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  1. Fat Pat no more

    One week post op

    I had my surgery Monday so I'm what 3 almost 3 days post op.
  2. Fat Pat no more

    It's time

    I'm on my way to hospital. My surgery is in 1 1/2 hours. This is my big step for a better me. I thank God for this. Good thoughts and prayers for the others who are doing this also. Soon I shall not be Fat Pat no more.
  3. Fat Pat no more

    It's time

    I'm home doing pretty good.
  4. Fat Pat no more

    It's time

    Just checking in. I had a fairly good night.
  5. Fat Pat no more

    Wedding pics, down 135 lbs!

    U look great.
  6. Fat Pat no more

    Where are the 50s ???

    Monday the 14 of october
  7. Fat Pat no more

    Where are the 50s ???

    I'm having surgery tomorrow. At 730
  8. Fat Pat no more

    OCTOBER bariatric beauties

    That's Monday
  9. Fat Pat no more

    Any October sleevers?

    My surgery is this Monday. I have killed my share of dust bunnies this week.
  10. Fat Pat no more

    OCTOBER bariatric beauties

    Mines monad the 14 th I desperately need a sleeve sister buddy somebody.
  11. A lot of the time is waiting for insurance approval after all requirements are meet. The Drs office has to send all paper work to insurance and some work faster than others. If you have all ducks in a row then it won't take as long.
  12. Fat Pat no more

    October Sleevers - Who else

    No preop diet do me just clear liquids Sunday with surgery Monday the 14th but I have to be there at 6:15am.
  13. Fat Pat no more

    Hiatal Hernia and the sleeve?

    I have one as well. My Dr will fix it when he does my surgery this Monday the 14. I think I looking forward to getting that thing fixed and the surgery's just gonna be a bonus.
  14. Fat Pat no more

    I wanna join y' ll

    Hey I got my date it's October 14. Yea
  15. Fat Pat no more

    October Sleevers - Who else

    I'm on Monday too. May The Lord be with both of us
  16. Fat Pat no more

    My Birthday Cake :)

    Happy Birthday
  17. Fat Pat no more

    Using CPAP after surgery

    I have the same question. My surgery is the same day. The nurse in preop told me to bring it with me when I come in for surgery n
  18. Fat Pat no more

    October GS Pals?..

    I'm set for Monday the 14th. Already done preop just waiting I only have to do 1 day clear liq before surgery. But I'm already down 25 pounds. Just waiting for Monday to get here.
  19. Fat Pat no more

    Day 4 is in the books

    Hang in there you are doing great each is a new day. Keep up the good work.
  20. Fat Pat no more

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Great job
  21. I just got home from my preop appointment. Surgery is Monday. Yea
  22. Fat Pat no more

    One Year!

    Congratulations u look great.
  23. I just kill the food bar at our favorite Chinese restaurant. My surgery is Monday so I said why not.