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  1. Why is it we can't drink with meals ??
  2. Vegasme

    Sleeved on June 24.

    Omg ... 50 lbs ?! Crazy
  3. Vegasme


    Congrats to you ! It's a whole new you
  4. So I was sleeved on July 22 .. I'm 12 days out and still feeling pretty exhausted . I have been to the movies , a quick lunch ( basically the broth out of a bowl of soup) and tried to go to the indoor putt putt golf with my kids yesterday . But if I'm out more than 2 hrs I'm exhausted and feel kinda numb and like I could faint if I don't get to sit down soon . I wonder how long this will last ? In 2 wks I must return to my super active airport job , where I might get a 30 min break in a 12 hr shift !! Help am I dehydrated or needing more protein ?
  5. Vegasme

    Almost a month out..

    My dr told me your body is changing the most dutiful the times you are not losing at all on the scale . I'm lost 17 lbs my 1st week but haven't lost a pound this week ( scale just keeps playing with 2-3 lbs). Weird to plateau this fast ??
  6. My doctor told me the worst thing I could do to myself was gain weight before surgery .. Start your life change now .. It's not as if you can never Eat again .. You just won't be eating much
  7. Pretty much all protein shakes you can tolerate - they gave me bariatric advantage shakes in the hospital
  8. Vegasme

    July 2013 Sleevers

    I also had a hernia repaired although I didn't even know I had one ( I am not having any acid reflux). Crazy thing is since this hernia repair I can breathe easier and clearer and my husband says I no longer snore at all ?! Totally quiet sleeper now.
  9. Vegasme

    July 2013 Sleevers

    So I am 12 days post op ... Sleeved July 22. Can anyone else give me a run down of a typical day what are you eating/ drinking?? I feel like maybe I am eating too often ? Or too much? My dr told me to ease into solid foods so tonight I had probably 1/4 of a can of progreso minestrone soup for dinner but also had a little bit of puréed potatoes with finely chopped turkey deli meat for lunch and 1/2 can of tomato bisque for breakfast - somewhere in there I also had a protein drink ... Just wondering where others are at?
  10. Vegasme

    Out of work

    Took 2 weeks + 2 weeks vacation ... I'm currently almost 2 weeks out of surgery and would not like to be going back to work now ! I still fatigue easily - sometimes break into a cold sweat if I'm doing too much. One week is crazy - you will still be in some pain / discomfort/ dizzy/ numb feeling ?!
  11. Best of luck ... You may feel pretty bad for a few days but it will all be worth it
  12. Vegasme

    Diet soda

    I heard it is the big no no.... The one thing that will stretch out your stomach !!! Not worth it - drink ice tea
  13. Vegasme

    feeling sickie

    For the gas pains you may also try a heating pad under your back -- laying on your side , and walking . It totally sucks - the worst part of this whole surgery if you ask me. I also found standing up to eat helped me not trap even more gas . Try gas x strips - go on your tongue
  14. Vegasme

    July 2013 Sleevers

    I got sleeved on the 22nd and am finally feeling more like myself! So .. At 10 days post op I'm down 17 lbs which is fabulous. I haven't lost anything in the past 2-3 days which the dr says will happen (I think I will start weighing in once a week now). Incisions are healing nicely - even though my entire stomach has been itching like crazy for a week ! I have been eating lots of soups and cottage cheese , protein shakes and have just ventured into really soft veggies and a little chicken. When I sit down to eat I feel hungry but soon realize I can't eat very much.. The dr says that's the mind tricks and since my body had just lost a lot of weight my brain is making me think of food a lot. Hmmm.. All in all everything good great so far .Still tired if I try to do too much in the day .
  15. Vegasme

    Relationship woes, anyone?

    So terrible! I think everyone fears this a little.... I know it has crossed my mind . I also know that it feels like any change in my partners affection would bother me to some degree.. If he is suddenly all over me - smothering me will I feel like he wasn't accepting of me a little heavier so why should I care now? Or if he is uninterested in me thinner- is he selfish and unsupportive? I guess it is tough- damned if they do or don't. I think its natural to have more confidence and be excited after weight loss .. but you are still YOU! To me it just says that the relationship was more superficial than you thought-- maybe time to just move forward to someone new. If the love of your life cant handle a little weight gain or loss -- it is my belief that it wouldn't have lasted anyways.. it would eventually have run its course even if you were still fat.
  16. So I finally got my surgery date... July 22!!! It has been a long 6 months of tests and insurance fights to get to this point and although I feel ready for the surgery, the thought of being mentally prepared still lingers. I do realize, for myself, that I am not overweight because I am just a more hungry person than a thin person... I know I am overweight because I eat when I am not physically hungry at all.. just bored , sad, happy, tired or just to reward myself for a long day at work. I wonder what will happen with those feelings when I physically cannot eat. So much of my family time has been focused around meals , I guess I am just worried that even though I am aware there will be mental challenges I wonder If I will feel sad or frustrated?!! How long will that last ? Any advice or comments or overcoming the mental anguish that is sure to follow the surgery when I can no longer eat?? Thanks everyone
  17. Vegasme

    IMG 9604

    hilarious.... you go!
  18. Vegasme

    Hpn / In Las Vegas

    using dr Atkinson in Las Vegas
  19. Vegasme

    Feeling Nothing

    I think this is my biggest worry . So much of my family time is centered around what and where we are going to eat.. what will I do after the surgery? In a way I think it will be freeing to not be "hungry" and be able to be more in control , but I too am worried about replacing eating with something else that is satisfying and am scared I may feel lost . hmmm... guess that is the real work- finding yourself and getting out there in life and replacing the satisfaction of food with people and great adventures instead.
  20. Vegasme


    you look amazing!! and it shows how happy you are in your smile...
  21. Im jumping through hoops with Health Plan of Nevada toooo... Im going thru Dr Soong in Las Vegas-- Just finishing my 3 month diet log with dietician .. hoping to have surgery 1st of July. Looks like HPN will pay 5k and I will be left to self pay 11k!! ouch! Anyone else in Vegas find a better deal in town??
  22. Vegasme

    Hpn / In Las Vegas

    ugh i have HPN and im paying 11k out of pocket ... I wonder why they are only covering 5k for my surgery?
  23. Vegasme

    Just got my surgery

    are you super sore? In Pain??
  24. Im hoping to get surgery in July.... nervous but ready!! Just ready to be done with all this dietician / logs/ insurance junk and get on with it.

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