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  1. kerrbear72

    Anyone from Phoenix Arizona?

    I'm not a chick and in from Amarillo tx area. I was banded in April 2012 I'f u wanna swap stories I'm here
  2. kerrbear72

    200+ Protein Shake Recipes

    Damn don't u look sassy umum
  3. kerrbear72

    Weight Loss

    M new at this but was just wondering I was banded in April. I've lost total of 21 pounds in a month and half is that good or could I lose more. I'm eating around 900 cals and burning around 1900 cals
  4. Well just wanted to give an up date. I've lost 78 pounds in 9 months which is just great. I'm so happy and I know I'm looking a lot better as my Heath is also. I think I've got another 40 to 50 pounds to go but I feel I'm going to make it. To all u newbies its a hard confusing upsetting and frustrating journey. But u will make as long as u do as dr says. Good luck to all u banders we can do it.
  5. kerrbear72

    Lap Band Buddy Under 40

    Hi I'm 40 was banded in April started losing in june after first fill down 58 and feels great. Hoping to hit the 100 mark in June
  6. kerrbear72

    not a silly success

    Yes yes way to go I don't get any comments like that but I weighed this morning and down to 256. I'm wearing clothes that still had tags on them from Christmases from lords knows when. It's such a feeling to know u r shrinking clothes actually fit the way the r suppose to. My blood pressure that I can remember has never been in the 110/65 range and I feel great my goal picture is what I'm hoping to look like some day in near future
  7. kerrbear72


    I have a simple question. If your sick with cold or flu where u have a bit of drainage does your amount of eats drop. Can being sick cause your band to tighten
  8. kerrbear72


    Thank u all I figured so just wanted to hear if anyone else has had this problem thanks
  9. kerrbear72

    What Is Your Job?

    I'm just an old dirty Texas oilfield worker
  10. kerrbear72

    I'm An April Bander :)

    Well here's what I've come up with I too was banded in April got first fill in June and to date I've lost 50 pounds since June. I have figured out it don't matter how few calories u eat your going to lose what your body is going to lose if that makes since. I've ranged from 1200 down to 700 cals and I'm still losing slow. But that's ok cause at least I'm loosing. Don't get frustrated and just keep doing what your suppose to do and I think the weight WILL eventually come off. Look at it this way the slower u lose the less likely of flabby skin that's what I'm telling my self. Hang in there it's like the turtle and the hare and who won that race ???ƒ
  11. kerrbear72

    Wishing All A Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all lap band people's out there hope u all have a great Christmas and hope everyone has another great year with the band
  12. kerrbear72

    6 month plateau

    I'm new to this also but i'll give it a try did u get enough water daily I know if u get 90oz one day and then maybe a glass ul retain water could it be that. I'd have to say u might be retaining water. Give it s couple of days and weigh again. Have u been measuring if so how did that come out this week
  13. kerrbear72

    Merry Christmas

    I'd just like to wish everyone in my bandster family merry Christmas and happy new year. I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday spent with your family and friends. Without this forum and u all I would have already pulled out all my hair or gave up and I just want to thank u. We all WILL make it with each other. Best wishes
  14. kerrbear72

    Merry Christmas

    B-52 I couldn't have said it any better this world needs more people like u god bless
  15. kerrbear72

    I Just Want To Cry...

  16. kerrbear72

    I Just Want To Cry...

    Ok mumof2boys don't take this wrong just listen. Put on your big girl pants shake it off and look at the big pic. You got to get your head back into the game here it's 4th and 10 to goal with 10 seconds left. When your boys get home from school or set them down infront of u and look at there face. They need u just as much as u need them you know what to do uve done it before. U do what ever it takes to get that old new u back start out slow and ul finish big. I have faith in u to do it don't cry about what's happened start smiling about what your getting ready to do u can do it
  17. kerrbear72

    6 month plateau

    I hear ya keep it up time will tell
  18. kerrbear72

    6 month plateau

    GOOD so how has your journey been how long have u had your band and how much have u lost
  19. kerrbear72

    6 month plateau

    Mumma just who r u talking to
  20. kerrbear72

    6 month plateau

    The scale just wasn't moving and wanted to know the projected cal intake for a man. Measuring isn't full proof. U may not always get tape in right place or maybe u pulled tape alittle tighter this time from last where I feel the scale u can't go wrong. I got up and have lost 2 pounds so that made my day I guess i'll be the type of person to lose every two weeks. I know it's a slow process and don't expect anything any less. Thanks to u all SUPPORTERS we ALL need positive inputs on here and for the most part I feel like I get that here thanks again and good luck to everyone
  21. kerrbear72

    6 month plateau

    To all the bandsters I'm truly sorry I cause such a ruckus. I was having a bad two weeks
  22. kerrbear72

    6 month plateau

    Lauradevans how's your husband doing in his weight loss

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