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  1. I had to have my Band removed as an emergency procedure. My band was to tight. I went to my Dr and the removed a tiny bit of fluid and I was ok for two days but then I couldn't even keep water down and I began throwing up. I went to bed and woke up first thing in the morning having to throw up and all I threw up was blood. This was back in August of 2014. So, even though my band had been so fickle it was a good tool that helped me lose weight..I actually cried, sobbed actually after the Dr told me I had to have it removed. With all my vomiting the band was half way down my stomach and was actually restricting blood from the top portion of my stomach. Its a long story and I made my mistakes. I got my sickest on the weekend and didn't call my WLS office. The vomiting up blood continuously scared me so I went to my hospital. Long story short, I have decided to do Revision Surgery to RNY Gastric Bypass. I go on the 15th for my final class I will get my surgery appointment set for two weeks from that date and begin my liguqid protein diet. Has anybody in this group had revision surgery or have thye considered it?
  2. BlueMoon~T

    Fruit after bypass

    I was big with strawberries and Greek yogurt. It didn't cause me any issues with my RNY. The Greek yogurt helped with my Protein levels. Good luck!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. I'm going to post some before and after pics too! Just in case anyone is wondering. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  4. BlueMoon~T

    Clothing changes?

    It is hard to say. I would say buy leggings and things with some stretch that you can wear while your losing. I'm almost a year out and I started at a size 24 and now I'm wearing a 5/6. The lower your weight goes the faster you'll see your size change. If that makes sense. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. BlueMoon~T

    I will be the first to start

    I know this is an old thread but I had my Bypass on 11/2/15. I had a revision from a lap band to RNY, my insurance covered it, thank God! I'm 5'7" and my highest weight weight was 340. I now weight 152. Two more pounds and I will be in the normal weight for my height. It's been amazing! I haven't had any complications. I hope you all are doing great! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. I know it's been so long since I was on here. I had my RNY on Nov 2, 2015. It was a long time between my removal and my Gastric Bypass surgery. I'm coming up on my year anniversary and I wouldn't change a thing. My weight loss has been substantial. My highest recorded weight was 342. I am now down to 152. I feel amazing. I haven't had any complications. I'm using an app on my phone and I need to update my profile. I look so much different now. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  7. That's so awesome. I'm coming up on my year anniversary and it's been the best year of my life! Congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  8. BlueMoon~T

    I Failed My Band

    I've been MIA for a long time from this site because I sorta feel like a failure. Here's my Story... In August 2014 my band was too tight. I went to the the Dr. and they removed a tiny bit of fluid and had me drink some barium and asked me to do a swallow test. With tiny sips the water trickled through. I should have asked them to remove a little more but the weight was dropping off me fast because I could hardly get anything down. My mistake, but I feel like my Dr was somewhat responsible as well. It was just too tight! I was fine for two days, then I woke up on Friday morning and I couldn't drink my protein drink. i couldn't even swallow my saliva. I got the slimy yucky foamy stuff for most of the day. I called my Dr. office and had to leave a message. Nobody called me back on Friday. Saturday I woke up suddenly feeling very sick and i threw up blood. Several times Saturday I would throw up blood. My tummy would feel full and I hadn't eaten anything and I would throw up and it would be dark blood. Foolishly i waited until Sunday to go to the ER. By this time I was very dehydrated and my potassium was extremely low. Just a side note: If you ever have to have Potassium Intravenously infused it hurts so bad. I'm not exaggerating. It's very painful. Anyway... Luckily, the hospital I went to has a newly opened WLS clinic and the surgeon who i was speaking with knew about the Lab Band and how to look for slippages. He even said he wanted to see if he could try to save my band for me. Unfortunately my band had completely slipped and was wrapped around the middle of my stomach. So, it had to be removed. After he left the room I sobbed I was so upset! Flash forward to August 2015,I have a regain of about 40lbs. so i decided to have a revision to RNY Gastric Bypass. I found a new WLS Dr at a new Center that has really put me through the ringer. I had to go to a specific place to take my Psych. Evaluation. That was a little pricey $800 the Dr. was out of Network. Then I had to be approved by the surgical board to determine if they thought I would follow the program. Now, on September 15th, I am going to my preoperative class that takes all day long and I have to bring someone from my support group. I will find out my surgery date which should be in about 2 weeks because I will have to do the liquid diet. Then I will officially be an RNY Gastric Bypass Revision Patient! Revision's don"t lose weight as fast as newly operated on patients. I've heard there have been complications with revisions from the band to the sleeve. I'm not versed enough to speak to all the complications because I am sure there are plenty with the RNY, too! When I spoke to my Dr about his opinion on what he thought would be best for me he said, " Honestly, I prefer the RNY, because it has the dumping". I thought for a moment and decided that he was right and that would be another useful tool. I mean if my body rejects sweets and greasy food, then heck yeah! Here's to an awesome HONEYMOON PERIOD with my bypass surgery. I'm hoping I will continue to get support from my friends and make new ones in the process. I'm trying to look at this as a positive thing. Thanks for reading, ~T
  9. BlueMoon~T

