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    KS Fort Worth reacted to gmanbat in No Longer A "surgery Patient"   
    Good news! Congratulations!
    I am 9 pounds from goal, lost over 100. It is a vast improvement!
    You're gonna love it!
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    KS Fort Worth got a reaction from bellalizza in Hello & Pure Protein Bars   
    I used them as part of my own diet in the months before surgery. I liked them, and the numbers are good. And they are tasty! Didn't know Costco carried them, I'll have to pick some up for later;. $1 a piece is good!
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    KS Fort Worth reacted to Randi in 4 Month Postop Anniversary And What This Surgery Has Taught Me + Recipes   
    I have wondered the very same thing, but I agree with Tiffany has part of the success of what we are experiencing. I know that if I ate as little as I do now I would be constantly hungry, shaky, and unhappy. I know that people who have had the gastric bypass DO get hungry so that's one reason I chose this surgery.
    I have been lucky to have only a few people scoff at what I did - one called me an a*****e and a gigantic hypocrite [on Facebook for all to see] to do what I did and actually tell people about my journey. She said that not everybody can afford to better themselves and therefore I was the bad guy. She, I might mention, is not overweight which makes it even stranger.
    Oh, well - enough about my little life. I'm happy with the choice I made and YAY for the rest of us!!
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    KS Fort Worth reacted to Jenhort in 4 Month Postop Anniversary And What This Surgery Has Taught Me + Recipes   
    Yes, I have pondered those things!!! But without the surgery, I would normally have given up after a month or two...it was too easy to go back to old habits. This surgery has definately been hard work for me! I am at the four month mark and all of a sudden it seems so much easier than it was at first. I hope it continues but I know as the summer progresses into fall new situations will pop up...and the holidays will be so different too. But I have had 42 years of indulging for the holidays and I think that is plenty. Time for new traditions and habits to develope! And hopefully my new habits will rub off on my family and friends! Some of them already have!
    Congrats on your journey and keep it up! Isnt this exciting?
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    KS Fort Worth reacted to MinaT in This Is Frustrating!   
    I was a 3 shake a day person with sf-popsicles/sf-jello and crystal light. I had 14 days of it.
    If you did a big meal before you started this you are probably going to suffer more.
    Day 3 & 4 are the hardest. The cookie, bad idea. You keep saying you want to do it, and you keep saying you want this, but yet, you ate a cookie. Dust it off .
    Each time you cheat you are justifying it, by your job, your kids whatever, you are making it "ok" in your mind, it's not okay to cheat though.
    There was a woman in the last few months that did the same thing and went into surgery and was told..sorry your liver is too big, and got it postponed.
    The sleeve is a tool, it's up to you to use the tool. You actually get REAL food. People that only get 3 shakes a day were able to do it.
    Blaming this on obesity isn't helping either. It's just another excuse.
    Tell yourself YOU CAN DO THIS, and you will. Get a behaviorist or psychological help somewhere along the line. Food cannot be your "best friend" it's not living and breathing. it's nourishment, that's all it is.
    If you want comfort hug your pillow, a friend, your kid, a dog. Tell yourself you can do it and just do it.
    Good luck to you, I am sure you will get lots of hugs and encouragement from others, I'm a realist. You need to up your positivity to make it through this and you need to depend on yourself. The sleeve is only a tool, it's how you use the tool that depends on your success.

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