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  1. O.T.R. sleever

    Protein Shake = Diarrhea

    Whey Protein isolate us lactose free also, do you have an isolate, concentrate, or some sort of blend? There are other options, Jay Robb makes an egg protein, there are also vegetable Proteins like hemp. I use a variety of different proteins.
  2. Well, I hope that you don't take this wrong, but before you decide on the sleeve, I'd highly recommend some pretty heavy self analyzation. You really need to understand why it is that you turn to food for comfort. And yes, a counselor/therapist would be helpful. I am in no way calling you crazy, or even suggesting that you have problems that most of us don't deal with. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about yourself & your own habits is the greatest power to have. Once you have a solid understanding of your triggers & your reaction to your triggers, by all means, I think being sleeved young will save you a ton of heartache & likely some health problems. GOOD LUCK.
  3. O.T.R. sleever


    My experience with alcohol post sleeve is that it isomer of a roller coaster ride. I get buzzed a lot quicker, and the buzz comes and goes rather quickly. I've had moments where I was flying high, then a few minutes later felt nothing then started feeling it again. It is not as bad now as it was the first few months post op, but I do still feel it faster, and it ebbs & flows more now than pre op. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that since you really do not have much stomach left to hold liqueur, it passes much more quickly to the intestine where it is absorbed rapidly. And I had my first drink somewhere just after 6weeks.
  4. The best thing is to decide which surgeon you want to use, then choose a coordinator that works with that surgeon & is well reviewed. Some surgeons do employ their own coordinator so if you choose one of those surgeons then you won't have any other options on which coordinator to use. Do you have any certain surgeon in mind?
  5. O.T.R. sleever

    Ideas for what to tell people?

    So, you view lying as an acceptable practice? This is what you teach your children?
  6. O.T.R. sleever

    Thinking about going vegan

    I highly recommend watching the documentary "Forks over Knives". Even Vegan diets tend to have a lot of unhealthy food in them. The best you can do is a plant based whole food diet, or as close to it as you can get. I've gotten to he point where I am about 60-70% plant based whole foods & I can say it has made a huge difference. Now if I could only get the last 30-40% I think I'd be great.
  7. O.T.R. sleever

    Ideas for what to tell people?

    Well, would you please educate me on where I cheated on my marriage. That is one heck of an accusation. Good thing you are not a moderator.
  8. O.T.R. sleever

    Ideas for what to tell people?

    I'm guessing that is a jab at me? To be honest, some of the worst post in this thread are yours. But then that's my opinion.
  9. Congrats on getting back on track Bill. I think pretty much all of us that are over 6months post op know that sometimes it can be a struggle. But you have what it takes to get the job done. I recently fell off the wagons myself, I really does feel good to get back on and see those numbers start heading in the right direction. I look forwarward to more updates from you. Good luck!!
  10. O.T.R. sleever

    Ideas for what to tell people?

    Ok, where did I call people names? Please direct me to a specific post.
  11. O.T.R. sleever

    Ideas for what to tell people?

    Very correct, and my idea of what to tell people is the truth. Why do I get attacked for that? And BTW, Apple emoticons don't show up on this forum.
  12. O.T.R. sleever

    Post Op Penis Size

  13. O.T.R. sleever

    Ideas for what to tell people?

    People never cease to amaze me. They advocate lying then attack people who simply say "honesty is the best policy". One simple question. Why attack someone for recommending the exact thing that we were all taught as children?