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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Hello fellow sleevers,

    I was sleeved march 15th 2012 and it was the best decision i made in my life. I lost weight and felt great about myself. Most of all i got pregnant and now have an angelic baby girl. After my pregnancy i gained weight and its now a year in and it's proving to be rather difficult to lose the weight. Currently i'm at 78 kilo's. Pre pregnancy i was at 72 and my goal weight in life is 60. Will i ever get there. Is there any advice any one who has been in my position can give me?

  2. Hey all, i just passed the 2 year surgery mark on the 15th of march and my beautiful baby girl was born on the 5th of march.

    I put on about 22lbs during my pregnancy and so far have lost only 4lbs. I need to get to 143lbs which leaves me with 33lbs to go as i hadnt hit my target weight before i got pregnant.

    I have started excercising but i have noticed i cab eat a lot more than when i just got sleeved.

    Can anyone help me get on track so i can hit target weight and also get back into pre pregnancy clothes. Its not fun not fitting into clothes especially as i had just got a new wardrobe before i fell pregnant as i was finally a notmal size. Something which i hadnt experienced since i was a child.

  3. Thanks madam reverie. I need to find Rj clearly. I need to be geared with all the knowledge so when my dad is back i can keep him positive and as happy as can be. I know for me the liquid food stage was hardest so i cant imagine how it must be being nil by mouth. Thanks for the positive vibes.

  4. This post is for my dad. He had the sleeve procedure about 3 weeks ago amd developed a leak. He was in immense pain and the Dr. Had to then make a 10 inch incision on his stomach, go into his intestine and place a bag there which he would be fed into and he had to disconnect his stomach from his intestine while it heals.

    The Fluid from the leak is now (3 weeks later) starting to reduce but he will not be allowed to eat or drink through his mouth for about 2-6 months. Once they check his leak has healed. He will then have surgery to remove the bag and reconnect his stomach.

    Has anyone else had such a complication and of so what was the outcome?

    Its so stressful as i recommended the surgery as i was very happy with it and now my food loving dad is nil by mouth till further notice :(

  5. Hey all,

    It's been awhile since i posted on the forum. I'm about 2 years post surgery and i cannot begin to tell you how this surgery has changed my life for the best. I feel amazing and i look so much better than i did.

    Unfortunately i discovered that i have gallstones and i'm not sure if this is a side effect of having the sleeve procedure.

    Has anyone experienced gallstones? If so what was the treatment of them?

    Hope to get some answers the pain is unbearable when it strikes.

  6. When were you able to tolerate more solids ? I'm 2 weeks out and seems like only sifts are good right now . Prob . 2 more weeks I'm thinking ' date=' that's what Dr . Thought . Any suggestions ? I'm not in a hurray , just occassionlly interesting in venturing out and it doesn't work .[/quote']

    Heya tammy, i was eating solids at 4 weeks out. Though i did test some at the 3 week mark and chewed extra. It worked fine for me

  7. @alahana. Sorry the post got sent before I finished typing lol. Fat fingers when typing. Anyway the lunch is typically a Protein and some veg and the same for dinner. I don't always have good days I have a majorrrr sweet tooth so I do indulge I believe more than the average sleevers in cakes, cappuccino's and cola but I do work out more then. The key is to make sure exercise becomes a part of your life. I don't obsess over it but I do 20 mins of strenuous cardio and 40 mins of weight training 4-5 times a week. But I am a slow loser and I believe it's because I dont always make great choices

  8. Hey Ayla don't be afraid. If you have made the decision to have surgery it's to improve your overall health. I made a very hasty decision to have the surgery and only have a week to think over it and the day before I was like what am I doing and then I was like its too late to back out now as I had travelled a long way for surgery and now I am 1 year out and I couldn't be happier. Best decision of my life. We are all here to help you along your journey so hang in there.

  9. @ ready to lose it....I started out at 102 kg which was about 225 lbs and I had surgery at the beginning of march 2012. I lost most of the weight by November in about 9 months. I now weigh 72 kg which is about 159 lbs bringing my loss to 30kg or 66 lb. I did both metric and imperial measurements coz I haven't actually calculated before. I have 7kg to hit goal of 65kg or 143lbs.