my husband. Hope to have surgery in October. I'm waiting on insurance approval now.
  17. Fat Pat no more

    2 months post op down 85 lbs.. pics inside

    Good job. Keep up the good work.
  18. Fat Pat no more


    I've met all my requirements and am ready for my file to go to insurance for approval. Please pray its quick.