    Banders Exercise

    Hey everyone! So, I've had a set back. My kidneys are NOT cooperating and to top it off I have something new (bad new) going on with my back. MRI is scheduled for the 24th. I'm not a happy panda. :*( I'm doing good to walk most days lately. Anyway, on a positive note, my daughter had her baby on the 16th at 2:35 am. 8lbs. 2oz. 19 inches long. Sweetest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. I even got to cut the cord! Keep me in your thoughts. Dialysis makes me deathly ill and I'm much too young to have the back I've got. I wanna RUN!! But reading everyone's posts on this thread keeps me motivated to get there. You all are Killing It!! Happy Hump Day!!
  10. BlueMoon~T

    It's My Blog I'll Say What i Want To

    Today I am so excited about my decision to get my Lap Band. I know I still have 70 lbs. to lose to get to my goal weight, but I've lost almost 100 lbs. I don't know what you would call that, but it sure feels like I'm succeeding. Now, if I'm going to be honest I want to vent a little bit. I rather enjoyed being ignorant/uniformed about how the majority of people (not all) who chose to have VSG or RNY look at those of us who have the band. Most days I just move on and SMH, but other times I feel disrespected. It feels like I'm being told I'm ignorant and made a stupid decision and that they are in some way guaranteeing that I am going to fail. I know at one of the seminars I went to they had a person who had the band and another who had RNY. They guy who had RNY said that he knew he would find a way to eat around his band and that is why he chose to have the Bypass surgery. I also have an Aunt who had Bypass. She lost weight but she also figured out a way to eat around her surgery and gained her weight back. She still struggles with diets now. You can find bad things about every surgery, but why such disdain for the band? The idea that you either do it the way I did it or you're doing it wrong makes me cranky. Excuse me, my way seems to be working perfectly fine for me. I also always try to be diplomatic and say that we are all on the same page if we had WLS, we want to get healthy, so why worry about which surgery you or I had. I guess its just like anything in life, you can find information anywhere to support your point of view. The integration of the site has just made me more aware of how people view me as a bandster. Often times, I get dismissed as if my opinions or my weight loss is of little or no consequence. I'm not the type to rip someone in the forums when this happens... so, here I am in my blog, pounding away on my keyboard getting it out of my system so I can go on my merry way. In the name that all is holy... people PLEASE stop posting questions in the forums on what surgery you should get. You can get that information online, from your Dr. and just your own informed decision making skills. We can't tell you what to do and it almost always turns into a battle of my surgery is better than your surgery. Aren't we all adults and cant we just be happy for each other that we're taking steps to improve our quality of life?
  11. BlueMoon~T

    It's My Blog I'll Say What i Want To

    LOVE IT!!!! The first surgeon I had a consult with told me he would only do the RNY on me. I found a different surgeon. I've been successful, too! Not goal weight yet, but I'm still losing. To those people and Doctors who think if you have a 100 or more pounds to lose can only do sleeve or bypass to be successful, I call BS...It can be done. Look at all the people on this site!!
  12. BlueMoon~T

    Banders Exercise

    My back and leg got the best of me. Last night around midnight I went for a mile walk with my pregnant daughter. The weather was beautiful and she's so uncomfortable. She's dilated 2cm and 50% effaced, so she's ready!!! and so am I ! Anyway, when it woke up this morning I couldn't get out of bed. Grrrr! I'm limping around now. Just gotta slow things down a bit for the rest of the week. I may be down, but I'm definitely NOT out! I hope everyone is enjoying their day!
  13. BlueMoon~T

    It's My Blog I'll Say What i Want To

    I totally agree. The band takes work and commitment and there are those of us who can be successful. It really makes me uber cranky when I see other bandsters being disrespected. I'm going to start a new campaign called, "Stop the Band Bashing". People come to the site for encouragement, knowledge and just to share their experiences. They don't post stuff to be judged! Just my two cents!
  14. BlueMoon~T

    What does restriction feel like to you?

