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  1. I'm 5 weeks post op today, and I can tell you from my experience, it is a whole lot better today than it was 3 weeks ago. Hell It's better than last week. I've started working out since last Monday, I get very thirsty so I take a good size gulp just to have it in my mouth and then just swallow slowly. Usually like to swallows and its down. But it really seems to quench my thirst. Good luck- it gets better and easier!!
  2. Vsg was worse. Child birth- I was pain free in 24 hrs. Vsg pain lasted 2 weeks for me.
  3. luauna


    I make homemade pizzas on lite pitas for the crust. I Used to make em before surgery. My family loves them. I'll be 6 weeks post op in a week, can't wait to make one. I make a butternut squash sauce and use all fresh veges for toppings. Toast it in the conv oven or a toaster oven. So YUMMY!!!
  4. luauna

    South Bay Kaiser

    He did my sleeve on July 23. I really like him. I've had absolutely no complications and hid team is very caring and attentive.
  5. No problem. From what the Dr. says its part of the inside incision healing. You will feel better in no time
  6. Samething happen to me about 2 weeks out, my surgeon said it was normal it will last about 6 weeks or so. I'm 4 weeks out and still have a knot. Grant it It's a lot smaller than it was 2 weeks ago. But still there.
  7. Is it just me? but I have what I relate to having swallowed a pill and it doesn't go down all the way. And it feels like its stuck in my throat. It's really irritating me and It's uncomfortable. Anyone else have this happen? Thx
  8. luauna

    Lump In My Throat.

    lozzard, I hope so.. Cuz that means it will eventually go away. Fingers crossed..
  9. luauna

    Lump In My Throat.

    I'm on Prilosec, and its like a constant chunky feeling, could it be maybe swelling still?? I wonder.... but thank u for your responses.
  10. luauna

    Lump In My Throat.

    I don't think I was clear (sorry), its not really a pill stuck, that's just what it feels like, I only take chewables and sublingual. I'm 4 weeks post op tomorrow.
  11. I was originally set for 4 weeks, but surgeons PA gave me another 3 weeks on Friday.. So I'll have 7 weeks off total. Sleeved July 23, back to work Sept 10.
  12. Someone once told me NEVER EAT your best friend. So I have stopped, I had to realize food wasn't my friend!!!
  13. @jennrus.. that was hilarious, and I know exactly how u feel. I'm almost 2.5 weeks post off, and could not tell u how many times I've dozed off with my phone in my hand!!! Lol
  14. luauna

    -52 Lbs. Before And After

    You look great. Do you mind sharing your eating and workout habits? Thx again for the pics.
  15. I am 15 days post op today. And I feel great except for my big incision is still very swollen and has a big knot and it hurts like Hell about 50% of the time. Dr. Told me Friday its normal and will last about another 2 weeks or so. So my question for u all is, was this normal for most and is there anything I can do to ease the pain/soreness- I'm taking my lortab at night in order to sleep comfortably? Thanks, any comments would be appreciated.
  16. It happens to most of us I think. It happened to me also. I'm 15 days post op today. I'm down 12.6 lbs. But lime u the first almost 7/8 days I stayed at what my weight was thr day of surgery. But u are so full and bloated from all the IV fluids and probably full of the has still. Keep the faith it will happen. Just be sure u get thr protein and water In on a daily. God bless
  17. luauna


    miracle20, haven't heard anything else from you. I'm hoping ur ok. And like someone said, everyone here is great, and willing to help they are also full of info. So whatever ur concerns or questions if you don't get assistance here, please be sure you get it somewhere. Good luck sweety!!
  18. luauna

    So Nauseated 2 Days Out

    Definitely ask for something. I'm 5 days out and i felt the same way the first few days. It does get better... Feel better soon..
  19. luauna

    Pain Pump In Hospital?

    My pain was at about a 9/10 the first day/night, then to about a 8/9. They had me on liquid.Lortab every 3 hours, that made me so sick to my stomach, so then they went to dailauted (spelling ?) in my IV, That worked great. I'm now taking the liquid Lortab at home, and it is great...
  20. luauna


    Not gross at all It's part of the process. No BM for me either. I'm not sure if i have lost anything. I'm so bloated still I have not got on the scale. I have had heartburn pretty bad, and I didn't before surgery Urghhh..
  21. luauna


    Other than the gas how are you feeling? Hope its been an easy transition for you thus far. Are you home from the hospital yet???
  22. luauna


    Walk, walk. Walk. I know everyone says it, but its the nest way to get rid of the air. I wad just sleeved on Monday and the first two days the pain was unreal due to the gas pain. But walking really helped, now its almost completely gone. Welcome to the club and feel better soon!!!
  23. I think SML1977 us right, it must depend on the region. I too am in Riverside, I contacted the wellness dept myself to start the 12week Options classes, completedtbose April 27 and did everythi.g else as far as labs and testing, I just got my sleeve on Monday July 23, so it took me 7 mths total. And it was worth the wait. Good luck and Congrats on your decision... Keep us posted.
  24. luauna

    13 Hours Post Op

    Sorry to hear that, I was sick the first 2 days nausea and vomiting. I know it sucks. I'm actually not taking any vitamins until after my first follow up appt per my Dr and NUT.. Hope it gets easier for you and hope ur feeling better very soon..
  25. luauna

    13 Hours Post Op

    Congrats. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Welcome to the club, I officially joined on July 23..

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