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  1. DeniseG

    Smallest size in your closet!

    Size 12 dress that was real expensive and won't part with it. Tried to sell it at a yard sale, but, no one would pay even half of what I paid. Otherwise, a pair of 14 pants. I have to say though, I have a hodge podge of clothes from 14-24. From past weightloss and gains. I am about an 18 now depending on the maker. Otherwise a 20.
  2. DeniseG

    St. Pat's Dinner

    I'm having Italian on St. Patrick's day lol March 17th is my Birthday, so it's my party and I can pick what I want to eat lol
  3. DeniseG

    #1 Worry-Stop Thinking Just DO IT

    Although I wouldn't recommend it, my husband gained weight on purpose to get his BMI from 39 to 40, where it would be for approval. You may not be approved for 6 months, but, start keeping a log with your psychian now as to diets tried. My insurance at the time John Deere, didn't need psychian approval diets, although, I had been on Nutri-System 5 years prior. Try to get your psychian to right a letter about other health issues as to why you need the band ex....sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high history of family heart disease/diabetes, arthritis, joint issues, skin rashes due to excess skin etc. The more things the better.
  4. Sounds good to me!!! I am glad you said what the "!" meant. I believe I pressed it once to see what it would do, I hope I didn't alert a post that shouldn't have been. It would talk a lot for someone to upset me. I believe in the school of thought that if someone attacks you, it is their issue with themselves, not you personally.
  5. did they give you that thing in the hospital that looks like a watch that sends a little shock up your hand when you feel nauceous(sp)? They did me, and it helped tremendously. When ever I felt woosy, I turned that thing up higher. I am suprised your doctor gave you a pill to take for it? considering the surgery.
  6. DeniseG

    What I Concluded

    Sorry, it didn't alert me there was a new response on the board. Forgive me for not responding. I didn't notice any weightloss, maybe your doctor meant you would have more energy because you would get a good nights sleep. Or maybe like me, after you wore that thing it would motivate you to lose weight to get off of that hideous looking thing lol
  7. DeniseG

    Where's your port?

    I would ask your doctor, because obviously from all the posts there seems to be no exact spot. I am left handed too, so I know where you are coming from.
  8. DeniseG

    Fast Food List?

    Not to sound like the B word, but, if you are still suppose to be on mushy.....follow your doctor's orders there is a reason. After watching that movie "Supersize me" yesterday, it gives me a good incentive as to what fast food really does to my body
  9. DeniseG

    Where's your port?

    I don't know?? I wish mine was in a different spot, sometimes it is hard to carry boxes and things
  10. DeniseG

    Where's your port?

    Mine is about 5 inches directly above my belly button. About 3 inches below the band on my bra (Keep in mind I have big uns lol)
  11. DeniseG

    is it really worth it???????

    I guess I am a dissenter. Would I do it again? Probably not, I don't know. If I am honest about it. Mainly because I am a sugar eater. I have a harder time giving up sugar then food. With the lapband, candy bars, skittles, ice cream.........that stuff has no problem going down. I lost 50 pounds, then gained back 20 after the lapband. Now, I am losing again, but, I am on Nutrisystem as well as have the band. And I am losing because I let out my fill (strange huh?) I didn't think I would need anything but the band. On the plus size (no pun intended) It has curbed my fast food intake, and restaurant eating. It was almost worth it just for that. I think I base whether or not I would do it again more on my husband's band problems then the plusses I have encountered with the band.
  12. DeniseG

    Nontraditional Curse Words

    You are scared of me? lol No need to be. I am pretty laid back person. But, religion and politics is not a conversation you want to get me started on. Bright, is that you in that picture? You could be a model. You are very pretty. I have a pinch of Irish, but, my hubbie is Irish. Would love to go to Ireland sometime in my life. Norway too to see my anscestors.
  13. DeniseG

    Nontraditional Curse Words

    I think you misunderstood me. I live in the Bible Belt and it "pisses me off" when someone tells me "I will go to Hell" for saying that, but, in the next breath I will hear them say "Your Pooping me off" or something of that nature. I don't think they should be judging what I said and say I am going to hell for it, yet just change a few words and they are going to Heaven lol
  14. DeniseG

    Can We Eat Hotdogs???

    That is one thing I dearly miss....Coney dog from Sonic with chili cheese and onions yum. I too can no longer eat them, but, a solution for ya maybe. There is a Polish/kealbasa(sp) that comes skinless. (I think it is Echrich-sp) but, I am not sure. I tried one of those once and had no problems at all. And it gave me that salty taste I was looking for. I too agree I think it is the skin more than the meat.
  15. DeniseG

    Best Tuna!

