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    It's Official... I'm Neurotic

    Thank you for sharing your thoughtful comment and experience! It definitely makes me feel better. I know I'm not alone in that feeling. Insurance forms were officially submitted for me today and the insurance coordinator and nurse admitted that she didn't think I'd have an issues (with a BMI over 40) but did say a lot of those approvals sometimes seemed to be whomever's desk it landed on. She did say calling for follow up on a response after a week would help too. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Also, do NOT feel like a failure. You're taking the step to do what's right for you, it just takes time. And like you said, I'll continue thinking positive thoughts. Woo!
  2. Insurance forms officially submitted today!

  3. Birdy18

    Slowly But Surely

    AMAZING. Great job!! I love hearing great updates like these - my surgery's scheduled in 28 days (who's counting? ), and hearing great positive attitudes and success stories are great. Also, what a cool way to look at your weight loss!
  4. Hello, world. I thought I'd take the time to formally list out my non scale victory goal list. Having been around the weight loss block and back again oh say.. 10 times over (enough already!).. I recognize the importance of setting scale and non scale victories for myself. As a young lay-daaay (oh, haaaai!) who has been overweight all my life but with a trendy, fashion-loving sense of style, I have a long one. Sure, I have my weight and health goals. Of course. I've had them for years. But now's the time to list out every detail - big and small - that I have wanted to get to my entire life but due to my weight, have yet to achieve... and keep. Mr. List - I vow to come back to you throughout my weight loss journey for motivation, reminders, celebrations and reality checks.. for those plateaus and frustrating times to keep me going. I'm starting with 18 because I'm a superstitious freak and that's my lucky number. Ready, set... Fitting into designer skinny jeans. Not James Jeans from Salon Z at Saks (though I do love you, boo), but honest to goodness designer denim: Sevens, J Brand, Joe's. Tankini... or, dare I say it.. bikini? Sitting in a chair without something in my lap - a sweater, HUGE BAG, or hiding behind a table to hide the rolls of my stomach. Who am I fooling? The end of thigh chafing. TMI, but Chicago summers? Come ON. More easily tying or strapping on m'shoes sans tummy to make things difficult. The end of plus sized clothing options. Confidence to show my arms. Rock a Rent the Runway dress (standard sizing) for the next wedding I attend! Courage and energy for spinning classes at Fly Wheel or Soul Cycle Easily do ten perfect push ups - the bain of my existence in all my current workout vids! Zipping into my favorite top from my studying abroad (thinnest days) Fitting into any clothing item smaller than an XL or single digits Shop in the same stores/sections as my girlfriends and be able to buy more than just accessories! Take photos without hiding behind people. Actually needing a belt. (Not just for a fashion statement) Able to be carried... On top. Nuff said. Cross my legs... easily, with a sky high pair of platforms, natch. More to come! Anybody else? What are your NSV goals, hopes or achievements? Mine may seem random or superficial, but so many times in my life I've wanted to be able to more easily do these things but my weight has prevented me from enjoying them.
  5. Birdy18

    A Non Scale Victory Goal List... You Will Be Mine.

    Thank you! For loving the list and for the kind words of encouragement. Do you share any of these NSV goals.. or have you achieved any? Any weird ones you have of your own??
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I've decided that I'm only telling my immediate family (dad, mom, brother) but not anyone else beyond that. You can just PM me any time you need the support! I know I need all the help I can get. One step at a time!
  7. I'm 28, live in Chicago, love to travel, discover new restaurants, all things girly or glamorous, and big cities. For the most part, I've lived a happy, healthy life despite being overweight for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was always chubby... soon that turned into overweight. Despite having an outgoing personality and great friends, I still remember every mean comment hurled at me from grade school, middle school and high school. As a young child, I remember one of my aunts would pull me aside and have me do arm circles. I remember hearing family members and family friends ask my parents how I would find anybody to love being as big as I was. I come from a family who loves food, who's full of great cooks, and is centered around grand meals. I myself, love to cook. I'm what I say an equal opportunity food lover - I love all kinds of food, ethnic, hole in the walls, five-star gourmet, you name it. My father used to reward me with bad foods - whether it was because I earned it, he wanted it, or to cheer me up. As a senior in high school, I began what would be ten years of up's and down's on Weight Watchers - losing about the same 40 lbs over and over again only to restart a bit higher every time. Ten years later, I'm at my highest weight at 249 when I decided on WLS. After discussing it with my family, surgeon, primary care physician (whom I love and adore), I went from thinking about the band to firmly on the sleeve. I have 100 lbs to lose. I don't think I've ever said that before or put that thought out there in the world. One hundred lbs. That is a terrifying, daunting thought. But I know I can do it. I know that everything from here on out will be challenging. I'm full of terrifying fears. The same thoughts run through my head as I wait for insurance approval and the date of my surgery: August 20, 2012. What if I can't do this? What if I fail? How will I mourn my relationship and comfort with food and get past the mental hunger? I'm so terrified I'll go through a permanent, life altering surgery and not have the will power or strength to succeed. ... And yet, I know I will. I will because I have to. Because I deserve it. I don't underestimate the constant battle that I'll have missing how I am used to eat, what I do to comfort myself during sadness, stress, hell - even happiness. And that I'll have to work out a lot of those mental issues. But I've struggled with my weight for my entire life. I don't have any comorbidities now, but I know that if I stay my weight or on the track that I've been headed - that I will. I want a chance at a healthier, happier life. Full of scale and non scale victories. To stop the torturous relationship and horrible cycle that I have with my weight and food. I want, for once in my life, to be within a healthy weight range! To not always be the fat friend or get the line, "but you have the prettiest face!" I want so much more out of life than what I've been able to do for myself so far - and I know I will find the strength in me to work, challenge, encourage and most of all, be kind to myself to do this. For me. That's my story so far, but this is only just the beginning...
  8. Birdy18

