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  1. Lasal,

    You should make sure your band hasn't slipped, after vomiting that much it could be possible. I am surprised your dr. didn't check that. I have a 14cc band and am filled 9cc's, I had to have some removed at 9 1/2 cc's because I got things stuck a lot and it was not pretty. As you can imagine very uncomfortable.. I had the vomiting like you. He did check me to see if I damaged the band or it slipped and it was fine. But I am glad he checks. As for restrictions, well its not just the band that restricts, you have to restrict yourself at some point too. My weight has not moved in months, I am frustrated, but happy at the weight I am at, would love to lose 10 more, but I am healthier now then ever. Good luck with it.

  2. I eat out once a week (girls night out). I usually order an appetizer, if I do order a meal which is rare, I take 1/2 home & most times my daughter or son will eat it. I don't eat bread, or rice most everything else. Just smaller portions. I do however get an "drink". It has really affected me as I know my belly is smaller, it hits me quick. I need to be careful.

  3. I am at 8cc's, was at 9 and it was too much for me. Yeah, the band is a tool, its not a magical instrument that loses weight for you. You have to work at it. Exercise is a big key to losing. You have to change your life style. I eat on a bread size plate, no more large dinner plates for me. Start like that, think about what YOU put in your mouth. It doesn't happen overnight, it takes work on your part & want for a healthier thinner you. Think positive & read whatever you can to help you. It will be a year for me May 22, ! I feel great!!!!!!!! Best of luck to all of you!

  4. I also went over the top on fills. I went up to 9cc's, way to much!!!!!!!!!! I was throwing up whatever I ate, not good! I let it go for a month. Not a good idea. I went back and am down to 8cc's, I feel good! I feel like its where I am supposed to be. It will be my lap band birthday for a year since my surgery on May 22, 2012~~~~ :D I am so glad I did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still following all the rules!!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being able to buy clothes now and just bought a bathing suit! I have lost 43 lbs as of today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all of you too!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up! I think I may have to change my weight loss ticker!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I made the right decision for me. I am thrilled with my lapband, thrilled with the technicians that fill me. They never told me what to lose. My body just lost it. Its definately a mind thing too. Your mind has to be made up that you want to be healthy & eat the right foods. Its work, its following the rules, its not drinking after a meal, which I find isn't easy but i do it! I love being able to wear smaller clothes, more styish clothes, its worth it!!

  6. I have been banded since May 22, 2012. I started losing before I got banded to get a head start, well 2 months later & I have lost 30lbs!

    I feel so good, feel so healthy, I am in awe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been so busy I haven't posted in awhile. The lap band is a wonderous thing!

    I am a Diabetic & am already off 2 insulins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also off acid reflux medication yaaaaaaaaaaaa!