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  1. Lori Jo
    I chose to have my surgery at this time as with Christ, he died and rose again and all was anew! This is my approach to my weight loss surgery...I want to rid my body of all this excess weight and let only positive people in my life, no naysayers or gossipist...so this is the blog where the old Lori dies and the new Lori is born anew.
    I have a large family..I am the 7th of 8 girls. I can tell you that being in a family of this size and nature that we all dont get along, this is a vow to my new me....no more negativity and only positive.
    I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter, her boyfriend is such a pain in the a$$ and I have chosen to not deal with him and with that I will be in need of constant prayer!
    Life is too short to have to deal with jealousy and hateful people. Thanks for listening!
  2. Lori Jo
    Went to my pcp and got my physical and all is well, i see dr. hung on Wednesday and then surgery on the 1st. Since being on this website i have learned that one thing is for sure, we all are different and each doctor has his own set of rules....some of the things that are in here my doctor is against, acutally most of it is, when i tell him i was on here when i see him wednesday he will probably mess his pants, i have alot of ?'s (thanks to all of you!) and maybe we can sit and discuss these. I am not nervous, I am excited, I am willing to do this to my body to save my life and hopefully live with less pain. Onwards and upwards!
  3. Lori Jo
    I have alot on my plate...literally! My husband is in the end stage of CML (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia), my daughter is graduating in May, I have 2 sisters who are being investigated for perjury and oh yes, did i mention???? I am having the lap-band procedure on April 1, 2014. I am excited and have learned new things on this site, it sure is true that each situation is unique and not everyone is successful.
    I have been overweight all my life and i know that this is something that God has chosen for me.
    Have you ever had a friend that is overweight and you both decide to be weight loss buddies? Well, that happened to me last summer. Linda has been my childhood friend since I was 3. We did the Weight Watchers plan, we both were doing pretty well and then people noticed my weight loss but no one noticed hers, we were built different, me an upside down pear, her an apple. This brought great divide in our friendship, can you believe that this happened?
    Well I didnt either, it still amazes me and let me tell you what i did, i regained all my weight and let her get her get ahead of me in the pounds lost, it still didnt make any difference, afterall, I have a wonderful and loving husband, she had none, i have a beautiful daughter, she is childless, we have a new home and are blessed, she struggles, so the least i can do is throw her the weight loss bone,,,right?
    I have decided to get this surgery and Linda is no longer in my life, she married a man that wouldnt marry her while i was in her life, so i am heading into this alone. I come from a family of 8 girls and i am the next to the youngest. I can tell you that 7 of 8 of us are overweight to morbidly obese. It is funny that when one of us loses weight the other always tries to get us to eat, this will be different, and if any of you think it wont, please dont tell me, i will find out on my own, i will take your advice and run with it, i dont like negative thoughts...however i am in week 1 of my pre-op diet, i am down 9# but in the last two days the scale has been stuck, it is gonna be hard, but i hope this next 7 days will be finding me at least 5 pounds down, my surgery is on April 1 and it is just a lap band, no plication....i dont know what type of band it will be and i see that you all know and i will too.
    I am seeking friends who wont be jealous of my weight loss and i know that my sisters will see that i can no longer gorge myself like they can, i am gonna be honest, i looovveeee food, but now i need to care about my body so i can be there for my hubby.
    If you like this blog....stay tuned, if you want to encourage and lift me up....add me as your friend. Thanks for listening!!

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