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  1. Last night it was 5 hours before bed when I took my last bite and I had the reflux in my sleep (btw same adjustment since 2005 I was banded in 2003) my weight has stayed stable (not the weight I desire) so really no reason to start having it now. It seems like I am having it more lately. I don't know if anyone has this problem but, saliva will come up as I sleep and choke me. I stopped breathing for what seemed like eons gasping for breathe. It is very terrifying. When I do finally burp (that is what clears things usually for me) and can't stop spitting up spit until I sip slowly on a glass of milk. After about an hour of sipping I am fine. It is very scary to me. This usually happens if I lay on my back or stomach when I sleep and it doesn't matter if I am elevated or not.

  2. Today is actually my 5th anniversary. I don't post as often because by now I have learned all their is to learn about mine lol

    I actually haven't lost weight in a while so, I don't want to be a "Debbie downer" I just thought I would check out the site lately since my anniversary was coming up.

  3. I have been banded for 5 years now and went 3 years without sodas worried if I would explode or something with my band. I have heard many things about erosion slippage etc. I will occasionally have one. (about 3 a week max) I have just lost the desire for them because they make me excessively burp. Beer is totally out and so is champagne (sp) Maybe with the excessive burping they fear the band moves around in the first three months or something........don't really know.

    I think the main reason "no sodas" is because they are usually high in fructose corn Syrup and sodium. Not something you want to have when you are trying to lose weight.

  4. Since you have already told your family you were thinking about the surgery........yes I would tell them beforehand. Their reaction seems like they think you don't follow through on your promises. I say prove them wrong if you indeed want the surgery.

    As far as restriction.......I have as much as I want. I burned out of restriction a long time ago. Don't want to be a lapband downer but, after 5 years I have a love/hate relationship with it.

  5. Okay, it may seem bizarre to some that I never told my mom that I had lap band surgery 5 years ago this month but, I have kept it a secret from most people and especially family. You see I was adopted as a baby and my adopted family was small boned and never struggled with weight. I constantly got the........."all you have to do is exercise and watch what you eat" routine.

    Anyway, I went to visit my Mom this past weekend and she wanted to go get pancakes from the IHOP. Based on my many years of lapband experience I knew there was no way I was going to be able to eat a fluffy pancake. The only thing else really on the menu was an omlette and eggs and my lap band don't get along very well either. I kind of went into panic mode. I had to admit my surgery. But, the weird thing is she was okay about the whole thing and didn't even seem upset that I never told her. Granted she is the queen of keeping surgery secrets lol.

    It is such a relief not having to keep the band a secret anymore with her.

    Just thought I would share my story.....it's been a while since I posted. I haven't really lost any weight with my band in quite sometime but, it does keep me from out of control eating.

  6. Wow, I didn't realize it could be that serious.

    As far as eating 2 hours before bedtime (I didn't take anything out of it lol) I don't purposefully do it I work nights and when I get home I have my dinner and sometimes I will fall asleep on the couch sooner than I thought I would. Unfortunately with my job I only have 30 minutes to eat (only one break in 8.5 hours) and I usually have to avoid eating anything substantial because I can't eat fast due to the band so, when I come home I am starved. I am fine when I am on the couch (but, I am elivated) it's when I lay down in the bed I have a problem. This week no problems though

    I haven't had an adjustment in at least 2 years so, I don't think I am too tight...but, I have gained weight so, maybe I have accumulated fat around my band and it is tighter than it was 2 years ago.

    Thanks for all the info guys!!!

  7. I personally have not had any problems with my band in regards to having an occassional drink (once a week or a couple times a month). I may be an exception. The main problem I have noticed is my tolerance is not the same. One drink usually gets me tipsy vs 3 or more before. I don't know if it does anything to the band (I can only speak from my almost 4 yr experience (Aug 2003) but, most alcohol drinks have a lot of sugar or empty calories....so, not exactly what you need when losing weight

  8. Usually when I have hiccups it's because as Julie said I have hit my stopping point. When I have hiccups it is usually accompanied by needing to do a small throw up...as it brings food back up. Very painful. I try to avoid situations that cause hiccups.

  9. I have a problem with certain things now that I didn't up until this year. For instance Orange juice. I never had a problem with it but, now I get heart burn from it unless low acid kind but, only in small quantity. I don't know if it is lap band related though since I just started having it this past year.

  10. I use to have sleep apnea....and I am hoping it is not coming back but, I have noticed that I can no longer eat within 2 hours of bedtime (I know it is not good to do that anyway) because in my sleep I will burp and I end up choking on my saliva. There have been many a night where I have gasped for air thinking I was going to die because the saliva goes down the wrong way because I am not concious when I burp of what is happening. I end up spending a night in front of the sink throwing up. After a glass of milk I feel better but, it is extremely scary.

    Does this happen to anyone else? I have had the lapband for almost 4 years and I never noticed this until recently. I rarely ever throw up in my waking hours (sliming throw up maybe twice a month?)

  11. I have had my band now for almost 4 years (August 2003) and I have not had any complications with mine...other than the occassional food got stuck situation.

    My husband who got the band the same day had to redo his surgery a year later do to slippage. Last week he was in the hospital in ICU due to a bleeding ulcer near the band area. We don't know yet if it is band related but, the doctor doesn't believe so since all the Fluid was taken out of his band around January.

  12. I like his intense eyes His glasses really suit his face and make him sexy....he is very cute. You're pretty sexy yourself (I am a woman and straight lol)

    Kim 8 you and your husband are super cute too!!!

  13. I was wondering for those of you who had to have your band removed do to complications...after the removal was it as if you never had the band? or did you feel any of the things that you did with the band? For example phantom band symptoms. I know that may sound like a crazy question but, I wondered if it made a change in your actual esophogus/stomach.

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