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    Good Luck!
    I'm being banded tomorrow as well and completely understand - I'm so excited and SSSOOOOO nervous!
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    Yes the SWLC here is connected to the one in Mississauga, ON. That's who I am going through with Dr.Cobourn. Dr.Mitchells office will be in charge of my follow-up and fills afterwards.
    Our pre-ops are very similar. I am very glad we get coffee! I have a 7 month old baby and I need to be able to function!
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    Nora B reacted to thighhigh in June 27Th...yikes!!   
    Congrats! I tried for years through AHS / former CHR and was never chosen. I've decided to take matters into my own hands but I know how hard it is to get approved so I am super happy for you. Also, we have the same band date! I'm due June 27 but having the procedure in Ontario. Band Buddies?
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    Just 2 words. STAY COMMITED
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    Nora B got a reaction from thighhigh in June 27Th...yikes!!   
    Selected through the Weight Management program through AHS in Calgary and my surgery date is June 27th!!! So excited and a tiny bit nervous. Having my 'last supper' this evening and start the two week pre-op diet tomorrow. Guess I'll lose a few more pounds before the 27th.......lol.
    Any words of advice or inspirational words to make it through the next two weeks would be great.

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