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  1. mrspopeye

    When Did Your Gas Go Away?

    Mine went away mostly on day 9 post-op, then completly by Day 10. Seems like it got worse before it got better there at the end. Heating pad was my best friend.
  2. mrspopeye

    Port Location

    Mine is just under the sternum- my surgeon says easier to access, less likely to flip. I do have to say that the 1st fill was a breeze to me because of that.
  3. mrspopeye

    Single Digit Dress Size!

    Way to go! Good for you.
  4. I had this pain until about Day 10 post op and it just went away on its own. The only thing that truly helped me was a heating pad. I used it constantly.
  5. I could not have done it one day post-op.
  6. mrspopeye

    I Walked Away

    You go girl!! Good for you.
  7. Well, yesterday marked the 3 month anniversary of this journey for me, and I am THRILLED to be down 48 pounds! I have dreamed of the day I could write something on the success stories thread because I spent a whole lot of time reading here during the dreaded pre-op diet, the post-op gas pains, and the bandster hell period to help remind me that this will be worth it in the end. I can say so far that I absolutely do not regret this decision. On Thursday, March 15th, I went to the plus size clothing store on my lunch break to find something to wear for a college preview day my daughter I would be attending that weekend. I left the store nearly in tears. Even a 26 was tight and everything made me look like I was wearing a tent. Right there in the parking lot, it felt like I was hit by a bolt of lightning and "get a Lap Band" just came to my mind out of nowhere. I truly believe it was one of the "God moments" for me. Over the next two weeks, I researched all I could on this and how I could make it happen. I learned that I would have to give up my 2 liter a day diet soda addiction because carbonated drinks stretch the pouch. I was pretty certain I was going to use one particular surgeon with a great success record, and he requires under 50 net carbs a day. OMG! How would I ever do that? I thought I would just eat the same as always, just a lot less, and I have to eat slower, chew how many times, and not drink with or after meals?? I wasn't sure how I would be successful but I knew I couldn't keep going this direction, and I was feeling my rock bottom. Knowing I had to kick to soda and do the initial "carb detox", I decided to do get a jump on the pre-op diet and go back to Weight Watchers, so that I do not have to deal with such a drastic change all at once, and I am glad I did. So, on April 2nd, I went back to WW, with goals of getting off soda, cutting carbs and getting a new mindset. I did this for 1 month prior to starting the pre-op diet and that made the pre-op diet a little more tolerable and jump started my weight loss. I has initially lost 12 lbs by the time I had the 1st visit with the surgeon. On May 14th I was banded, everything went well. No Fluid was put into my band during surgery. After the intial swelling went down, I felt like I could eat a house, and I struggled with this til I got my first fill on June 14th. I even gained a couple of pounds and this was so discouraging. Even though I was following the carb and Protein guidelines, I decided I was eating too much fat and calories, so I started tracking 5 things about everything I ate: WW points, fat, calories, carbs and protein, and I weighed everyday and wrote in on my log (a simple MS Word table). The negative feedback of a weight gain motivates me personally. If I stall, I can easily see what the problem food was and avoid it next time. This has been the most successful thing for me and I am learning to live with and work with the band. It is a huge priority for me to write everything down. Instead of pouting and wondering what I did wrong, I can easily identify it, learn from it and move on. Since I have done this, the weight has literally fallen off. So, yesterday, July 2nd, was officially 3 months since I walked back in WW with my head hanging low. I walked in with my head held high and stepped on the scale to see a 48 pound loss. It was more than I ever imagined. I'm so glad I had that God moment in the parking lot that day.
  8. Just do it! I pondered about it for 8 years- hate that I waited all that time. Best decision I ever made.
  9. mrspopeye

    Eating Too Much

    They have a support group the first Tuesday of every month that meets at 5:30pm in the waiting room. The next one is August 7th. Last month, they had 2 female plastic surgeons come speak about options for skin removal, etc. It was very good. Once you attend one, you can list your email address and they will send you reminders. It is interesting how each doctor does things differently. In the pre-op diet class, there were 2 patients of Dr. Morton's who were having the Lap Band with plication and then me, who sees Dr. Spaw, and who does not do pilcation. So, the nutritionist would have to go back and forth and say things like- Dr. Morton wants under 25 net carbs a day, but I then could have 25-50. That is quite interesting. I wonder if they keep up with how successful the different diet recommendations are.
  10. mrspopeye

    Super Excited

    Good for you! i cant wait til I'm there.
  11. mrspopeye

    Eating Too Much

    I have only been banded since May 14th, but I certainly had to "reset" after all the swelling went down from surgery, but before I got my 1st fill- I felt like I could eat a house. I actually started to gain some weight back and I was just NOT going to have that after everything I had been through. I followed by carb and Protein recommendations exactly- so I was quite frustrated. I decided to track everything that went into my mouth and my daily weight. Well, I soon discovered I must be eating too many calories and fat, so I cut back on that until I figured out what my limits were and still could lose. Since then, it has been much easier. and I have lost more weight than I thought possible. I made a simple table from MS Word and that is what I use to track, so if I do gain, I can look back and easily identify the problem food(s), learn from it and MOVE ON. I see that Dr. McDowell was your surgeon- mine was done by Dr. Spaw in the same group, and I live near Nashville too. I also like their support groups. What is you carb limit per day? Mine is 25-50 net carbs. I know Dr. Morton's patients are told <25gm net carbs daily. Just curious. Godd luck to you!
  12. I think I got 2.8 cc.
  13. mrspopeye

