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  1. mrspopeye

    Skin, Scars And Single Inscision

    I have 5 incision scars that are all quite small. I was banded with a bmi of 48.
  2. mrspopeye

    Went To Macys Today And...

    Ooh you go girl!
  3. Honesty is just fine. No one said this was easy. But look at you- almost reached your goal anyway. Good for you!
  4. mrspopeye

    Summer Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ mrspopeye Goal weight for June 30th~ 266.5 Weight on May 31st~ 276.5 Age~ 38 Dietary goal for June~ survive til I get my 1st fill on June 14th! Exercise goal for June~ walk 3 miles every other day Personal goal for June~ clean my house of clutter Date banded~ May 14, 2012 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 33lbs since starting this journey Apr 2nd favorite summer activity~ go to the drive in movie and sit under the stars
  5. mrspopeye

    Out To Eat

    Check out this site: exercise4weightloss.com and then click on restaurants. It is geared toward weight watchers but it is a fabulous site for restaurant nutritional facts in one place. I always consult it on my iPad before ordering.
  6. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    Saw the doc this am for 2 wk postoperative visit. I was down 22 lbs from the preop visit 4 wks ago and down 9 lbs since surgery. I really wanted a fill but he says 1 month out in order to be fully healed. So, bandster hell for at least 2 more weeks. I've come this far. Can't screw up now.
  7. mrspopeye

    Walking 2 Miles

    Awesome! Good for you!
  8. mrspopeye

    What Exercise Do You Suggest??

    My port is in the same place yours is. I was banded recently by Dr. Spaw in the same group with your doc. They must like to put the port there for some reason. I'm going to ask him at my appt today. I agree with the folks that suggested leg exercIses to work the lower abs first. My husband and I are going to enlist a personal trainer as soon as I recover a little more and this is one of the first things I'm going to ask about. I'll let you know what the trainer says.
  9. mrspopeye

    Surgery Morning

    Best of luck to you. It will be easier than you think.
  10. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    Why would he talk bad to you? You have accomplished a lot to get this far.
  11. Welcome Trina! You will find a lot of support here. Good luck on your journey.
  12. mrspopeye

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    Yay! Met my 10% goal at weigh-in last night. I was so excited. 31 pounds lost in under 2 months!
  13. mrspopeye

    Someone Noticed!!!!!!

    That's great. Way to go.
  14. Yes, That was true for me. On about post op day 9 or 10, I could get in the 64oz daily water requirement pretty easily. I can do 80oz now, which is what I was doing prior to surgery. I don't have a fill at all though, so I suspect that will change some when I do.
  15. mrspopeye

    Got My First Fill Today...

    That's great! I cant wait to get my first fill. I feel like a bottomless pit!
  16. Awesome! Way to go!
  17. mrspopeye

    5 Weeks Post Op

    Awesome! You go girl.
  18. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    I'm totally with you- feels like nothing has happened at all now. Bandster hell is not fun! My 1st follow up appt is Thursday the 31st- I'm going to ask if he will give me even a little fill since I have nothing at all, but he may wait til 4 wks post-op.
  19. mrspopeye

    I Am Down 60 Lbs

    That is great! Congratulations.
  20. mrspopeye

    Plus No More

    Yay for you!
  21. mrspopeye

    3Rd Fill Today!

    When was your surgery? I am so anxious to get my first fill- I am running on pure willpower right now!
  22. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    Now that I have read this they are really itching now...
  23. Day 6 or 7 was my worst days, fortunately better days were right around the corner. I still cannot sleep reaaly comfortably on my left side. I called the doc also and was told it was just gas pains.
  24. mrspopeye

    2 Year Band Anniversary!

    Wow! Great story. Thanks for being an inspiration to others.
  25. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    You will do great. It will be over with so quickly. The anesthesiologist put in my IV and he numbed it up first, maybe you could ask them to do that for you also.