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  1. Just go with the flow on your date, try not to worry about something that hasn't happened yet :-). Ask home questions about him, that will lead to other topics and you will get to know him better. Good luck and have a blast :-)
  2. DZ1RMQ

    Effexor And Surgery

    I wouldn't say it is harder to swallow them but gelcaps go down easier for me. And they are easier on my stomach :-)
  3. DZ1RMQ

    Effexor And Surgery

    I was having a hard time with the Effexor tablets after surgery. They taste disgusting as it is and after surgery, made me sooooo nauseous. My doctor prescribed me Effexor gelcaps yesterday. They are much easier to take.
  4. Surgery on 7/27 and down 29 lbs. 19 lbs from my doctors goal weight and 44lbs from my goal weight.
  5. DZ1RMQ


    Being at a stall is frustrating. I always hit one around that time of the month. An at other times, it's a reminder to stick to the plan and up the protein and exercise.
  6. It has been one month and one week since my surgery and I have lost 22 lbs. I am 26 lbs from my doctor's goal and 51 lbs from my goal. Before surgery I was type 2 diabetic on metformin and fast acting insulin, just like my father and sister. My blood sugar has been at normal levels since my surgery! I can't wait to get my A1C results at my next check-up with my PCP!!! It feels so great to know I will never have to worry about getting a band adjustment again!!! And, it feels so good to know I will keep the weight off this time!!!!!
  7. Woo hoo I put on a size 10 pair of jeans today :-)
  8. Feel so lucky to have the sleeve and to be 21lbs from my doctor's goal. My best friend got RNY one month after I had surgery. She is having the hardest time and has to be so careful she doesn't eat something that causes her to dump. She is stuck on liquids because she pukes when she eats anything puréed. I am praying she can soon tolerate more food. I'm grateful for my sleeve. I feel great and am looking great too!!!
  9. DZ1RMQ

    Sleeve Vs. Rny

    Good luck getting a timely ins approval! I'm excited for you :-)
  10. DZ1RMQ

    Sleeve Vs. Rny

    That is exactly what she is going thru! She said she is constantly constipated. She had to go to the ER because she puked 30+ times. Ugh. Poor thing.
  11. DZ1RMQ

    Co-Workers Talking About Me!

    I'm sorry you have to deal with that. It is her jealousy and insecurity.
  12. DZ1RMQ


    I definitely think tofu is filling and has a lot of protein.
  13. DZ1RMQ


    How much protein are the fellow vegetarian sleevers getting each day?
  14. DZ1RMQ

    Slider Foods

    oh yes, rice cakes are for me too.
  15. DZ1RMQ


    Hmm, I am not sure what they will have available. I bet they will make things with tofu, beans, tempeh, etc. They are usually flavored with spices and sauces and pretty tasty. I wonder if they will serve eggs? Hope you have a great retreat! I would like to do one someday
  16. DZ1RMQ


    I use boca burgers, tofu, beans, and other meatless products (Morningstar Farms, Gardein, etc.)
  17. DZ1RMQ


    Great job!!! :-)
  18. DZ1RMQ

    Diabetic Sleevers

    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April of this year. I had surgery on July 27th. I have lost 25lbs and my blood sugar is at normal levels. :-) I am no longer on metformin or fast acting insulin.
  19. DZ1RMQ

    Slider Foods

    I ate grapes yesterday, they were filling. This would be my choice for a slider food :-)
  20. I was not put on a pre-op diet. I got the lapband in 2002 and the port separated from the tube. I wanted the sleeve but my surgeon said he didn't think i should. I scheduled surgery to get my Lapband revised and my surgeon told me two days before my surgery that he recommends I get the sleeve instead.
  21. I'm band to sleeve and went back to work in one week. The sleeve is 100% better than the band, at least for me. I'm so glad I never have to go in for an adjustment ever again. I just keep dropping lbs!!! :-)
  22. DZ1RMQ

    Eating And Drinking

    It pushes the food through the sleeve causing you not to feel full.
  23. I had surgery on 7/27. I had the lap band since 2002, so I was revised to the sleeve. My journey has been pretty smooth! I think having experience with the band help me with handling the sleeve. It is so important to eat slow and chew a lot. I find that if I have no distractions it is easier to concentrate and to make sure I'm not mindless eating. I have been weighing myself every morning, which I don't recommend :-) it drives you insane :-). Let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to help if I can!
  24. Oh no! I went through the same thing with having to keep on my doctors office. It was very frustrating. Good luck today and I hope you get your surgery date soon!!! :-)
  25. Do you know your surgery date yet?