    3 Months Into This Journey

    Thanks for the uplifting comments. I do like Weight Watchers- but I primarily do it to keep my husband going to the meetings- he would not if I did not go with him. I like the accountabilty thing too and I like our leader, who has lost 190 lbs herself. I did not tell them I got a Lap Band and do not plan to. I think they are kind of anti-surgery, which stands to reason because that contradicts what service they are selling. Someone brought it up in our meeting once and they got a chilly reception to the idea. The band is only a tool, just like WW is a tool- I still have to do the work in my food choices. I follow my doctor's diet recommendations more than just counting points, but I always come in way under anyway. I could eat 3000 calories in milkshakes, chips and candy if I really wanted. But I want the weight loss more. The more I lose, the better I feel, and the more motivated I get.
  14. mrspopeye

    Start Weight 295 Current Weight 174

    WoW! Thaks for being an inspiration to others.
  15. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    Where is your port located? Mine is right under my breastbone about an inch below the scar. Glad ot hear all the May Bandsters are doing so well! I'm down 18lbs since surgery May 14th.
  16. mrspopeye

    Time Off?

    I had mine on a Monday and we back on Thursday and did fine. Did not truly feel better til the next Monday, but I was ok for a desk job in 4 days.
  17. mrspopeye

    May Bandsters!

    I got my first fill of June 14th and he put in 2.6cc. I am like you, I do feel slightly more restricted but not the green zone at all. He seems to be very cautious, which I guess is a good thing, but I am so anxious to have true restriction and see some real weight loss.
  18. mrspopeye

    First Fill?

    My surgeon does fills at a minimum of once every 30 days. I had no fill during surgery on May 14th (he says it depends on the way it fits and everyone is different). I had my first fill of 2.8cc on June 14th and I feel a little more restriction than I did, but I am definitely not in the "green zone." I had restriction from the swelling for about 10 days after the surgery, then I was increasingly hungry and by the time I went in for my first fill, it was if nothing ever changed and I could have eaten anything I wanted. I'm not sure why some people feel extra hungry- but I sure did- maybe it was coming off the pre and post op diets and was the first time I seemed normal in 3 weeks. I lost 11 pounds in the 1 month since surgery, but that was the 2wks after, not the 2 wks since and I have struggled not to gain. I do feel more in control with the little Fluid I have than before. It's hard to mentally prepare for the "Bandster Hell" period. It was/is tougher than I thought. The PP that said it is just a diet until you have restriction is 100% correct. It will take a period of time to get there, unfortunately I am impatient. Just being more aware of what to expect should help some. Are you from Nashville? I saw Dr. Olson was your doc. I was banded by Dr. Spaw at Baptist. Good luck to you!
  19. mrspopeye

    So How Honest Were You....

    I told my parents, my husband and 2 daughters and 1 trusted co-worker. That's it and I am happy with this decision. Like someone said, I dont need the food police watching me everytime I eat and others snarking that you only lost weight because of the band. This is highly personal for me and I dont feel compelled to share my private business. I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster anyway with this life altering process anyway and I will only surround myself with positive people. I live in a small town and I think that makes it worse. It is a personal decision and there is no right or wrong answer. Talk it over with people you trust first, then decide for yourself.
  20. So, I'm going for my first fill on June 14th, which cannot come soon enough. Right now I have nothing in my band. My doc states most people need at least 3 fills to start feeling restriction and he does them 1 month apart. I was curious as to why because obviously you get to some point of restriction when you are having a fill, then he says that will not last. He says the fat around the band lessens, thus making the band loose again, and this process is different for everyone. He showed me a pic of my band up close showing this. So my question to all is how many fills did you have before you hit the "sweet spot?"
  21. I am 3 weeks post op and I have lost 12 pounds since surgery as of yesterday .You can see my stats below. Believe me, it is all willpower because I have absolutely no restriction at this point. It feels as if nothing ever happened. I am really looking forward to my first fill on June 14th. 1 month out will be a tough time, maybe just being aware of that will be helpful to you. A lot of people seem taken aback by the "bandster hell" period. I was mentally prepared to a point, but I could still eat a house right now if not for just willpower. I am viewing this as a temporary state, which too shall pass. Everyone is different, though.
  22. mrspopeye


    I too have no restriction at all. I was hoping he might give me fill at my 2 wk post op appt since he didnt put any in at surgery, buy I was told that I need the 4 weeks for all of the swelling to go down. Like the others said- it's all willpower right now and a normal ,expected part of the process. You have come too far at this point- just think of the time until you get a fill as being a temporary state, just like the pre-op diet was, then take it day by day. It will all be worth it in the end.
  23. mrspopeye

    Shortest Time Between Fills?

    My doc will do fills 1month apart.
  24. mrspopeye

    Banded Today June 4Th.

    Yay! Welcome to the banded side.