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  1. IMO,

    At this point you shouldn't be eating anything. Hydration is your first priority. Many people don't even add Protein Drinks for the first couple weeks. Sip sip sip till you reach your first goal (usually 1/2 gal in a day), then add some Protein Shakes. Your not going to put yourself at risk of malnutrition anytime soon. But dehydration will land you in the hospital

  2. Ok. I'm 1.5 yrs out from removal of my lapband. I am having revision on may 5th and I still can't decide which one. I've read all the statistics and complications. Below are my fears with each one Please tell me your stories, to help me make the best decision Sleeve fears 1. Reflux. I don't have it now but had it so badly with my band. It was horrible. 2. Potential for another surgery Bypass fears 1. I have rheumatoid arthritis I don't take NSAIDs now...but what if I need them one day 2. Malabsorption/anemia 3. Antidepressants. I have had severe depression in the past and am now stable with extended release Wellbutrin. Don't want to acre that up Any thoughts?

    Hmmm, let's see,


    1, reflux-I've had considerably less since my surgery. I have heard of some ppl getting it, but not my experience.

    2. Potential for another surgery- like converting to a bypass? That's pretty rare. Did you have the LapBand removed due to product failure/erosion? Or did it not work for you? Everyone that I know of that converted to sleeve are much happier.


    All of your concerns are valid. But to be honest, I have not personally had an RNY so all I can talk about is my dad's wife who had it done. NOT PRETTY. Yes she lost a lot of weight quickly, and she looks great, however, she too was prescribed meds for an imbalance. It took years to get her new meds right & get her back to normal.

    Granted, this was years ago, the medical community is learning everyday. It is just my tendency to lean toward the least invasive effective treatment possible. Which IMO is the sleeve. No foreign objects in your body(except a few staples) and you get to keep all your parts sans the stretchy part of the stomach.

  3. Are you sure you haven't dropped a size or 2? I can tell you, pre-op I was cramming myself into a 44" waist pants I probably should been wearing 46 or even 48. So it took a while for my pants to start falling off

    Either way I bet you are losing a lot faster than you gained, I'll also bet those pants are a lot easier to button. :P

  4. I am almost 4 weeks post opp now. I dropped 28 lbs in a month before surgery. Then I lost another 28 lbs in three weeks after. So a total of 56 lbs in 7 weeks. Now I am at a stall and I feel it is to early for a stall but maybe I am wrong ? I was weiging my self every day and I was losing 2 lbs a day and now the last three days or so I have not lost any thing. I have ranged from 300 calories to 1000 ( The 1000 was just one day and that was yesterday) Most days I am between 600 and 700. I also have developed a staph infection mostly in my leg ( I get these some times) So I am on antibiotics and not sure if maybe the infection could have somthing to do with my stall ? I know it has caused my BS and BP to come up. Any way I am not to worried about it but I did figure that I would lose between 60 and 100 lbs my first two months out and then maybe slow to 20 lbs a month for awhile. My BMI is at 50.19 now so not sure why I would stall so early.

    Actually, you are right on schedule. Though stalls are different for all of us, somewhere in the 3rd to 4th week is where most experience their first. With your pre-op losses I wouldn't have been surprised at all if you'd stalled at any point. I've even seen cases where people have stalled immediately following surgery.

    Just keep following your plan & everything will work like it is supposed to.

    And congrats on the 56lb loss. You are well on your way!!!

  5. Hi there!

    First off, let me reassure you that you made a huge step forward to becoming a new healthier you.

    Ok, so your surgery was 4/5 days ago. At this point you really shouldn't even be very concerned with Protein. Hydration is key right now. Do all you can yo get to +- 64 oz/day of hydration. Once you accomplish that goal then start working In Proteins as you can tolerate it.

    Remember, everybody is different. Don't compare your ability to consume to others. You will progress through your dietary steps at whatever pace your body allows (just not faster than doctors recommendations). You are going to love the new you. :)

  6. Wow, I really feel out of place here, but, I can tell you I have seen this play out in other threads a while back. And yes, I do recall in the threads I have read, the sleeve does seem to relax significantly while you are pregnant. However, it was also reported that after giving birth the stomach did return to its pre pregnancy restrictive proportions.

    I'm sure if you do a bit of digging you can find the threads, but they were 18 months or more ago.

  7. You can take a page out of a sleevers book and do a diet reset. Start over like you just had surgery, log everything just as you did before. It'll take a couple weeks without bad carbs for those cravings to go away.

    Unfortunately white carbs create a chemical reaction in your system that causes you to crave more of them. I've had to reset a couple times in the past couple years. It isn't easy, but if I can do it, you can too.

  8. Obviously, I'm not speaking from experience. But, I have seen quite a few ladies that suffered with weight related PCOS on this forum who have conceived after losing weight. Many times before the reached their goals. In fact most of the times I have seen those type of posts it was because they had concerns about conceiving too early.

    Just a note, I don't recall any of the concerns they had ever actually transpiring.

  9. I found at my local Walmart a Protein shot. It's 3.6 ox and 42g of Protein. I tired one and it wasn't too bad. I haven't had my surgery yet but I am trying different things now.

    The unfortunate reality is that those Protein shots are no be benefit to the human body. They get most of their protein from gelatin/collagen which our bodied cannot utilize. Yes, I know the name on the shot leads you to believe that you are getting whey protein, but unfortunately this is not the case.

    Make sure to read the ingredients on the label. The best protein supplements will be pure whey isolate. Also egg whites, hemp, soy, & milk Proteins are good too. But if the label contains the words collagen or Gelatin, don't buy it. A it is capable of doing is separating you from your money.

  10. I have never seen Protein pills. The main reason that they have historically been unavailable is because of the sheer volume of Protein needed by our bodies. To get 30 grams of protein through capsules you need 7-10 "horse pills". You think choking down a Protein Drink is hard? This would be next to impossible.

    Furthermore, keep in mind that all Proteins are not created equal. There are a number of Protein drinks & shots out there that are of zero nutritional benefit.

  11. I'm glad to see this thread is still alive and encouraging those that are feeling nervous about this decision. Here I am 19 months post op & am so happy & grateful for this miracle of modern medicine. I've gotten so much of myself back, so much more than I ever knew I lost. I can honestly say, I don't have a minute of regret. Yes I do occasionally miss stuffing my face with decadent Desserts & such, but I never miss what it did to me. It's been a long time, but I can honestly say, I LOVE ME.

  12. So guys.........I understand how one would gain length after a substantial weightloss. The fat pad is gone. But tell me' date=' will we or could me gain girth? If so, how would that happen? Looking for some thickness too in addition to the length![/quote']

    The way you improve girth is with improved blood flow. A firmer erection is a girthier erection.

  13. I try not to disagree with people's surgeons, but I have to here.

    Immediately after surgery your only concern should be hydration. Protein is nice, but not getting Protein won't land you in the hospital with dehydration. For God sakes, you are in Arizona. Once you are getting 60oz of fluids (Water, Powerade zero, or other very low or no calorie drinks) the add protein as you can tolerate it. Many people, like myself never experience any restriction on liquids & can get hydration & protein very quickly. Others however sometimes take over 2 weeks just to progress to the point of full hydration. You want to make this progression as quickly as you comfortably can, but do not push yourself to the point of discomfort.