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  1. My surgery was on Tuesday morning 9/30. I was released from the hospital today. I don't have a lot of pain other the the gas pain that everyone reports. My problem is that I can't keep anything down. Not even Water. Anything I drink makes me sick to my stomach & comes back up. Anyone else have this problem? My doctor says that I shouldn't worry & give it a couple of days. Anyone have any advise.

  2. Well, in two days I will officially be a bandster. My surgery is on Tuesday morning. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM. Somthing tells me that I won't have any trouble waking up in time. I'm not nervous, but I would sure like to get this over with. Thanks to all my fellow bandsters & soon to be bandsters.

  3. I'm a guy, but I read somthing interesting about women's clothing styles. The expensive clothing manufacturers have a scam going concerning women's clothing sizes. According to the article a size 12 in an expensive women's dress is equivalent to a 14 or 16 in more reasonably priced dresses. In this way they get women to buy the more expensive clothing so the feel good about fitting into a smaller size. Is this true? Any of you gals have this experience?

    Lenny D

  4. I'm scheduled for surgery on 9/30/03. I have a question about the liquid diet phase of the post-op period. My work requires that I travel to customers offices, so I'll have to brown bag my lunches on workdays. What do I bring. My docter suggests Carnation Instant Breakfast, but I can't start mixing shakes while I'm on the road. What about Slim Fast cans? They seem to be convenient to travel with. Suggestions appreciated.

    Lenny D

  5. Hi, new member to the group. My surgery date is set for 9/30/03. I'm in the process of getting my pre-surgery tests squared away. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a Veinus Doppler Test, Pulmonary Function Test & pre-admission blood tests. Seems like everyone wants a piece of me. I had a upper endoscopy last week. The admission clerk and the nurse kept asking me if I was there for a colonoscopy. I told the nurse that if one more person asked me that question, I was going to hang a sign on my butt that said "Other End". The test went fine.

    Counting the days!

    Lenny D

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