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    4 month post op -73lbs

    Hey you look awesome for four months. Keep up the good work when was your date I was Dec 11,2012
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    From the album: proctor67

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    From the album: proctor67

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    My Journey

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    4-23-2013 298 under 300 since 1995

    From the album: My Journey

    Under 300. Have not seen 2's since 1995
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    Jan 24th 347

    From the album: My Journey

    Under 350 whoo Hooo!!!!
  8. From the album: My Journey

    2 weeks after Surgery XMAS 2012
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    Decided to have surgery June 2012

    From the album: My Journey

    Having decided to have surgery June 2012 at 415lbs
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    one year after

    Congrats one the one year!!! Time has flown since I had surgury in Dec. I hope you continue on your path and have many more blessings!!!!
  11. Congrats on the VSG!!! I was sleeved Dec 11 2012. I felt cloudy for around 9 weeks. Hard to explain fuzzy a little not quite as sharp. I had a friend tell me that even the way I walked had changed like I was in slow motion. I had no real pain to mention of at all. I just felt kind of not myself. I have read that there are some studies right now that this is a normal feeling that can last up to 3 months. The studys are speculating the change in blood chemistry and the lack of gerhlin n the blood may have some short term cognitive issues. Hope this helps JP
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    I had the same edema before surgery as you. It was gone three days after the sleeve and has not returned yet. Sleeved on 12-11-12. I 'm hoping it doesnt come back. Let's keep in touch and see how things go. I started puree yesterday for the next 30 days. Take care and watch the salt
  13. I had no pain med since tuesday am. I had a lot of nausea probably due to morphine and anesthesia. Getting two oz protein in every two hours. 4.5 oz liquids on the odd hours. Left side feels like bad pulled muscle. Walking as much as i can. also fighting diahrea and bad breath. I feel better each day. B3lching alot and some passed gas .
  14. I'm ready for the operation on Tuesday morning. I have bought unjury chicken soup, chldrens muti vitamins, gasx strips premier choclate drink, unjury no flavor protein, chapstick, clcium citrate chews, and iron wafers. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Im 90 percent excited and 10 percent anxious and nervous. This has been a nine month process to get here. My heaviest has been 420 and three days before I'm 377. My doctor has me on atkins startup diet. Meat eggs and cheese with less than 40 carbs, less than 5g sugar. I'm going to go liquid sunday and monday on my own to get all solids out of my system. If anyone has suggestions please give your input... I will write about the eexperience after surgery. I'm in Greenville NC, DR Nazeri,
  15. I had mysurgury consult yesterday. I was told atkins diet 2 weeks or longer before the vsg. I am curious of other input on what their doctor recommended and possibly why? My doctor said the atkins with no carbs and sugar will reduce the size for the operation. I would think maybe atkins and then maybe two days before the operation switch to liquid so the system is cleaned out of all food. Curious to hear replies. I'm in greenville NCand the doctor is Dr. Nazeri of Sothern Surgical.
  16. For anyone scared of an Endoscopy pease don't be scared. You will get admitted have an IV and BP cuff put on and a blood oxygen light on your finger. They will take you to the room have you lay on your side and they gave me verdal one injection and then a second injection. I do not remember the second. I woke up in my room with them taking the IV and heart leads off. I got really hot for like 15 minutes and they gave me some Water. I left the hospital, got home walked inside unassisted and slept until 100 pm. It was the best sleep i've had in years. I was admitted at 630am and was home by 900 am. The disturbing thing was there was two biopsys taken and he informed me I had reflux. I do not think I ve ever had indigestion in my life. Waiting for results and path forward. Throat is a little scratchy today (Sat). Hope this helps
  17. proctor67

    Any September People

    September bound for sleeve. I've got an endoscopy on the 27 and file first week in Aug. Doc says shoot for end of aug or early september. I HATE waiting..... Good Luck to all
  18. Hey everyone ! I am approx two months out from VSG and was wondering the chages people have seen with leg edema if any. Thanks for reponding and educating all of us that arent post op yet Sincerely, James Proctor Greenvnille NC
  19. That is awesome. Thanks for the reply. Hope things are going well. I hope this works for my edema also. Good Luck
  20. I'm in Greenville Nc, my doctor is Wade Nazari of Southern Surgical Bariatrics. I started the process in May, I'm half way through the 90 day food log and exercise plan. I 'm walking 4-6 days a week 3-4 miles at a time. I have sleep apnea, high blood psi, and swollen calves. I have cardio pulomnary(sch for 27th of June). I have one more appointment left with the PA, endoscope, and meeting with doctor. Iam excited about the change and look forward to the challenge
  21. Alovio. Great job since April. Hope things have gone well for you
  22. proctor67

    My Big Day Tomorrow!

    make sure you have your protein ready for when you come home and sf popsicles. GOOD LUCK to all tomorrow

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