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  1. You can relax, because you are normal. :D I too began to eat everything right before surgery due to being afraid to not ever be able to eat those items again. I hadn't had a whopper from Burger King like in 7 years and ate a whopper meal, and a lot of my favorite fattening foods before too. You are normal to have these feelings but now that I am 7 weeks post op, I realize I can already eat anything I want but in a very small portion. So you don't have to feel pressured to get it in now. But I don't crave the whopper or most foods I used to eat because you may find that white flour is harder to digest. So even if you tried to eat pizza, you can't eat more than a couple of bites, but it fulfills your craving for that item. Also, I have came to realize that I did this surgery to use as a tool to help me not eat those types of foods so I'm concentrating on better nutrition. and as long as i get my Protein in on time, I never get so hungry that I start eating junk. I'm 28 pounds down since surgery and I'm extremely happy! I wish you the best!

  2. Yes definitely, that is just one of the devil's evil schemes! Let's continue to pray for all, Happy New Year to you and all who are on this site and may God continue to lead us and guide us and give us wisdom and strength!! God bless

  3. Hi! I'm at day 19 post op and I was off pain meds by day 6. She shouldn't be in pain other than soreness from stomach incisions. I was told by my doctor only one flight of stairs to second floor was ok, once or twice a day. Yes, we need to walk to avoid blood clots, but other than walking, No exercise until after 6 weeks.

    I do not have a drain, so I cannot help you there. At that time, I ate cream of chicken, cream of asparagus, unjury chicken Soup flavor (my fav). greek yogurts, strained oatmeal with almond milk.

    I use myfitnesspal.com which can also be accessed from a smart phone app. It counts all Protein for you when you add what you ate or you can scan the bar code on your food product and it automatically counts Protein for you. My doctor said 60-80 grams a day.

    The easiest Protein shakes are Isopure 0carb 40grams of protein per bottle. You can buy at GNC. Or Premier Protein sold in cartons of individual drinks at Cosco. 30grams of Protein per shake.

    I hope this helps!!


  4. I was sleeved December 7th and my puree stage doesn't start until Friday, One night and one day away. I am bored of shakes and cream of junk. and I am very ready for food. I can't wait to try eggs and turkey sausage, chicken meatballs and refried Beans with cheese! This all makes my mouth Water just reading it. LOL

    Today I had a Protein shake for Breakfast, Jello for snack, oatmeal strained, another Protein Shake for lunch different flavor, strawberry/banana smoothy, cream of artichoke, unflavored apple sauce.

    Total amount of Protein so far is 63 grams. My doctor said make sure you have 60-80 grams of protein a day. This will help hunger and prevent too much hair loss.

    I use myfitnesspal.com to record what I eat and it adds up the protein for me. It's easy, you might want to try it. I have the phone app on my cell phone, but you can also go online.

    I wish you all the best!!!

  5. Wow! I am amazed our tickers look very similar!!! lol

    Yes, I thank god for this journey and I definitely believe we should always have compassion for others. God allows us to go through things in order to mold us so that we too may help and have compassion for others in the situation. I too, know what they are going through. I have fluctuated between 215 and 286 for 10 years. This is the first time I have gotten to 206 in a decade. Thank you Jesus!!

    Unfortunately yes, in many cases people do judge by looks. But we must help and pray for others so that they open their eyes and see what obesity can do to their health and for strength and courage to make a change.

    God bless you Mrs Gina!!


  6. Congrats Paige!!! Now every time you think, "What did I do to myself" Just remember most people lose between 40-50 lbs in 3 months. I got sleeved weighing 221,, on Dec 7th so you and I since we have similar starting weights will be around 170 in March!!! And by Summer time / June, about 150lbs!! Whooohoooooo!!!! I'm excited!!!! You are also on your way!!!!!

  7. Hello Fellow 30's Sleevers! I was sleeved Dec 7th! It's been great! Today is day 10 and -15lbs down. Yay!!! I'm very excited and love the journey. 4 more days and I can eat soft foods!! Whoohoooo! I have not been 206 (this weight) for more than 10 years!!! I'm very excited!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    So how are you doing Kate??

  8. I'm 10 days post op, I was sleeved December 7th. Each time you eat, it gets better! It is very much worth it. Every day, it' gets easier. I had a cough and it still lingers. My incisions are a bit painful when I cough, but just take your pain meds and you will be fine. Plus, I would never let that get in the way of my journey to reach my goals. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Today, day 10, I am down 15 pounds!! Whooohoooo!! It's all worth it!! I wish you both the best!! God bless you ladies!!!!!