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  1. abrinson889

    Slim Band removal

    I had my band removed one year ago. My surgeon would not do the revision at the same time, which I’m glad as I had complications. I am now 8 days post op with VSG! I really wish I would have went with this originally! Good luck to you.
  2. abrinson889

    Anyone With Federal Bcbs??

    How long did it take them to approve once everything was submitted?? I'm anxiously waiting!!!
  3. abrinson889


    I try to take at least 20 minutes but I have to really slow down my eating to get there. I think it will take a little time to get restriction. Until then we are in our own.
  4. abrinson889


    My surgeon says liquids for only 24 hurs after a full then back to my normal diet
  5. abrinson889


  6. abrinson889

    Incision Oddness

    It may be where they stitched your port into the muscle. I have a weird pulling sensation sometimes which is no where near any of my incisions. I asked the PA about it and that is what she told me.
  7. abrinson889

    Medical Alert Bracelets

    I have read a couple of things that suggests bariatric surgery patients should get a medical alert bracelet. What do you guys think? Should it only be for those that have had gastric bypass or should us banders get one too?
  8. abrinson889

    Medical Alert Bracelets

    Thank you all so much for your replies. I think I will get one.
  9. abrinson889

    Medical Alert Bracelets

    I think it is because you should not get an NG tube put in blindly, it could puncture your stomach. Thank you for the replies. I'm just unsure if it would benefit me or not.
  10. abrinson889

    August 24Th.....my New Birthday

    My surgery was actually on my birthday, August 14th!
  11. abrinson889

    I Am Officially Banded!

    Congrats! I was banded today also. I am staying overnight in the hospital, just my surgeons protocol! I'm feeling pretty good but I do have gas pains in my chest and shoulders. Drinking water just fine and just some hello. Will keep on with updates because I love reading how other bandsters have handled things. Prayers going out for those having surgery tomorrow!
  12. abrinson889

    August Roll Call

    Just got called back to the day surgery! Will update when I'm on the other side! Prayers requested!
  13. abrinson889


    I screwed up! My surgery is on Tuesday and I ate some fish and broccoli tonight! I feel so awful and don't know what to do! I am supposed to be on liquid only and have done good for the last 2 Weeks but some thing happened tonight and I couldn't help myself. Do you think it will affect my liver to the point I won't be able to get banded?
  14. abrinson889

    Frequent Fliers, Question For You

    I read somewhere that flying did effect the band and it was best to stay on liquids only the day of flying and the day after. I'll flying next month.
  15. abrinson889

    Does $185 Sound About Right?

    My psych appointment was $150. She wasn't in my network so I had to pay out of pocket.
  16. abrinson889

    Please Help Me Find A Doctor

    Memorial Bariatrics is in Savannah. They have payment plans available.
  17. abrinson889

    Day 2

    Day 2 for me today! Good luck!
  18. I'm on day 2 and not feeling so well either. I feel bloated and have a headache. I think it's just our Bodies adjusting. My surgery is August 14th, when is yours?
  19. abrinson889

    Day 1

    First day of liquid diet and I have a headache and hungry Does it get any easier?
  20. abrinson889

    August Roll Call

    Thank you DeAna For keeping up with all of this!
  21. abrinson889

    Awaiting Insurance Approval

    I also have BCBS Federal and it took them exactly one week to approve. I called numerous times and one rep told me they go by the surgery date that is submitted , so those with dates sooner rather than later will be reviewed first.
  22. abrinson889

    Things I Won"t Miss After My Surgery!

    I wont miss... Not being able to cross my legs!!!
  23. abrinson889

    August Roll Call

    Got my date today-- August 14th!! Which is also my birthday! What a wonderful gift. Start my liquid diet tomorrow!! Yay for everyone!!
  24. abrinson889

    Bcbs Fep

    My surgeons office submitted all the paperwork Thursday afternoon for approval. How long should I wait before I start calling the insurance company?