    @@lisacaron Best descriptive answer I've ever read about restriction! This is why I love this site!
  15. Congratulations! Let us know how things go! I love my band, too!
  16. After fills I feel it right away, and usually after three weeks it's what it's going to be. I've had four fills I'm at 9cc's in a 14cc band. I'm super tight in the morning and as the day goes on I feel perfect. BTW...my Dr will only give me a fill once a month. I go in even if I don't need a fill. Love the accountability and that's the scale I go by. Just a caveat... While it's fun to talk about and it's interesting to see what other bandsters are doing, etc...please don't compare your band size, fill amount, number of fills or weight loss to anyone. I did that at first and it will mess with your head and your game plan. We all are different and have to find our own way. Find what works for YOU! Stepping off my soap box! Sorry!! Best wishes!
  17. BlueMoon~T

    Banders Exercise

    I've been keeping up with my workouts. I took Sunday off B/c we went to the NHRA races (My girl, Courtney Force, won the finals!Yay) but I would hardly say it was a day off. Walked sooo much and this girl forgot the sunscreen. I look so burnt I'm purple. It's going to be so attractive when I start to peel! Did day 3 today of C25K. I'm signed up for the Color Vibe 5k July 14 and I signed up for the LoziLu 5k mud Run in August. I'm committed. I had a rough day of it today because my sciatica is trying to flare up. Hoping that doesn't happen! Happy Hump Day, friends!
  18. BlueMoon~T

    Banders Exercise

    Yoga and resistance training this morning! Should be a busy weekend, but I'm going to find time to get my exercise in daily. Couch-to-5K tomorrow! I really appreciate this thread you all are so supportive! *hugs*
  19. BlueMoon~T

    Holy Mackerel....but don't folks eat alot.

    I know exactly what you're saying. Just watching people eat now amazes me! Giant bites, big gulps of drinks another giant bite...and I'm like wha??? Did you chew that? That used to be me... Having the band makes you slow down and chew or savor each bite. It gives you lots of time for good conversation and sometimes people watching! I still get a lot of questions like, "Don't you like your food?". Which I respond to by saying, "Yes! I'm just enjoying the company." Corny maybe, but it works. I love my band and I feel healthier and stronger every day!
  20. BlueMoon~T

    Banders Exercise

    So it has begun. Week 1 Day1 Couch-to-5K... CHECK!!!
  21. BlueMoon~T

    Surgery tomorrow! Need support!

    Congratulations! Keep us updated on your progress!!
  22. BlueMoon~T

    first fill due what shud i expect

    Good luck with your fill!my eating after banding was 1 day Water and yoghurt then pureed stuff for about 10 days then 'soft foods' with occasional well chewed toast etc., i dont realy get the full feeling so was wondering if i will with a fill - dont reaally mind liquid and puree for a few days - ive got about another 60 pound to lose = my target is to get to target weight BEFORE the loan for my surgery is paid off in January 2015!!!! i guess st a bit bothered than my band dosent seem to be MAKING me eat less yet if that dosent happen for me i just keep munching and nibblg [/quote What you're referring to is bandster hell. You have the tool, but it's not at optimal performance yet. It's tough and most of us have been right where you are. You could feel the restriction you're needing to stay on track with this fill. Just don't give up on you if it doesn't. Keep plugging away and continue to try to make healthy food choices until you get to your "green" zone. Let me know how your fill goes.
  23. BlueMoon~T

    before and after pics

    I can't wait to meet my goal. Here are my before and progress pic. I love seeing everyone's pics. It's motivating!!
  24. BlueMoon~T

    Banders Exercise

    Update: I've been wanting to start running, but I keep telling myself I can't because of my health issues. My Dr. told me to go slow and see how I feel. So, today I downloaded Couch-to-5k. Wish me luck!
  25. BlueMoon~T

    Banders Exercise

    Did my yoga, I'm still pushing myself to do the moderate poses. Geez Louise yoga makes me sweat! My dogs were very rambunctious this morning so I took them on a walk. We were gone for about an hr. I guess I need to invest in a pedometer. It's overcast and a little humid here in MO. Suddenly I hear Little Orphan Annie singing... The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow. Oh! Geez...that's going to be stuck in my head for awhile. Sorry!!

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