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  1. One year anniversary today !!!! Wow what a year !

    I'm down 83 lbs from surgery day last year - weight loss has basically slowed to a stop but I'm eating basically what I want // need to exercise and diet a little now to get to goal ! I worms be thrilled to get down 20lbs more - and I will do it !! Maybe by Halloween ? Looking great and not a lot of loose skin at all because I lost fairly slowly . Best of all I sleep better, look and feel a million times better !!

  2. This is tough but you cant worry about other peoples weight loss journeys.. just worry about you and he will probably be inspired by you at some point.

    I'm 2 months out and Im finding problems in my marriage not because my husband is unsupportive but because he has 0 desire to be healthier. He is about 50lbs over weight and won't leave the beer, junk or the sofa. Now I'm not saying my lifestyle change should be his but it would be nice to have someone to be fit with. We aren't in a divorce zone but its something to be mindful of. I need to remind myself constantly that my change is not his.

  3. I agree .. if you have a partner that does not support you doing something so drastic to improve your health and quality of your life what kind you do with that?! Isn't it sad that the person that should love and support you the most can't help you through this exciting but difficult time.

    Sadly, this is the case with me. I was sleeved three and a half months ago, and down 90 pounds from surgery, and 20 from preop diet, so just about 110 down. I am a gay male, legally married in New York. My husband has very much changed. There is a lot of jealousy, self consciousness and insecurities on his end and so forth since surgery. I have under gone some pretty verbally abusive comments that have hurt like h#ll. Going into the surgery I knew the risk of this happening and I chose my health which to me is my number one priority. Knowing that the decision I made will most likely end up with a divorce on my end, I still have no regrets. I did it for the right reasons, my health, and my future. I have no regrets besides not doing it sooner. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger :-) Hope this helps :-)

  4. I eat out almost everyday. I basically eat what I want ( but what I want has bchanged from before .. I avoid breads and heavy foods). I just cant eat very much and end up taking a to go box home ( which works out perfectly for lunch the next day :)

    I tend to eat too fast in restaurants and usually become miserable at some point. The food is good and at some points I am sad to not be able to try more / eat more.. but all in all Im very happy eating out

  5. I was sleeved 7/22/13... Officially down 51lbs from surgery date .. I too am having trouble motivating to get to the gym ( hate it)! But I need to tone so I don't have floppy skin :( so far I'm ok . I pretty much eat what I want - cant eat much and I try to get in Protein or meat first. Thank God I enjoy Soups because often they are my go to lunch - I can usually get Soup down easier and feel satisfied. Everyone in my family says I still try to eat too fast which in turn makes me miserable after just a few bites.. I try to slow down but my mind is telling me this is delicious - your hungry -eat ?! Loving the sleeve - feel so much better and able to move around, get dressed, not feel so tired ;)))

  6. That sounds so good' date=' looks like you're getting everything you need. In the morning I drink a glass of Vitamin Water with no sugar, for lunch I have some chicken Soup and for diner I have another glass of Vitamin Water. That's what I usually eat. This week I was so tempted and ended up eating half a slice of white toast with some ham. It hurt me so badly that I never got tempted again lol. I got no sleep that night, and felt like I was going to die for the first 30 minutes. So, that was definitely a huge mistake on my part.

    Thanks for your reply,

    Hanna xx[/quote']

    My dr says you have to move onto solids / semi solids with Proteins otherwise you will be tired

  7. Great motivation - loved your story . I joined the gym yesterday and while I have never been a person that worked out previously , I am hoping it will come naturally now . I also walk at night and have dreamed that one day I will jog ;) I truly can't believe how much easier exercising / walking is now after surgery ... I can finally breathe !!!

  8. Oops I was also worried and sad that it had truly come to surgery and removing a perfectly healthy stomach for me to lose weight. I made a list of all of the ways my weight was limiting my life ( breathing, embarrassed, no clothes .. Etc). There was no other way out of my hell ( in my opinion on a permanent basis) for me. The first few days after surgery were tough and painful but I feel like a new person now ( I'm 6 wks post op and -31lbs) with real hope for the first time in years!! Best thing I've ever done for me! Ps . I'm not mourning food - not very hungry and I can eat what I want . If I'm dying for a bite of cheesecake I have it - not a big deal anymore and I don't feel the need to finish it or stuff myself. I feel in control. Good luck

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