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  1. Surgury 4/18/ lost 12 pds. first week. Now am on normal food. Can't believe the small amount of food I eat befor I'm full. Did get sick yesterday when I put a hot bite in my mouth. I naturally chewed it a couple of times and then swallowed took a big drink my mouth burned. I will never do that again. It stuck and made me sick. Will spit in napkin if it happens again.

    I'm eating mostly Protein. Did eat two bites of tender asparagus tops and three bites mashed potatoes with my 1/2 pork chop tonight.

    I can't believe how little I eat and am full. Are you guys experiencing the same thing?

  2. I'm just a week post op went in for a checkup today. I drank all day long the liquids will pass through the band so you can drink all the fluids you want of course no shakes soda etc. I lost 12 pounds in a week could not believe it. Also could not believe I was able to stay on a liquid diet all week. Hardest part was watching the rest of the family eat. Most times I went in the other room. I also found it amazing I did not feel hungry. I guess that was the swelling and the protien drinks. Cheers to you. :D

  3. I'm scheduled to have surgury this Friday the 13th yea! I had my pre operative visit this past week and am on a low carb diet to shrink the liver. I love meat so have not found it to hard to follow although yesterday my oldest son showed up with an easter basket filled with Peanut Butter eggs. I ate two and put the basket out for the whole family. I'm really worried about after the surgury and the healing as I tend to not eat all day and then inhale enough for supper to feed two people. I know I do not chew my food well and am concerned. I don't want to make myself sick.

  4. My out of pocket maximum before the insurance pays 100% is 1,650.00 But the insurance pays for not office visits so I have spent an additional 1,000 getting my pre testing done so around 2600. I will also have to pay out of pocket for all my follow up visits. I think the benefits will be well worth it and compared to the cost of weight watcher or nutrisystem foods hopefully this weight loss will be permanent. I have tons of clothes in all sizes so am looking forward to actually being able to wear them!!

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