    I like tuna, but, I can't eat it at work because of the smell. Anytime I bring it people hoot and holler about how much it stinks, and would I please not bring it. Especially Abercore(sp) or the tuna from Gorton's with the lemon pepper. Those are so delicious, but, I have to follow the rules, because if I don't the another lady brings boiled cabbage........and that stuff stinks to high heavens
  16. DeniseG

    Nontraditional Curse Words

    Best of me, I too say Dad gum it from time to time. I guess I use "Pissing me off" more than any other. Sometimes Sh*t. If something/someone jumps in front of me. What I really hate is someone who uses profanity to get attention. I don't quite understand that. Or the "so-called Christian" who uses words so they can feel better that they didn't actually say the word. I have a co-worker like that. I say to her all the time, if you are thinking in profanity, what is the difference than saying the real word? (of course I am not talking about in front of children that is different)
  17. DeniseG

    What I Concluded

    The nurse prescribed Phen Phen to you? I thought they banded that stuff years ago. I am really suprised with your higher blood pressure. I remember I was on that back in the day and thank goodness I got off that stuff. I have a high rate of heart disease in my family genes. Don't you hate it when doctors tell you all you have to do is lose weight and excercise!!! Especially when that person is either skinny, or really overweight themselves? I agree with you........she probably has no clue on what the lapband is all about. PS I use to have to use a CPAP when I was 282. When I got down to 250, I was tested again, and passed with flying colors. That was one of the deciding factors of my getting the lapband. It wasn't very romantic wearing a mask to bed lol
  18. DeniseG

    Restaurant Eating

    When I am with people that don't know about the band, I usually get soup and salad. Those are 2 things that always go down. Otherwise, I get a normal sized meal and get a doggy bag. It is usually healthier than the appetizer menu which usually consists of "Fried" something, nachos, or potato skins
  19. DeniseG

    My Port's a pain in the a$$

    Vera, did you have your port replaced?? I tried to do yoga the other day and I think I stretched too much. My port started hurting. It was a good excuse to stop
  20. DeniseG

    A beginner's guide to fills

    That was a good idea to do a play by play. My doctor does his a little different. You don't have to change into anything. You just lift up your shirt. My port sounds like it is in a different place than yours. It is in the middle of my stomach (about 5 inches above my belly button). The machine looks different too. You lay on it and then they raise the machine into a vertical position. You have the needle put it as your vertical. Because the port is right under my skin, it really doesn't hurt, they put a numbing solution on it, but, no jelly. He gives you barium to see the insides, and it really isn't that bad just as zoe said. Word of advice, don't drink much of the barium before the fill, if they tighten it a little tight, it will make you extremely nautious(sp) Another thing........it sounds gross, but want to give you a heads up..........your poop the next time will be white and rather hard!!! Last time I had my fill taken out, they asked me to bring a piece of chicken and they could see how it moved through on the camera. This made a world of difference for me, and I recommend it to anyone who has a hard time getting the fill correct.
  21. DeniseG

    Laser Hair Removel

    I wonder if women have always had this problem? I know as a kid I would see the occasional old woman with a beard in the nursing home, but, I don't recall my mom having anything but smooth skin. Could it be the hormones in all our foods? It is curious. Are women just now coming out of the closet on this issue? or is it a new phenomenon
  22. DeniseG

    YOU KNOW YOUR "FAT" WHEN.............

    Wow this is a great site........I can so identify with the bathroom stall, worrying whether a chair will break (stool story too), toenail story, (waxing bikini area totally out too, because you can't see it anymore. Fidget, yes, I know the not looking in the mirror, or at least not looking in a full length mirror. To add, Having pants wear out in the inner thighs first because of your leg flab Not booking plane flights because I was afraid I would not be able to fit in a seat next to a stranger. Always asking for an aisle seat even though I wanted the window. Being in a bathroom stall and not being able to get out, or it being so tight, the toliet paper roll sat on your lap
  23. DeniseG

    NSV anyone?

    Speaking of wedding rings. I remember the day of surgery I could not get my rings off. They told me I could not have jewelry on the day of surgery. I was so depressed because I didn't think they would be able to perform the surgery. They had to put a piece of tape over it. Now, it slides around all the time. I guess that is a NSV. Rebeccalee, that is a good story. It is amazing what you can see once it is gone (belly flab)
  24. DeniseG

    Lapband Advice and Encouragement

    Under your circumstances, been there done that (losing my job no insurance) although I think everyone gave good advice, right now you are probably just trying to make ends meet. The thought of coming up with 180 dollars (that's how much the fills cost in my area)to have a fill, and knowing they won't give you a fill without a follow up visit first (100.00 as you stated)it can be overwhelming. I am an emotional eater. Especially when it comes to money. I find that I eat more when I am stressed out because of it. Even if you can't afford the fill or the visit right now. (Let's face it, some bills are not optional, getting a fill can be for you at this time) Focus your energy on finding a job with insurance that will allow you to get fills. (Easier said then done I am sure) but, setting that as a goal right now with the optimism that if you find that job, you will then be able to get back to your goal of fixing the band to help you lose more weight. Because of your new goal in mind, I think it will help you get back on the weight loss journey whether or not you will be able to get a fill anytime soon
  25. DeniseG

    Fast Food List?

    One thing I have to disagree with my doctor about. He wants patients to eat only 3 meals and no snacks. I think that is a bad idea, because usually people eat before work (around 7:30) lunch (around 12p) and then most people get off work around 5 they are starving......you play in your head, I can go home and cook, or just go through a drive-thru. No wonder people have weight issues. Plus that is too long a stretch to go without eating something. Usually people visit the vending machines too. I have been eating small amounts every 2-3 hours and in the last month I have lost 18 pounds. I had plateaued for 6 months, so I am really excited I am losing again. I am eating more food, but, healthier food with less calories, fat, sugar

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