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  1. O.T.R. sleever

    Paying and this site

    Yes I'm sure if you'd like a premium membership the will be a fee. However if you chose not to subscribe to premium you would still have full access to the forum just not the premium features. In all likelihood standard membership(free) would not change much from what you experience now.
  2. O.T.R. sleever


  3. O.T.R. sleever

    Paying and this site

    Alex NEVER said anything about charging to use the site. He said "premium memberships" are soon to come. Typically premium memberships are not much more than ad free viewing and maybe a few extra smilies. He is finding ways to give people the ad free viewing they want and at the same time continue to generate the revenue needed to maintain the servers this forum rides on and pay for all the bandwidth we all consume. And really for all he has provided would it be so bad for there to be a few dollars left for him to enjoy?
  4. Are you on an LTE (4G) connection?
  5. The app itself really doesn't use much battery, the fact that the 10" Retina Display is on for multiple hours straight is what's burning through your battery.
  6. O.T.R. sleever

    handling negative WLS opinions

    The difference is that in Mexico you are most likely going to get a surgeon who has multiple times the experience, also you won't be dealing with a medical industry that has a God complex. From my experience on this forum, you will likely have less chance of complications, and if you do have any you will have a much more attentive medical staff. I really do not fault the surgeons themselves for this, I see it primarily as a condition caused by a litigious society and an insurance system that forces doctors into an attitude of self preservation before anything else.
  7. O.T.R. sleever


    If I were a betting man I'd wager on you being about 200lbs in mid September.
  8. Chia seeds you should be at least 6weeks post op before adding. I add 2 tbsp of chia to each of my Protein drinks. Hemp is a powdering use it to make a protein smoothie with. My recipe changes a bit from time to time, but currently it is 4oz mango purée (Naked) 8oz coconut Water 4tbsp hemp protein (Nutiva 15g) 2tbsp Nectar® fuzzy navel 1tsp KyoGreen (optional) (also tastes horrible)
  9. O.T.R. sleever

    is this bad?

    There are worse things to be addicted to.
  10. O.T.R. sleever

    Drinking water; long term prognosis.

    No, sipping isn't a permanent thing. Heck for many of us sipping never was an issue. It really does just depend on how much your sleeve swells & how long it takes for the swelling to go down. I'll be 1year post op in 3days & I can drink a liter of water quite comfortably in 10-15 minutes.
  11. O.T.R. sleever

    In need of food help

    Make sure you are getting plenty of hydration. Chia will absorb lots of moisture.
  12. O.T.R. sleever

    In need of food help

    Try mixing 2tbsp of chia seed into your protein shake. That'll really help you getting regular again.
  13. It does take time. Your skin unfortunately shrinks more slowly than your fat stores do. But the good news is that it will continue to keep shrinking for 2 years, sometimes longer. And yes, we are our worst critic. We see every flaw. Do you have before pictures? Take some current pics, even if you don't show anybody else. When you lay them side by side, you will be amazed how far you have come.
  14. O.T.R. sleever

    how to reset your metabolism with excersize and food?

    1g protein per pound is based on lean body weight. Use your height and factor a BMI of 21-23 that will get you close to your lean body weight. Personally I think that 1g/lb is a bit high for anybody that is not a professional athlete, but I'll leave that one alone because though more than you need, it really won't hurt.
  15. O.T.R. sleever

    what to look for

    I don't really worry to much about fat levels. My general rule of thumb is that I do not want my total daily calories to be over 12.5 times the grams of protein I've consumed. Earlier in the process I used 10X. You do however want to monitor the types of fats you are consuming. Try to minimize saturated fats, red meats are one of the worst fats & should be used sparingly. If you are getting your fats from beans, nuts,avocado, olives, fish, etc. then I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  16. O.T.R. sleever

    any suggestions on alternatives to coffee?

    If you are looking for a natural boost, when I was juicing, I learned that adding the juice from 1/2 bunch of parsley to a morning drink will have you bouncing off the walls.
  17. Yes, hemp is a high fiber complete protein. The fiber will absorb moisture & carry it into the intestine. Chia gels to accomplish the same thing, and it's packed with micronutrients & antioxidants.
  18. O.T.R. sleever

    Bougie Size?

    One thing that seems to be missed throughout this thread is, smaller is not better. Small sleeves tend to be more susceptible to complications. Very small sleeves have twisted inside the body, and also are more likely to have problems with acid reflux. This is one of the primary reasons you almost never hear of a 28 or 30 being used anymore. I think the best advice is to make sure you are very comfortable with the surgeon you have chosen, & trust that he/she will make the best decision.
  19. I prefer to treat this problem with hemp protein & chia seed. All that fiber will keep things moving.