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  1. You go girl!! I am 8 weeks out. I am so glad I did it. I have no real problems, my weight loss is slow and steady. I have had a couple of stalls but I don't let it get me down. I cannot stress the importance of excercize enough. I need to remember to do more because I want to firm up my skin as much as I can before I even contemplate surgery. My stomach holds most of my weight and now Excess weight. I am happy when I see your videos and see how far you have come. Congrats on your engagement and God Bless.

  2. Encouraging words. Thanks! I cannot wait until Aug 18th so I can do more than just walk. I want to add a little weight training and more cardio. More Water could be the key too. I finally did go down another pound so all is ok. One more question.... will I ever get to eat popcorn again when I go to the movies? I hear that corn is not good but what about my beloved popcorn - no butter of course.

  3. Sleevers, I am 21 days post op today. For the last 5 days I have been stuck at 21lbs lost. Is this normal? I get 70-80 grams of protien a day, eat very little and I walk on a treadmill for 1 hour most days. What else do I need to do? I read this is just a bump and It will pick up soon.....I hope so.... 1 more week and I can get back in the Water for excercise and also add some more work out routines but I am a bit sad at this hold up. Any words of advice?

  4. I am 21 days post op today and I am stalled for one week....I have been eaing very little and drinking my 70-80grams of protien daily. I also walk for one hour on a treadmill daily. What gives? After reading some of your posts, I feel a bit better but being stalled after only losing 18lbs is a little disheartening.

  5. I am now 15 days out. Suture tapes are beginning to come off and not as sore anymore - I never had wound leakage but I hear that it is normal to have some. I have been walking 1 hour on a treadmill daily since this past Monday and it REALLY helps. I am kind of pushing the boundaries of types of foods but not amounts. I had 2 hard boiled eggs for Breakfast and it was a little too much. My whole day is filled with making sure I consume enought protien and liquids. I am down 17lbs. Thought it would be faster but it continues going the right way so no complaining. Still getting used to not drinking when I eat. I have forgotten and taken a sip during a meal.....man that hurts! Also, get those Vitamins and minerals in. I find if I forget my B's I feel a little tired. Rock on sleevers!

  6. Hi, July 18th was my new birthday... I am on full liquids until next Wed. Then I will start 2 weeks of pureed foods. What my Doc says is "soft foods" : grilled /baked fish, chicken salad - with lite mayo, tuna, egg salad, finely chopped ground beef, thinly sliced turkey or chicken, refried Beans with mozzarella, <God, I'm getting hungry> canned fruit drained, well cooked non-gassey veg: green Beans, squash,carrots,zuccini, spinach. oatmeal, small amounts of potaoes without skin. well cooked whole grains, brown rice and Pasta.

    Avoid Spicy, skins from fruits and vegs, any raw fruit or veg.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Janerose - honey.....although I am only 6 days out. ...I WANT YOUR YOGURT!! :D I have already thought about all those fun time with my girls when we go out and tear it up and drink and laugh. I have already started thinking this way and it helps ....when we do, THEY can order the big meals and expensive drinks....I will take bites from each of their plates and a few sips of their drinks and I think I will be just fine. As for the clothes...I think my new place will be Goodwill for awhile. There really are nice clothes in there if you take the time to really look. This journey for all of us is on a different time level but when I get to where you are, your post will make me smile.

    Hang in there warrior.........battle on.....and I still want your yogurt! :)

  8. Hello fellow July Sleevers, well, my big day was July 18th. I was doing well in the hospital, no problems, but please remember to get up ASAP after surgery and start those hall walks. It really helps. Once they took away my happy pump :D and I was released, things turned a bit sour. Just getting home in the car was painful but I got home and stayed on my 6hr pain med and you will not fee like it but KEEP SIPPING! The fastest way to get better is do what you are told! Have someone help you because without my husband gently reminding me to sip I may not be as far as I am right now. Today I finally feel human again. The pain in the upper chest/shoulder area is the worst, and the GAS-X strips really do help. Along with (farting).....

    For a brief moment on Thursday I felt like, "WTH have I done?" but already I am down 13lbs and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    God Bless and I already am so thankful I did this. You will be too.

  9. I am still a go for Wed the 18th! About the gas, my niece Joyce had the surgery last year and sang the praises of Gas-X strips. She said they are a life saver after the surgery. I have 2 boxes ready for after. Perhaps this will help you with your gas too.

  10. Good Morning! I am a little nervous but mostly so ready to go! I go in for pre-op on Monday 7/16, have my EGD on the 17th and surgery on the 18th. I am on day 3 of the liquid diet and I have had a pretty good time of it. I found a 20g low carb, 180 calorie Slim Fast and it is very filling! Along with chicken and beef cubes, Water, SF Jello and Crystal Light, I am set. I started weighing on Jul 1 and am down 8lbs! Blessings to all July sleevers!

  11. My surgery date is July 18th. I am on 1200 calories (focusing mostly on protien) until the 10th, when I will be full liquid. Not as hard as I thought so far but the full liquid will be an adjustment. I find the Slim Fast 20g protien are more filling than the other choices. I am so excited and these forums are a blessing. I have a niece who had surgery last November and she is down 85lbs. She has been such a big help to me. Positive thoughts to all you July sleevers!

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