    1 Month Anniversary = A Freeing Insight

    Great post. I'm a month away from my surgery (so nervous, so excited, so scared!) but this is a really great insight. When I was successful and going up an down with my weight loss, I was so hard on myself with everything I did or didn't do with food, exercising, you name it. Weighing myself twice daily just made me think and feel crazy. I like that how you're saying to think is a way to pay attention to your body in a sane, healthy, re-establishing a relationship with food type of way.. I think that would be helpful for me to remember as I continue!
  9. I'm so glad I found this thread. Everyone's responses are so helpful - it's definitely something I'm fearful of. Part of me is questioning if I can "last" that long - through the pre op liquid diet and post op, but it does help knowing that I just don't yet know how I'll feel post op yet, so it's hard to wrap my brain around it. I think it's natural, having gotten to the stages where we are, to simply question if you can do it. I know it will be challenging (for me, mostly mental) every day and having tried and failed at so many different weight loss diet and lifestyle attempts, my biggest fear is - what if it won't work? What if I'm not mentally strong enough to do this? Reading people's experiences and positive encouragement and support makes me think I can.
  10. You get to have bars as in something you can chew?? I wonder why I can't, then? I feel like I'm going to miss chewing something solid!
  11. Ahh!! Good luck - please keep us posted. My doctor has us do 2 full weeks of liquid diet - no solids at all. I won't lie - I'm nervous about being able to do that! I've done cleanses, fasts, etc before and since I am so addicted to carbs, I got major headaches and was really irritable by the second day! How long is your pre op diet for?
  12. @duckydoom @cmaxwell331 Thanks so much for sharing your FMLA advice and experiences! I'm a total dope with that kind of thing so an email to HR will be coming from me to ensure I'm covered. @cmaxwell331 - So sorry that back and forth is happening to you. My doctor's team has yet to submit my insurance paperwork, but it is completely understandable that you'd be frustrated - I definitely would be. Keep us updated!! Venting here is healthy and needed!!
  13. Funny - I too work in an office full of women and agree on the nosey trend. So this may be a stupid question, but can you explain how FMLA applies? My doctor told me that I shouldn't need more than a week off but should take the full week to be sure, so not sure how this works. I was just going to let my HR know and assumed that since I have 60 sick days, would be able to apply those. Am I missing something? Or should I go about this differently?
  14. I just found out my surgery date is Aug 20th and am debating the same thing. I don't think my employer has a 30 day notice, but I'm planning on taking 5 days off. I'm also not saying what surgery I'm having, just that I have to have a procedure and will likely take sick days (I have 60). I'm thinking of telling them about my "necessary procedure" within the next week or so - I'm hoping that won't be a problem and that it doesn't sound sketchy! When are you telling your employer?
  15. Hi! First time posting. I'm scheduled for Aug 20 and initially wanted to go with the band, but now am wavering between that and the sleeve. I've read complication stories for both, and they're shaking me up. I'm also of course worried that the band won't work for me. I know no matter what, it will be hard work on my part - but depending on when you ask me, I could be swaying more toward the band or more toward the sleeve. It's good to know I'm not the only one! What made you feel better about your decision? I'd have to say I'm 90% toward the band: been around longer, adjustable, visits for accountability...