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  1. Vegasme

    5 Months out... My story

    Great motivation - loved your story . I joined the gym yesterday and while I have never been a person that worked out previously , I am hoping it will come naturally now . I also walk at night and have dreamed that one day I will jog I truly can't believe how much easier exercising / walking is now after surgery ... I can finally breathe !!!
  2. Oops I was also worried and sad that it had truly come to surgery and removing a perfectly healthy stomach for me to lose weight. I made a list of all of the ways my weight was limiting my life ( breathing, embarrassed, no clothes .. Etc). There was no other way out of my hell ( in my opinion on a permanent basis) for me. The first few days after surgery were tough and painful but I feel like a new person now ( I'm 6 wks post op and -31lbs) with real hope for the first time in years!! Best thing I've ever done for me! Ps . I'm not mourning food - not very hungry and I can eat what I want . If I'm dying for a bite of cheesecake I have it - not a big deal anymore and I don't feel the need to finish it or stuff myself. I feel in control. Good luck
  3. Vegasme


    Also don't weigh everyday - once a week is enough otherwise you will get crazy as you will see yourself gaining and losing the same few lbs during week before you lose
  4. Vegasme


    You have to realize you have lost 23 lbs in 4 weeks .. You will prob stall now for a few days to weeks while your body / blood etc.. Restabalize. You will start losing again but slower - like 2-3.5 lbs a week
  5. Vegasme

    3mo. post op.

    chicken vegetable Soup - I can eat it for days BBQ pulled pork in slow cooker Spinach lasagna Chicken or tuna salad
  6. I also do 12 hr shifts .. I like to drink a protein shake on my drive to work then I pack lots of snacks for work .. Examples Greek yogurt Soup Chicken or tuna salad Fruit cup Cottage cheese String cheese Sugar free pudding I take a large G2 Gatorade every day to work Also a large water
  7. Thrilled for you ! You look great and your happiness shines through
  8. Vegasme

    July 2013 Sleevers

    Yes !!!! It hurts - take colace stool softeners -- for a few days and up your Water
  9. I was sleeved 7/22 and have a hard time getting in all my water too . You may want to take a gas x strip before eating to get rid of the air - that might be your problem .. If you sleeve is full of air it's uncomfortable to eat . You may be someone that unintentionally swallows a lot of air while eating ? Also , don't drink out of straws - gives you a lot of air as well
  10. Vegasme

    Sleep Apnea

    I. Had sleep apnea .. They repaired a large hiatal hernia during surgery and ever since I sleep like a baby and my husband says I don't snore or make a sound .. I also feel like I can breathe easier in general And swallow easier !! Best thing ever
  11. Vegasme

    Dating Sites

    Met my husband on matchmaker.com I would never have run into him the normal way ( lived in different towns/ totally different work etc) I dated a lot and Just had fun with it too ,.. Look at it like you are expanding your network and friends and you will be fine.
  12. Vegasme


    Go to her office and stand there and complain then leave a very polite but firm letter Gor the shrink that you need this done ASAP
  13. Vegasme

    July sleevers please check in..

    I believe mine is head hunger because my stomach isn't growling or anything I'm just obsessing over how good food looks and tastes but then I'm full quick .. My dr says just drink Water water water and do an activity to get your mind off it . I find my mouth is salivating as I watch the food channel ( crazy ) . Dr says my mind is trying to get me to think about food all the time to put back on weight bc it doesn't know how to stop the weight loss that is occurring . Ahhh ....
  14. Vegasme

    July sleevers please check in..

    Sleeved 7/22 down 27 lbs post Surgery . Having lots of " head hunger " - food looks delicious and I feel like - ooh I'm starving .. Them full after 5 bites ..
  15. Vegasme

    hot dog

    I ate a half of a tamale at the Mexican restaurant with some guacamole and it was yimmy
  16. Vegasme

    hot dog

    Just had a delicious brat with mustard last night
  17. Vegasme

    So damn hungry...

    I'm almost 6 wks out sleeved July 22 .. I feel hungry on and off throughout the day and fantasize about food / recipes . I sit down to eat thinking "I'm starving " and inevitably start eating too fast and feel full after 5 bites and miserable. I know this must be head hunger .. I try to drink but can't get my mind of all the good things I would like to eat ;( this part is frustrating for sure. I'm going to join the gym snd try to stay busier ?!
  18. Vegasme


    You are most certainly dehydrated ?!
  19. Someone told me that the effects of surgery plus the anesthesia are contributing to fatigue for between 3-6 mos .. Until all anesthesia is out of your body ?! Ps I'm tired too and worried because I return to work on Monday and my job is physical
  20. Vegasme

    Outpatient VS Inpatient?

    Omg I cannot imagine doing this outpatient ... I had trouble getting in enough liquids so stayed 2 nights at the hospital and was so grateful for the nurses taking care of me!!
  21. Vegasme

    July 2013 Sleevers

    I was sleeved July 22 ( so will be 1 month out this Monday).. I'm down 25 lbs post surgery im no longer sore but still get exhausted after a full day . I am eating lots of soup , yogurts, shakes, maybe 2 soft ravioliis. I have a hard time with dry solids .. Tried to eat salmon and suffered terribly after 3 bites .. Such tightness in my chest ! Still trying to get all my liquids in everyday - its tough ! Going back to work Monday - haven't told most people at work , so hoping it won't be awkward ( I have decided to tell everyone because I'm happy with my decision and what do I really care? )

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