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  1. My goal is to be healthy and still maintain some muscle mass I still have a way to go, but I don't think I'm doing too badly considering I'm still recovering from knee surgery, thus my exercise is limited. Hope this helps someone. For those who don't know, I started at almost 300lbs. And in almost no notable muscle.
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    differing opinions

    I try not to disagree with people's surgeons, but I have to here. Immediately after surgery your only concern should be hydration. Protein is nice, but not getting protein won't land you in the hospital with dehydration. For God sakes, you are in Arizona. Once you are getting 60oz of fluids (Water, Powerade zero, or other very low or no calorie drinks) the add protein as you can tolerate it. Many people, like myself never experience any restriction on liquids & can get hydration & protein very quickly. Others however sometimes take over 2 weeks just to progress to the point of full hydration. You want to make this progression as quickly as you comfortably can, but do not push yourself to the point of discomfort.
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    Firstly let me say, you look great. I didn't read the entire thread, so forgive me if this has already been suggested, but, are you eating enough? If you are still you are still trying to lose weight by restricting caloric intake & exercise, then you are going to call me crazy. At this point in the game , your body has adapted to surviving on low calories. You need to calculate your base metabolic rate & add your caloric burn to it. Then bring your caloric intake up to at least that number for about a month. This will convince your body that it is being well nourished & it will quit holding tightly to fat stores. Then you can go back yo the pouch test or any other calorie restrictive diet you choose. You'll notice that then & only then will your body release the fat stores. If you don't reach your goal in 2-3 weeks bring your calories back up and repeat the cycle.
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    Protein Shakes?

    I'm going to respond to this I a few hours.
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    15 months post op (PICS)

    Umm no, last I was told there are no more mods here only a couple Admins. Of course that could have changed in the last couple months & I wouldn't be aware of it.
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    Sorry sweetness. Just the talk of bacon, potatoes, gravy, butter, etc turns me off. But I do appreciate the flowers
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    15 months post op (PICS)

    Thank you err body.
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    Is this directed at me? If so you read something into my post that wasn't there.
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    84 pounds gone!

    Whoo hooo!!! Sexy sexy.
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    74 lbs gone

    Great job! Another Onederland resident
  11. Welcome to Onederland. You do know that pics are a requirement though. Right?
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    This place never changes...
  13. I ate like a pig for at least a month before my surgery. Lots of people will tell you that Food Funerals are a bad thing. Personally now at 15 months post op I can't see where it harmed me at all. I think I'm doing well.
  14. I've got a major regret. I didn't do it years ago.
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    Don't worry, you won't have to read my posts much longer.
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    I told you so!!!!
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    Price? Negotiable?

    I'm not in the UK, but there is an old saying, "money talks". If you have the cash to prepay the surgery everything is negotiable. .
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    300 to 500 calories?

    You might consider only using 1scoop of your isopure powder. Your body cannot absorb more than 30 grams of protein in a sitting.
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    My mid morning snack (get out of my head)
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    Quinoa, can we?

    If you are a fan of Quinoa (I am) I highly recommend checking out Feed Adam. It's a a project that focuses on teaching women in empoverished areas to farm small portions of land. The organization purchaces the premium product these ladies produce at a premium price allowing them to provide for their families and retain their dignity. How does this relate to this thread? The product they are working with is Quinoa. Not only can you feel good for helping an organization like this, it's also the cheapest place I've found to get Quinoa. http://feedadam.com/mobile/products.php?menuid=13