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  1. I was lap-banded in 2003. Start weight was 370, I got down to 270 in 2005, but it has been a yo-yo since. So much so, that my PCP recommended that I have the gastric sleeve procedure to improve my chances of reaching my goal of 160 lbs. Today, Feb. 4th, 2015, I took the first step - removal of the band in preparation for the second step - gastric sleeve procedure - scheduled for April 1st 2015. I grappled with this decision for a long time. But finally realized that my PCP was right, that I should have the gastric sleeve procedure if I was serious about losing the excess for good.

    The removal of the band was done with very little discomfort by my excellent surgeon -Ragui Sadek of Advance Surgical Procedures. He will also perform my gastric sleeve procedure, on April 1, 2015. It is April Fools Day, but, the only fool would be me, if I decided to stop after the band removal.

    so glad your band removal went smoothly! I've read many ppl who have the band removal and sleeve revision done in the same surgery - may I ask what influenced you having them done separately? Also - is insurance covering?

  2. Hi All - thanks for reading and sharing any thoughts...

    I was banded in July 2013, and had a great first year. I've lost just over 100lbs. Starting around July 2014 (when i'd steadily increased from 4CC to 7CC in band) i was feeling a lot of reflux and suspected i was too tight. i had 1CC removed but symptoms continued. I then went through close to 6 months of having no Fluid for a month, then trying a small fill, and ultimately going back and having the Fluid removed again. my symptoms often feel like my stomach is bloated and full of saliva - and sometimes, especially late at night when it's most uncomfortable, i end up vomitting and it's just bellyful of spit that comes out. i've had 2 upper GIs and 1 endoscopy and neither showed any issue with the band (slippage, etc). i had a 2nd opinion done last month and that doc concurred that the xrays show the band looks fine, but that i might just be in the small group of ppl who can't tolerate the band. he advised me to try a 1CC fill to see if i can tolerate any fluid at all - i tried that 2 weeks ago and have since had it removed. what's making me anxious now is that my stomach still hurts - still feels like fluid isn't always draining. sometimes i have a big cup of hot tea and then i feel it release down.

    up until now i've been set against having the sleeve. i'm just anxious about something that permanent and the brief history of data we have on longer term effects (will i need that part of my stomach when i'm 80?)... and in part i think that finality of decision was b/c i imagined i would be able to keep my band in. i lost my 100lbs with the band in with fluid in it - the last 6 months with fluid in and out have been a total standstill. i am close enough to goal weight and feeling healthy in a way that i could be ok if i didn't lose anymore - but i'm just nervous that these last 6 months don't actually show me i can maintain and they're more of an anomaly. i'm glad i haven't gained - but can i really keep it off long-term without some surgical help...?

    thinking much more about having the band removed and i'm just curious if anyone else has been in this same place - and if you were considering a revision to sleeve, what questions did you find helpful in ultimately making up your mind (in either direction)?

    thanks so much!

  3. I too have that same question about band rejection...I am almost 3 years post surgery and lost 90lbs. But had a major issue last September with it "twisting" They pulled all the Fluid out and I gained back 30lbs from September to April..Then the real trouble began I had a fill and my own saliva had me throwing up so long story short the nurse practicioner wouldn't go in on the weekend I threw up 4 days straight..and the hospital wouldn't do anything bc my surgery was done in a surgery center.(I learned a lot about my choices over this issue.) Now with no Fluid my band acts like it is restricted. And I can eat like nobodys business. The surgeons answer is your body is rejecting it..(I have a plate and screws in my ankle for 20 years) so I'm not buying this one...I think there is something wrong with my band mechanically..,All my egds and barium x rays come back fine...Second opinion on Wednesday.....The original surgeon will only consider removal and I just want it fixed I did great up until the April major incident...I hope they figure something out for us bc I don't want to be any fatter and if given the opportunity I will eat...

    I'm so sorry you're experiencing this - and (sadly) so happy to see someone else posting a symptom similar to mine. I had surgery in July 2013 and had excellent results for first year and my body felt great. Then around July 2014 i started having some reflux so i went in and had some fluid removed. from there i started having all sorts of issues feeling like my stomach was bloated with saliva that wasn't draining - and often i'd end up vomitting. it was really painful. so each month i'd see my doctor and he'd remove all the fluid for a month to let me stomach rest and then refill with a smaller amount. this happened back and forth for 6 months. in that time i had 2 upper GIs and 1 endoscopy and neither showed any issues with the band (no slippage). i also recently got a 2nd opinion and that doc said i might just be in a small # of ppl who can't tolerate any fluid in the band (or the band itself). in late Jan we tried putting 1CC in, and i had that removed last week. Was already sad thinking maybe i just can't tolerate any fluid - but honestly i'm still having stomach aches. that bloated feeling and i can feel that fluid isn't draining. i'll have to have a big cup of hot tea to get the fluid to finally release and drain past the band (it's a weird sensation).

    my doc wants to revise to a sleeve but i'm not sure about it. i was happy to just leave the band in empty and keep going with my lifestyle changes, but i'm getting really scared that the stomach discomfort is continuing and maybe i need to have it removed... and then if i do - do i go to a sleeve? i'm not inclined to, but from what i've read it seems like doing both procedures at the same time is the more common practice.


