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  1. I had the exact same issue. I slept In a recliner because I didn't need my CPAP in the recliner. But my tailbone really hurt from the pressure of that position.

    I would alternate turning towards each side to take that pressure off - i used smaller pillows to slip under my tummy donut wouldn't pull on my incisions when on my side. This all got better when my incision pain went away and I could really totally sleep on my side. I would say it took a couple of weeks. Have someone check out the area too (I actually had a small area of skin breakdown, like a very mild pressure sore). Thus got better with some neosporin ointment and light dressings.

    But- everything eventually resolved! Hope it doesn't take too long to go away! Wish you the best!


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  2. I was sleeved by Dr. Trivedi on July 30th. Had a wonderful experience. Feeling great, down 25 pounds, 18inches and 4 pants sizes. Off all diabetic and blood pressure meds since surgery day (I had diabetes for over six years pre-op) and had a normal HgbA1c at six weeks post-op. This was the best decision I've made to go through with the surgery.

    Good luck to you all!!

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  3. Hi! Like all of the above comments, everyone has a slightly different experience. I could only take tiny sips for the first two weeks. Then Regular sips. I'm at 4 1// weeks Out now and I can take one gulp (not chugging yet for sure) followed by regular sips without problems. Also, can drink 16 oz in 1 hr while walkin on treadmill with no problems (walking seems to make the liquids go down easier).

    Good luck!

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  4. Hi everyone!

    I can't believe one month has already passed. It has been quite a challenging month, but it has been well-worth every minute!

    I had my VSG on July 30th 2012.

    I have lost a grand total of 17.4 pounds on one month, and 24.2 pounds from my highest weight in August 2011...

    Amazingly, I have lost a total of 17 1/2 inches! (I still can't quite believe this)...

    I have removed more than half the clothing in my closet because it was just too big (again, that is a rare occurrence for me!)...

    Most importantly, I have been OFF my diabetic medications (I was on Metformin 1000 mg twice a day) and my BP medications (I was on Atacand 16 mg once a day) since the surgery - I am so very thankful for this... :o)

    Here are some photos (the images on the left of each photo are from one day pre-op, and the images on the right of each photos are from today): I hope I am posting these correctly...

    food in the portions that I used to enjoy), but it has also been one of the MOST important, valuable, and healthy things I have ever done for myself so far - it has changed my life in a matter of weeks and I have been thankful ever since I did it that I made the decision to move forward...

    Thanks to everyone here for having the courage to share their stories, their humor, and their encouragement!


  5. Hi! I could eat a lot at one sitting and I also had night time eating problems. I had the sleeve done on July 30th and I am very happy. This tool really helps

    Me to keep my portion sizes very small. I am also off my diabetic and BP meds completely since my surgery day (this was my primary motivation).

    Wish you the best whatever you choose to do!


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