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  1. mykdzmom

    My 2 MONTH Post-Op Progress Report

    So proud for you! Way to go!
  2. mykdzmom

    A good birth control?

    The only thing better than my Mirena was my hysterectomy!
  3. mykdzmom

    Sitting in the hospital crying

    Welcome home ????
  4. mykdzmom

    September Sleevers

    Went in for my (late) 3 month check up with surgeon. He was pleased but suggested I add exercise for my overall health. Somehow I always make excuses not to do it. I want to start walking again and remember how much I enjoyed it in the past once I got started, but just having trouble taking that first step. I go back again in 6 months and will do blood panel then. Is that the same for you all? Are you guys exercising?
  5. mykdzmom

    September Sleevers

    I second that Des! As far as your progress pictures go... WOW! What a great transformation you have made. You look great. ( I still like the Sonic Hedgehog shirt, but you will need a much smaller size )
  6. mykdzmom

    September Sleevers

    You look awesome! I am so glad we all connected here to encourage each other. It is just priceless. Our dates and stats are so close. Keep up the good work.
  7. mykdzmom

    My story so far...

    Good luck on your journey ????
  8. mykdzmom

    Just Happy Being Happy!

    That is Awesome news! You are doing an incredible job ???? many wishes foe continued success! Oops! For ????
  9. mykdzmom

    3 month post op

    Here are my favorites ???? Breakfast: protein shakes, scrambled eggs, yogurt Packed lunch: tuna packs, Tyson chicken packs or 3oz cans, gordons fish filets Lunch if purchased: Chick-fil-A grilled nuggets, Wendy's chilie Dinner: Grilled chicken, Zesty Alaskan Cod (Sam's), salmon, Tyson fully cooked chicken strips. I will also eat steamed broccoli on occasion Snacks: Sargento string cheese, slim jim with cheese sticks, apple slice (no peal) with peanut butter, 1T nuts (I have to really limit these and had a bad experience with pistachios )
  10. mykdzmom

    What’s Your Attitude Towards Carbs?

    As I am very early in my journey, I find if I follow my surgeons rules with protein first, I don't have room for carbs. I do eat cottage cheese, all kinds of cheese, apple slices with peanut butter, and yogurt which all have carbs. I just make my main focus protein and less than 50 carbs per day. I stay away from white carbs because they bring on sugar cravings ( I found this out when I enjoyed my planned Christmas treats)
  11. mykdzmom

    Waiting for Approval

    Go ahead and give up caffeine and carbonation. Practice taking small bites, chewing each one 33 times, and not drinking with your meals. Good luck!
  12. Echo most what you have said here and glad you made the post. I am a 46 so I have the other issue with not belonging in the more youthful stores. I was so excited to go to Old Navy and purchase my first pair of jeans from a regular store. I wore the same clothes for my first 50# loss. Yes the we're baggy! I like TJ Max because of the price and it has a nice mix of styles and prices. This is getting fun now!
  13. There is also that same chance that you will NOT gain the weight back and for me that was hope and reason enough. I can't speak for long time success, I will leave that to the veterans. I was just reading a post today from some 3 year veterans. ???? I can speak to the fact that living with a restriction tool has already changed my life in the best of ways. I am experiencing great results not only in weight loss but the way I feel about myself. Feeling proud of my choices instead of guilty is so empowering. Not being hungry all of the time has allowed my to think about the reasons I was eating so much in the past. Do what you feel is best for you. You really don't have to convince him, just believe it for yourself. Good luck on your journey.
  14. Two months before my WLS I started bringing my own lunch to work and making visible changes. When asked to go to lunch I always declined and advised I was bringing my lunch and trying to eat healthy. I even used protein drinks for breakfast and lunch at work during that time. By the time my surgery rolled around the necessary changes were already in place. During office parties for Bay with cake I just got a piece like everyone else, pushed it around on my plate and dumped it in the trash without eating it. I found that no one was really watching me at all. Also sad as it may seem, I was able to wear the same clothes during the time I lost my first 50 pounds and most people will not notice until you are down 40+ pounds. To this day I don't mention my weight loss numbers. Period. When co workers finally noticed my loss, I said yes, I have lost a few pounds. They really didn't think much about it because by that time they had seen me bringing my lunch and drinking shakes for 3 months. It has gone really well. For me showing changes in lifestyle and saying very little has worked very well.
  15. mykdzmom

    Struggling with pre op diet

    It was worse for me the first 3 days then got a little easier. It just sucked, but after jumping through hoops for 9 months I was damn determined to be successful on my pre op diet. Just knuckle down and do it. I even went as far as to put marks on my thumb and index finger that I saw everytime I put something to my mouth. It reminded me to stay on track. Good luck. You can do it.
  16. mykdzmom

    Just had a crappy experience !

    Unfortunately I had a similar experience and it was my breath! ????
  17. mykdzmom

    Length of stay in hospital approval letter -

    I have BCBS of Alabama and left 24 hours after surgery. I think the precept was for the same as well. I had the sleeve as well. Call your surgeons office, I would think that it would have been them that requested the 5 days at pre cert. Oh and Congratulations on getting your aproval!
  18. mykdzmom

    Post-Op Meatballs

    Sounds like you are finding tasty creative ideas to meet your goals. I am sure you will be successful on your journey ☺
  19. mykdzmom

    3 Year anniversery

    Congratulations to you both!
  20. mykdzmom

    Calories a day

    At 5 weeks my surgeon advised to have 600-800 calories per day with 60-80 grams of protein. The emphasis being protein. You will find that if you choose items like chicken breast and fish without sauces your calories will stay well within that range.
  21. My doctor prefered that I chew to the puree consistency to enforce slow eating. I never had to blend or chop anything. You can check out the world according to egg face website and she has tons of ideas for all stages. Great recipes too. Don't worry to much it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I kept cans of deviled ham and roast beef, refried beans, tuna packs, SF pudding ( I added unflavored protein to this). At this point I was still getting the majority of my protein from shakes and the puree food was just a progression to teach me to chew well and eat slowly. Good luck!
  22. mykdzmom

    September Sleevers

    Amazing! Look at you. Your face has so much definition and it looks like you are loosing all over. Eeeeeek! You can really tell. Well done. Isn't it just mind blowing, this entire journey so far? I get so excited when I see such great changes.