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  1. Hello Band07, I am a Lap band to sleeve and re-sleeve patient. I think Lap band patients just don't get the results with the sleeve. I am considering the MBP as well. Can you elaborate on the negatives please? Ive never experienced any reflux with my sleeve. Would that matter if I had the MBP done? Thanks for your input.

  2. Guy here. I'm only a month and a half out of surgery. No problems with milk or any dairy products. No foods turn my Stomach (yet). My first 3 weeks I was ravenous about food. I thought I was going to be depressed because I couldn't eat certain things. I've learned now that I can eat well and still feel great. Cravings have gone away. What is cool for me is that my wife had the procedure done at the same time and I can see the difference in reactions we have to foods. I think women have a tougher time with foods honestly. There are things that don't agree with my wife that I have no problems with at all. I'm loving this decision more and more everyday!

  3. I felt that during certain periods early on that my body was not sending the "full message" early enough. I suspect it was lapband caused espophagus dialation. Like you have similiar capacity to other sleevers' date=' but your body doesn't send the "enough" signal as early. According to my NUT, this is the reason they theorize that some revision patients don't lose as well as "virgin sleevers".

    My solution was to use the itty bitty dishes and silverware. Focus on eating slow. When I would eat my 2-3 oz portion, but didn't feel satiated, I would wait at least 15-20 minutes before deciding I needed more food. Pretty much always, I was actually satiated, it just took time for the brain to catch up.

    Then, I went through several months of just having very little interest in food - the forgetting to eat type thing.

    Now, I am having more hunger and just wanting to eat more. I think this is a fairly typical pattern. I stil use a little 4oz dessert dish as my bowl, and a tiny salad plate as my "plate" and even though I am hungrier/wanting more now, it is still pretty small portions![/quote']

    Thanks Cowgirl Jane. I wonder how long before my esophagus pouch goes back to normal? I'm going to try that 2-3 oz trick and see if it works for me as well.

  4. Hello all,

    I'm a former 10 year crap band guy. I had my revision done this June 1st and have been doing great. I have transitioned flawlessly from clears to Full liquids to mushy and now just starting on solids.

    As I went through these phases I never really felt any restriction or difficulties. I was able to drink 8 ounces of clears at a time. When full liquids came I could drink 8-10 ounces of Protein shakes in 15-20 mins. Now the issue I'm having is with solid foods it seems like I can eat almost anything. Now I've have not cheated at all and have kept to my diet. I'll eat 2-3 ounces of chicken or tuna with another 2-3 ounces of veggies and it cottage cheese etc. I've never felt stuffed like I can't eat anymore and what worries me is that about 10-15 minutes after eating I feel hungrier than before I started eating.

    I called my surgeon and he reassured me that my pouch was small and that what I may be going through is because since I had the band in place for so many years, even though it's been removed I still have that area dilated and it causes sort of a funnel effect. Basically, my food makes a pit stop on its way to my new stomach.

    My question is has anyone out there heard of anything like this or have experienced the same issues? I would love to hear any feedback and thank you in advance!

  5. Maybe I am unique I can chug water' date=' Protein, broth no problem. I can tell if I have taken in enough and have not felt "too full". Wonder if this is just me.... any feed back would be great![/quote']

    You're not alone. I keep wondering if something's wrong with me. I was sleeved 6/1 and have no problems drinking my 64oz+ a day. Im real good about sipping and not chugging but a few times I have forgotten and chugged a bit much. Even then I feel a small restriction but it quickly goes away.

  6. I had surgery with Dr Ponce I asked the driver to take me by a wells fargo ATM, she did and I got dollars there. I definetly agree with Shannon take small bills the ATM game me all $20s and that was hard for tipping.

    I wish i could have found one! LOL We went to 5 different banks and had no luck. If you need to break 20's ask the Hotel front desk. They had no problems making change for me.

  7. Nice to see that I am not alone' date=' Is any one going thrua alighterme? is they are can they share their experice? Can any one tell me if Dr. Kelly is working with them?[/quote']

    No, Dr Kelly no longer works with that group. He is working exclusively now but that group continues to use his name to bring in patients. The only person to speak to about Dr Kelly is his coordinator Omar. You can reach him at 619-395-5347. Finding out the scheme they were pulling really turned me off to them. I'm glad I found Dr Kelly.

  8. Comfortably Numb' date=' you are so right. When I started this journey I checked out every one of these doctors and narrowed it down to a few. I chose Dr. Kelly because of my interactions with him, with his staff, etc. For about 3 months now, I've been in constant contact with him or Omar and I could not be happier. I feel like I am included with a big family! I've talked to dozens of people privately, previous patients, etc etc. Not one of them had anything negative to say about their experience with Dr. Kelly. The clincher for me was meeting a lovely lady who went to him with a friend, then went back to him for her own surgery, then referred her own family members to him! Honestly, that was the best referral info I could have gotten.

    Many of these doctors are very good, and you can find positives and negatives about ALL of them. Yes there are some who do this surgery for a LOT cheaper (using recovery houses, etc) but honestly, that's what works for some people. If that's all they can afford and are willing to take the risk, then that is their decision. Sometimes that's the best someone can do.

    I am scheduled for next week, and I'm scared and excited and having all of the expected emotions. But I'm still very happy with my choice of doctor. :)[/quote']

    Finding Myself, I'm glad to hear your story. I probably wasn't clear on this but pur surgery this weekend was both my wife and myself. We had such a great experience we are planning to returns soon to visit!

  9. After months of research I'm going with Dr Francisco Gonzalez. He's with BajaMed Group. I don't want the experience of being herded through like cattle being tagged. I'm sure this is going to piss people off with me saying that. Google him. His records and achievements speak for themselves. No' date=' your not going to see his name plastered up on here BC he doesn't pay all of the tons of money on advertising and supporting these forums to promote his name. He doesn't need to. Period. I'm paying 6300 and have been on touch with my surgeons from the get-go. I'm also vlogging my entire experience at YouTube.com/shesstrangelynormal. Ultimately, if u wanna stand in line all day like cattle being tagged, go with someone else and pay 4500-5000. That's not for me. Ugh[/quote']

    I have to tell you my experience with dr Kelly this weekend was FAR from being herded like cattle. Let me be clear on that. I've heard other dr's that do that but lets not group everyone in that. We arrived in San Diego at 10 pm and his wife cecy was waiting to pick us up. She drove us over the border and right to the Hospital. Waiting for us at the entrance was Dr Kelly, Omar his coordinator and dr Kelly's 7 year old son.

    Our experience this weekend has been nothing short of amazing. We would do this over again in a heartbeat. We were invited to join dr Kelly and his family for his birthday dinner and had a wonderful time.