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  1. luauna

    So Cal Sleevers

    Dr. Is Gary Belzburg from Kaiser Southbay
  2. luauna

    So Cal Sleevers

    Bout 2.5 days total. I probably could have stayed until today, BUT yesterday afternoon I was ready to come home and Dr. said I was ok to be released..
  3. luauna

    So Cal Sleevers

    What is ur date again??? Just remember you will probably feel horrible a bit less each day.. I'm only 3 days out, and aside from the gas pain I had the first 2 days and the horrible heartburn yesterday and thru the night, I feel a lot better today, and I'm so excited I did this and even more excited that this part of the journey has begun!!! Good luck, keep me posted on your journey plz!!!
  4. luauna

    So Cal Sleevers

    SF TUMS are really helping though, thank goodness
  5. luauna

    So Cal Sleevers

    Lucky, I've never suffered from heartburn, until now.. Yuk, no bueno.
  6. luauna

    So Cal Sleevers

    I'm in Riverside, Had my surgery on Monday July 23 @ Kaiser Southbay. Feeling ok, very sore and heartburn really bad today. Anyone else in this area?
  7. Is it normal to have that hunger burning sensation in ur stomach when u swallow something? I'm hoping it's just part of the healing process any advise? Thanks
  8. luauna

    Burning Sensation

    I am taking prevaside. I will get some sf runs today to try. Thank u all.
  9. luauna

    Burning Sensation

    Surgeon just came in, I asked him and he says it normal for some ppl. Yay, I get to go home today..
  10. luauna

    Burning Sensation

    What is PPI? And not so much painful, as it reminds me of pre- op whn u would wait too long to eat and u would get that burning hunger feeling in the pit if ur stomach.
  11. luauna

    Burning Sensation

    Sorry, I'm 2 days post op.
  12. luauna


    What's going on Miracle20?
  13. All in all feeling fairly well. The pain in my stomach from the air they pumped in me is worse than anything.. I've been walking, its eased up a bit, but man I wish it would hurry up and go away...
  14. The first day of the rest of my life... I'm so nervous and equally excited, hoping and praying for a smooth surgery and a fairly easy recovery.. I must say reading all of the different stories everyone posted has kept me from losing my mind with worry the last month or so. So thank you to all who have shared their stories...
  15. luauna

    Am I Naughty? (I Need A Woman's Opinion)

    Never do or say anything you would not do or say in the presence of your wife and you will be just fine!!
  16. I'm in awe, you look wonderful. You are an inspiration to the rest of us!!
  17. luauna

    Anyone In Socal Getting Sleeved This Month?

    I live in Moreno Valley getting my sleeve on July 23, PM me ur contact info.
  18. luauna

    Fake Sugar

    The WalMart brand of Splenda taste the same and at half the cost that's all I buy now. But, have u tried honey with maybe a few drops of SF flavored coffee syrups? Just a thought!!!
  19. Congrats, glad ur doing well. And Congrats on your new beginning..
  20. luauna

    July Sleevers?

  21. luauna

    July Sleevers?

    Congrats. Are you home? Still in the hospital? Haven't had mine yet. I have 11 days to go.. But I've read ppl sat walk, walk walk. Feel better soon!
  22. luauna


    The cheapest place I have found Spanx is at Nordstroms Rack at Ontario Mills. They are like $9.00. Awesome deal!!!
  23. luauna

    4 Month Picture

    You look fabulous. You are an Inspiration for the rest of us!!!!
  24. Somedays it feels like the Socal Kaiser process takes a while, but since January I have completed all 12 Options classes, completed all my labs, EKG's, xray, had my appt with Dr. Osana, completed the orientation with the surgeons at Kaiser Southbay, and just today I had my pre-op with Dr. Belzburg (no pre-op diet except the day before) and I have lost an addl 7lbs since I met Dr. Osana on June 11.. And now my surgery day is right around the corner 7/23. My pocess did differ from most whereas I contacted the Preventive Medicine Dept on my own and started the Options classes that way. I did not get a ref from my pcp. But, the time goes by relatively fast and it'll be worth the wait.
  25. luauna

    So Cal Kaiser

    Nope. Your the only one. Keep me posted with your progress. Good luck!!!

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