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  1. nancymm

    Im 5 days post op..

    I am 4 days post op and I have not felt hunger since Friday morning I know I probably soon will but as for now I am good!!!
  2. nancymm

    Any Dec 13 Sleevers?

    I looked I can not find this........and I would love to join!!! I am getting sleeved on 12-14
  3. Congrats happy for ya keep the updates coming. My date is the 14th.
  4. One week from today I am so excited and somewt motivated since im down 5 pounds since I started preop diet Tuesday!
  5. nancymm

    one week!

    Thanks same to you! Keep me posted! Let me know what to expect if you are up to it!
  6. nancymm

    Any Dec 13 Sleevers?

    Day 5 of my pre-op diet and down five pounds so I hope the liver is shrinking like it should. 5 more days til surgery....
  7. nancymm

    Any Dec 13 Sleevers?

    I am the 14th also
  8. Yeah the hoo ha thing I can not wait til I can see it again lol
  9. nancymm

    Any Dec 13 Sleevers?

    Great news good luck to all
  10. So in the morning is my preop appointment and I am so excited qnd nervous! I will be starting my high protein low carb liquid diet I assume!!!! So 10 days until surgery I can not wait to start the beginning of my happy ending! Any of you special peoples got good advice or tips for this rookie?
  11. Yes that plays a big part in it for me! I am very heavy! But I have already got the spinach and vitamins i am not letting this rain on mg parade! And thanks!!!
  12. nancymm

    Help! I'm Starving!

    I too am supposed to be sleeved 12-14 I started preop diet today!
  13. Well great I am anemic!! To low for surgery! Got infusion and some more iron building to do by 12-12 please keep ya fingers crossed for me please
  14. nancymm

    Any Dec 13 Sleevers?

    I am sitting at my surgeon's office now watching a seminar and it seems more real and I am having mixed emotions too!
  15. nancymm

    Any Dec 13 Sleevers?

    I was going to get married 12-12-12 but I cannot even attempt to fit in my wedding dress....
  16. nancymm

    Hgh Versus Sleeve

    I myself also did this and lost weight! Stopped then failed!
  17. How about not being able to bend over to tie ur shoes?
  18. nancymm

    Big News!

    Good for you!!! Great news!
  19. nancymm

    Any Dec 13 Sleevers?

    I am December 14th and I am super excited!!!
  20. nancymm

    Surgery Date!

    CONGRATS to you I have finally got one myself the 14th and I have been waiting 15 months....Couldn't think of one thing id rather have for Christmas...
  21. nancymm

    Back To Work

    K so I just wanted to ask everyone for some information....how long after your surgery did you return to work or feel you could return?
  22. nancymm

    Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

    Congrats good luck I'm happy for you keep us posted!!!!
  23. Yeah u will be completely out I was freaked out by it too....but it will be fine
  24. nancymm

    July Sleevers

    Site I meant stupid iPhone auto correct...I am on here more than Fb now!

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