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    Sleeve to MGB...

    Hello Band07, I am a Lap band to sleeve and re-sleeve patient. I think Lap band patients just don't get the results with the sleeve. I am considering the MBP as well. Can you elaborate on the negatives please? Ive never experienced any reflux with my sleeve. Would that matter if I had the MBP done? Thanks for your input.
  2. comfortably numb

    Pre And Post Sleeve Differences?

    Guy here. I'm only a month and a half out of surgery. No problems with milk or any dairy products. No foods turn my Stomach (yet). My first 3 weeks I was ravenous about food. I thought I was going to be depressed because I couldn't eat certain things. I've learned now that I can eat well and still feel great. Cravings have gone away. What is cool for me is that my wife had the procedure done at the same time and I can see the difference in reactions we have to foods. I think women have a tougher time with foods honestly. There are things that don't agree with my wife that I have no problems with at all. I'm loving this decision more and more everyday!
  3. Hello all, I'm a former 10 year crap band guy. I had my revision done this June 1st and have been doing great. I have transitioned flawlessly from clears to Full liquids to mushy and now just starting on solids. As I went through these phases I never really felt any restriction or difficulties. I was able to drink 8 ounces of clears at a time. When full liquids came I could drink 8-10 ounces of Protein shakes in 15-20 mins. Now the issue I'm having is with solid foods it seems like I can eat almost anything. Now I've have not cheated at all and have kept to my diet. I'll eat 2-3 ounces of chicken or Tuna with another 2-3 ounces of veggies and it cottage cheese etc. I've never felt stuffed like I can't eat anymore and what worries me is that about 10-15 minutes after eating I feel hungrier than before I started eating. I called my surgeon and he reassured me that my pouch was small and that what I may be going through is because since I had the band in place for so many years, even though it's been removed I still have that area dilated and it causes sort of a funnel effect. Basically, my food makes a pit stop on its way to my new stomach. My question is has anyone out there heard of anything like this or have experienced the same issues? I would love to hear any feedback and thank you in advance!
  4. Wondering if a little bit of nonfat frozen yogurt is ok to have. I know there's a place I went to that had nonfat no sugar added frozen yogurt that was outstanding. Only had about 3 oz. Anyone else out there?
  5. comfortably numb

    Question For My Fellow Revisionistas!

    Thanks for the input. Two different experiences is very interesting. I guess I'll just have to be careful and wait until my dilated pouch tightens up. Thanks again.
  6. comfortably numb

    Itchy Rash On Tummy A Week Out From Surgery

    My wife and I both got a rash after surgery. It's the tape they use during surgery I guess. We just used a lot of Benadryl cream until it went away.
  7. comfortably numb

    Coordinaters Who Talk Smack..

    Dr Kelly told my wife and I that he didn't want to work with the Coordinators anymore. He decided to go on his own and hire Omar to work exclusively for him. Smart move in my opinion.
  8. comfortably numb

    Just Wondering About Tijuana...

    I wish i could have found one! LOL We went to 5 different banks and had no luck. If you need to break 20's ask the Hotel front desk. They had no problems making change for me.
  9. comfortably numb

    Just Wondering About Tijuana...

    Just want to add that if you run out of cash there aren't any atm's that dispense dollars so make sure you carry enough. Otherwise use a credit card which they take in most places. I went to get my teeth whitened and he wouldn't take anything but dollars.
  10. comfortably numb

    Post-Op Cravings And Discouraged!

    I'm at 7 days out and moved to mushy stuff. I had about 4oz of grits, a protein shake, chicken broth , and a creamy soup my wife makes with a root veggie similar to mash potatoes but soupy. All the portions were no more than 6 oz and I felt full each time.
  11. comfortably numb

    Post-Op Cravings And Discouraged!

    Head hunger + liquids only. There's no way liquids stay on our small stomachs like solid food would. So you're hungry shortly after.
  12. comfortably numb

    Post-Op Cravings And Discouraged!

    I know it's tough. My wife and I are 5 days out and thank god we have her mom here taking care of the kids and feeding them. Just gotta grind it out.
  13. comfortably numb


    It's not called the crap band for nothing!!
  14. comfortably numb

    Where Are All The Guys At?!?!?!?!?

    Man here! Crapband OUT!! Sleeve in just this weekend June 1, 2012!! Feel like a million dollars!!
  15. They all do "bloodless" surgery. It's minimally invasive. 4 tiny incisions that looks like a cat scratched you afterward. And like mentioned above, as they cut away the stomach it also staples it. Complications are another thing. In that case none of them can guarantee that you won't need blood or some alternative method.