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  1. Unfortunately not many UK peeps, but there are a few Aussies. Pretty much the same thing, right? Anyhow, good luck. Hope you get your news soon.
  2. O.T.R. sleever

    Lime, Shrimp and Avocado Salad

    If you take that an add a 50/50 mixture of clam juice & spicy hot V8 you have a quick & easy Mexican shrimp cocktail. I love the stuff.
  3. Y'all really should try not to tempt me with threads like this.
  4. O.T.R. sleever

    I miss my vodka!

  5. O.T.R. sleever

    Not all H2O is created equal

  6. O.T.R. sleever

    Mayday mayday mayday! :-)

    Whoa!!! I missed this thread. Well, today is 1 year for me, and I'm doing great!!! DOS 289 Current 184 I've lost 105 lbs in 1 year, I want to lose another 30-40lbs this year.
  7. O.T.R. sleever

    I miss my vodka!

  8. O.T.R. sleever

    I miss my vodka!

    I had my first alcoholic beverage 6weeks post op. WARNING, alcohol takes affect much quicker now. Pre op I could easily have 6-8shots before getting buzzed. At 6weeks 2shots & I was walking crooked. And it was a roller coaster ride. I'd be drunk 1 minute then a few minutes later feel nothing then buzzed again with nothing more to drink. It was crazy. Enjoy yourself, but even if you feel completely sober, do not drive,
  9. O.T.R. sleever

    Not all H2O is created equal

    If you live out west, or extreme southeast you are lucky. Arrowhead & Zepherhills are both high ph waters with ph levels of 7+. Us unlucky Midwesterners have to pay a premium for high ph Water. Ozarka, the nestle brand spring water where I live is acidic showing a ph of 5.8. http://www.comfytummy.com/2010/06/21/ph-levels-of-bottled-water/
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    how to reset your metabolism with excersize and food?

    Precor C956i Treadmill http://bit.ly/12ykdfA Here's a listing on eBay for 5 of them @ 1200 ea in LA
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    No longer invisible, and that's what I wanted, I thought ...

    A bit of insight. The vast majority of us guys have a built in need to protect. If you are ever in a situation where you feel threatened, simply pick a guy and tell him that you are uncomfortable. He will do whatever is needed to ensure your safety. Our natural instinct is to provide & protect, and we will walk away feeling better about ourselves. There is a reason that Boy Scouts walked little old ladies across the streets in days gone by. It wasn't because she really needed it, it's because it gave the young man a sense of pride & service. The unfortunate reality is men aren't allowed to be men anymore. Give us permission to be men, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Yes, there are a few exceptions out there. But for every one self important jack ass out there there are at least 10 men just begging for a chance to destroy that ones whole world. Reality is, you really do not have to learn how to deal with us, you simply need to give us permission to be who we really are. This in no way is intended to steer you away from learning to defend yourself, I actually believe that is a great idea. I think all women should do what they can to make themselves less of a target.
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    Or sugar free jello
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    how to reset your metabolism with excersize and food?

    Get an iPad mount and watch a episode of Grey's Anatomy or Revenge. It's a perfect timer.
  14. Wow, do I really not want to admit this. But, I did it, I had a relapse. For a few weeks I was eating candy and ice cream on a daily basis. Somewhere in the area of 2000 calories a day worth of candy bars & ice cream. That's plus my salads and Proteins. I'm really ashamed of myself, not because I had relapse, that's just part of life for an addict. We are really good at justifying our addictions and tripping ourselves up. My shame comes from the fact that I let my pride get I the way of my recovery. I should have come here and told my sleeve family when I realized it was a problem. I knew it was a problem less than 1 week into it, but I couldn't bring myself to admitting it to you. About a week ago I got on the scale & had gained back 7-8lbs. I was so disappointed in myself. I am back on a very strict diet, let me assure you getting back on track is much harder when you don't have a fresh staple line to scare you into following the rules. The total disgust I felt looking at that number on he scale was enough to put me back on the straight and narrow. But let me tell you from experience, stay mindful of what you eat. There have always been 2 schools of thought on eating post VSG, the "what's best" & the "what's acceptable". This experience has assured me even more the I belong in the "what's best" crowd. I really need to focus on my health because "acceptable" for me quickly turns into overindulgence. I feel I need to apologize to you, my sleeve family for not being open about this when it happened.
  15. O.T.R. sleever

    My confession. I fell of the wagon

    Thank you everybody. I'm doing a lot better, my weight is headed in the right direction again. My biggest problem again is remembering to eat & drink enough. Most days I'm good but maybe once a week ill get preoccupied & just not eat or drink anything all day (except my morning shake). Never thought not eating would be my problem
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    Yes, there have been cases where the surgeon failed to remove all the fundus. This has resulted in patients needing to be "resleeved". However I have never heard any sleeve even improperly formed stretching so much as to handle an entire large pizza in one sitting (I'm pretty sure a large is 10-12 slices). Not saying its impossible, but if it did happen, I think someone would have a malpractice case.
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    Facebook is a very different business model with a much broader audience. It makes billions off of games & advertisement. Not to mention all of your information that is sold by Facebook. I'd really hate to see this turn into anything that remotely resembles Facebook.
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    Refer to my post just before yours.
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    It was a joke. NO, YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO PAY TO USE THE FORUM. Right now the forum is supported by advertisements. Some people do not want to see those ads. So for a fee those people will be able to utilize the site ad free. Offering a Premium membership changes nothing for most users. It offers an enhanced experience for those who are interested in it.