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  1. O.T.R. sleever

    Protein shakes

    Haven't heard that specifically, but it does make some sense, the protein will help keep you satiated so you are less tempted to eat high fat foods.
  2. O.T.R. sleever

    Protein shakes

    Your NUT is giving you very good advice. Whey protein isolate eliminates all lactose. Since lactose intolerance is much more common this is beneficial. Additionally micro filtered whey (unjury & nectar) are more quickly absorbed.
  3. O.T.R. sleever

    Too much protein and water?

    Sounds great to me. Are you including the shakes into your 50oz of water? If so, you probably want to focus a bit more on hydration. Remember, frat priority is hydration, then protein. You are doing great though!!
  4. O.T.R. sleever

    I Want to be Regular

    Probiotics are really only useful if your digestive tract has for some reason lost the bacteria supply to properly digest foods. If you suspect this then 1 box of probiotics is more than sufficient. They are rarely actually needed, but they don't really hurt(except in the wallet) to take them either.
  5. O.T.R. sleever

    Restriction question

    There are quite a few of us that experience NO restriction with liquids. It really does make recovery nice. I assure you, once you start eating dense proteins YOU WILL NOTICE.
  6. O.T.R. sleever

    I can't pick a Dr! Help!

    Just to add to your confusion, check out this thread http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/55174-all-things-dr-ponce-de-leon/
  7. O.T.R. sleever


    Ok, really. You are talking about eating them right? Depends on how far out you are
  8. O.T.R. sleever


    I think I'd be asking where they came from.
  9. O.T.R. sleever

    Yes Whey (not New Whey) Protein Shots Review

    Their powders are' date=' their Protein shots on the other hand Notice the first ingredient in the protein blend, Hydrolyzed Collagenic Protein Isolate, unusable by the human body.
  10. O.T.R. sleever

    Abercrombie and fitch gets what they deserve!

    Like the borderline soft core child porn in their catalogs wasn't enough...
  11. O.T.R. sleever


    At 7weeks you aren't at any real risk of harming yourself. Just be careful how much you have and make sure to include the calories of the olive oil into your calculation. Oils are almost pure fat. I'd recommend going air popped or getting the 100calorie pre measured microwave bags.
  12. O.T.R. sleever

    Am I going to die ... ?

    YES, you are going to die. I'm pretty sure this will not be the cause, and hopefully it will be quite some time before that day comes. There really isn't much you do at this point. It will pass through your system like it has in the past. You'll be fine.
  13. O.T.R. sleever

    benefits of coconut water?

  14. O.T.R. sleever

    how do I post my pic in my profile?

    Click the more tab at bottom of your screen then go to profile. Then touch where your pic should be, it will open an option to post from your photo album.
  15. O.T.R. sleever

    benefits of coconut water?

    http://amzn.com/B004OVWQDA That's the one I use.
  16. O.T.R. sleever

    benefits of coconut water?

  17. O.T.R. sleever

    how do I post my pic in my profile?

    Are you using a PC or a mobile device?
  18. O.T.R. sleever

    Sports Bras!