    -Anxious in Massachusetts

  4. congratulations to everyone for sharing 2013 wins and hard work! so inspiring!

    I went to my first surgical consult in Jan 2013, was subsequently pretty sick with something totally not related to weight, and ultimately approved by my insurance in June - with my surgery on 7/11/13. I made a little photo collage of my progress these last 7 months :)

    seeing the scale go down is awesome - but the thing i'm happiest about is finally becoming a gym rat. I go anywhere from 5-7 times/week and have reached a place where my body craves it versus wanting to just hide under the covers and stay in bed. my joints don't ache (tho sometimes my muscles do :) and i know i've made the type of change i need to in my life... now to keep it going for the rest of my life!


  5. My aftercare team have told me fizzy drinks are fine so long as they are sipped and I can tolerate them? I find that I can drink fizzy ok? Reading these posts I'm now wondering if I should give them up!? I'm in the UK and I'm only 2months banded xx

    hey claire - i'd follow whatever your doctor/nutritionist told you. this is one of those areas that generates a broad mix of advice. my team told me an occasional carbonated drink was fine - i've had a few sodas and a few glasses of champagne since surgery - haven't had any issues. but if your doc advises against having any, i'd follow whatever she/he says.

  6. i so appreciate all the advice! i'm gonna look into one of these temporary suggestions. my rings are all family rings (that's what we do - you get a family ring at engagement/wedding, and then 40 years later when you can afford it, you buy your own new rings and give the family ones to the next person getting married) so i'm loathe to do anything that would hurt 'em!

  7. On another "happy" note..... My bras are too big, too! But the ones I wear are expensive, so I'm waiting to drop my last 21 pounds. I may buy them a bit sooner than that, but I want to be close enough so I don't have to buy them two more times :D

    Good problems to have, huh?? :)

    these are great problems to have! i went for a bra fitting a few weeks ago thinking i must have shifted, but for better or worse, i'm still clockin in at a H cup. the band size is slowly going down tho, but for now I can be content with the tightest hook setting - and i can wear it all day long - which did not used to be true :)

  8. Hey everyone-

    i'm a few months into my banded life, and all sorts of things are going great in terms of being waaaaay more active (i've become a gym rat), and while I'm not in the Green Zone yet, I'm getting closer. I started at 315, and just recently crossed the 50lbs lost marker, and am 263 - with a goal weight of 185.

    Here's my question: when should i get my wedding rings resized? i have an engagement ring and 2 bands. They are already pretty much falling off - so much so I don't wear my engagement ring for fear of losing it. I kinda hate to resize them now only to do it again in the future as I continue getting healthier, but I don't want them to slip off/stop wearing them.

    Have any of you gone through this? What did you decide? is there a middle-ground to make them more snug (imagining the way girls at my HS used to wrap thread around their boyfriend's class rings to make them fit) that looks decent?


  9. the thing they don't mention in the commercials is that you have to use either of those pieces of equipment for more than just a clothes rack. ;)

    i prefer to go to the gym - even if the ppl on the machines next to me don't know it - i get in my own little competition with them - who can be on the highest incline, etc. it's motivating for me.

  10. Agree with the advice above - try and bring down the quantity. It's tough. I'm now 3 fills in, but not yet feeling the dreamy Green Zone... so this is still the White Knuckle phase for me. i'd say my largest meals are about 1.5 cups - sometimes i'm hungry again in 2-3 hours, but i do stop myself from eating more in that sitting. it takes some time to hit that GZ - but i'm sure i'm gonna get there, and i'm sure you will too!

  11. I'm considering changing employers. I had my surgery done under Cigna care and the new place has the Tufts *** coverage. Their benefits person checked and the plan does cover bariatric surgery and they will cover aftercare with an office copay. Just wondering if anyone has this coverage now and what your experience with them has been like. Thanks!

  12. It feels really rewarding to fit into clothes I haven't worn in a while, and of course seeing the scale move (even if it's slower now) is awesome... but really am feeling the best part is just how my body feels. more energy, better mood, and while I'm not in the green zone and i'm still very conscious of stopping myself after a band sized portion, I am starting to make waaaaaaaay better food choices in a way that feels more natural and less forced. really feeling pretty great right now!


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