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  1. Welcome! The liquid diet to me was harder than post-op, but I kept focusing on the fact it is temporary and it too will pass. You will get to eat again. This will all be worth it in the end. I looked at a lot of success stories while I was on pre-op and that helped me. I also stayed out of the kitchen.
  2. mrspopeye

    Glad To Be On This Forum.

    Welcome! It's is great place. You will always find someone who is going through what you are going through.
  3. mrspopeye

    Ready To Give Up.....

    It is only temporary. You have come to far!!!! Keep the faith.
  4. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    I stayed on my heating pad for days. I even took it to work. Mine disappeared on about day 8 or 9 post op.
  5. mrspopeye

    New To This

    I was banded in 5/14 and on post op day 8 and 9, it was like everything went away and by the end of the 2nd week, I can eat almost normally now. I want a fill bad now!
  6. mrspopeye

    Shoulder Pain?

    It is from the carbon dioxide gas that they pump into you during surgery, so that the surgeon will have more room to work. This is how they are able to do the procedure without large incisions. It lingers after the surgery for a few days. It irritates the phrenic nerve in the diaphragm which radiates to the shoulder.
  7. I think she means a frittata to be like an omlette or quiche, which would be full of protein. Sounded like more British verbiage since she also used the word tinned instead of canned, which we would be more likely to say here in America. Saw that the original posters from Melbourne. You may be thinking of a fritter, where one would deep fry or bake something in dough or pastry. Just a thought.
  8. mrspopeye

    Tomorrow My Big Day

    Good luck you will do fine. It's not that bad.
  9. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    You are going to do great. It will be easier than you think. I'm 2 wks post op and I feel pretty normal now.
  10. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    She makes a good point. I did not have a hiatal hernia repair.
  11. mrspopeye


    I want to see my feet again when standing. I want to cut and paint my own toenails instead of having my husband do it. I want to shop in the regular clothes section. I want to feel comfortable on a plane or stadium seat. I want to cross my legs. I want to fit comfortably in a restaurant booth. I want to fit comfortably in a regular restroom stall instead of the handicapped one. I want to ride in a rollercoaster again. I dont want to be the fattest person in the room. (And I thought I was the only one!) I want to live a long and healthy life.
  12. mrspopeye

    Barrium Esophogram Yuck!

    OMG! Just when it did not seem something could go from bad to worse. They need to make in Ranch flavored then.
  13. You are going to do fabulous! Keep the faith.
  14. mrspopeye


    Good luck to you! it is just around the corner. It will be here before you know it.
  15. I lke the Pure Protein shakes- they have 35 gm of protein. The chocolate has 4 carbs, strawberry has 2 carbs and the banana has 1 carb. I got mine at vitaminshoppe.com.
  16. mrspopeye

    Air In Shoulders And Chest

    Heating pad was my best friend. It will pass- mine lasted til about Day 8-9 post-op.
  17. mrspopeye

    1 Year Bandiversary-Formally Njgirl32

    Congratulations on your many successes!
  18. I told my husband, my mom and dad, and my 2 daughters. My oldest daughter told her best friend without my permission and I prompty sat her down and told her that it was not her secret to share. I think she understands now. I just recently told only one co-worker who is obese herself and I knew would be understanding. It is a privacy thing to me- I work in health care and it really does add another level of difficulty and problems if everyone knows. I told my boss I was having female surgery and I knew he would not ask questions if I said that.
  19. Please tell me this gets better!!! I am 13 days post op and I do feel like a bear who just came out of hibernation for the winter. Only managed to lose 1 lb this week so far- I guess I should be happy.
  20. My surgeon's group is strict about carb intake- eating high protein is obviously a must, but maybe you could try lower carb for a while and see if that jump starts you again. They also told me if the weight loss plateaus then I go back to pre-op diet too.
  21. mrspopeye

    No Change

    I know how you feel- I am filling up on protein and following the dr. diet verbatim- but I'm always hungry. But, I have NO restriction- 0 in my band. Bandster hell is not fun. So looking foward to a fill!!
  22. mrspopeye

    Exercise Exercise Exercise

    You are so right! I HAVE to get a plan soon. I am already stalling in my weight loss.
  23. mrspopeye

    Travel After Surgery?

    Just based on my own experience, I would not have wanted to travel on Day 3. Still too sore, gas pains were still pretty bad then too.
  24. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    I think it may be normal for a while- seems like I have to start from zero and build up stamina again. I know just how you feel- I have got to exercise more now that I am feeling better. No more excuses for me!
  25. mrspopeye

    Get Your Protien Paid For !

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing.