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  1. Thanks for the encouragement preet. Both of us can look smoking at it. Big hugs
  2. I can relate to this thread in more than one way. I'm a year put and have fallen into bad eating habbits as i got over confident with my sleeve. I thankfully have not put on any weight yet but i need to get back on track so lets do this together and help each other through this so we can get back on track and feel the benefits of the choice we made. Even just 30 mins of excercise 5 times a week will do wonders. Also i love to snack at night of nutient defficient food but lets try and keep goji berries and a seed or nut mix beside pir beds so we can choose those over junk.
  3. nixi


    I didn't really jave a drink till i was 6 months out. I think for everyone alcohol works differently you have to see what works for you. I found vodka, with water and lots of fresh lime wedges suits me best. Theres no carbonated drink added so you dont suffer from gas though luckily at 1 yr out if i choose to i can pretty much consume anything in moderation
  4. Hey everyone. So i havent been active on the thread but here i am again and guess what i have hit the one year mark. Getting the sleeve was the best decision i made for myself. I look a whole lot better than i ever did, have tonnes of energy and feel so much healthier. I'm now going to go see my gynae to see if i'm at the right stage to plan my first child. Anyone have info for me on getting pregnant after surgery?
  5. Wow well done thats awesome. U have to keep it up and learn to love the gym. I took up running and i feel great doing it. Keep it up babe. Good luck
  6. My dr. Had said that for a year post op i would experience hair loss but he didnt prepare me for just how much hair i would be losing. Everyday its falling out by the handfulls. I had really thick hair and now its getting thinner and thinner and i am so worried about going bald. Is everyone experiencing this kind of thing and what are you doing to prevent it? I'm so sad about my hair
  7. nixi


    Thanks for sharing that it makes me feel so much better knowing not all of my hair will go.
  8. You've done an awesome job and you look great. You're journey has only just begun enjoy the ride and as for your husband its definitely his loss and he obviously wasnt worth your time or space. Good luck.
  9. Heya peeps, Just thought i'd share a little something woth everyone. I'm on the clear liquid stage as i am 5 days post surgery now and i've read and seen that some people are feeling a little low on energy. I find that fresh coconut Water really gives me a boost. It's so refreshing and tastes great after being stuck with clear Soup. Hope you all have a great day. Another day towards a new you. Loving it. Xoxo
  10. It apparently helps u heal faster. But i dont know if thats true or a myth but why not try right..
  11. nixi

    The Mental Side Of Food Issues

    I'm exactly 3 months post op and down 16 kilos. I think you will find as u get further into your journey that even i u do crave certain foods u can only eat a minimal amount of it and so you dont get the satisfaction u think u would. For awhile i found myself falling into bad eating habbits but the whole point of havin this surgery is to change your lifestyle so you soon realise if you use up your stomach space on empty calories which have no nutritional value u will start to feel it. Your skin gets baf, constipation sets in amongst other things and when u eat well u'll feel the difference for sure and so mentally u will start making better choices. This is not a diet its a lifestyle so u can indulge once in awhile . Good luck
  12. Hey sally ur on the right track the coconut water is amazing. In 3 months post op and as we get it fresh here i have it a lot to perk me up when my energy is low
  13. nixi

    Calories At 6 Weeks

    I beleive at this stage you should be getting between 600-800 calories in
  14. nixi


    Not getting enough water i think i have to try harder. As for nutrition i'm trying but its difficult. I actually don't enjoy eating anymore. I'm going to check if my b12 is low as from google research apparently it happens often with people who have had weightloss surgery.
  15. So i started training at the gym finally and i'm almost 3 months post op but i feel so fatigued right after i'm done. I have no energy to do a thing. Had anyone else experienced this? I literally have to sit for 10 mins to get a tiny amount of energy to shower and then after that my day just dragssss. I even fell asleep at my work desk the other day. Is this normal?
  16. nixi


    Hey jimmy sorry for you not being well. It's good to have you back and in communication i believe the number of messages you recieved say it all. Good luck with recovery. Cuddles
  17. I've been taking nexium 40 mg for 4 weeks now. I notice a lot of people are off those meds but my instructions are to use it for 6 months. Any feedback will be much appreciated.
  18. nixi

    Pain Beneath My Chest

    I had the feeling till i was 6 weeks post op. i believe it may be something to do with the size of our openings so hang in there it does go away
  19. Thanks guys lets see how it goes on my fitness pal. Good luck momscholar let us know how you are after surgery
  20. I'm not sure of anyone else feels this way but i actually hate meal times now. I feel like i cant eat much and i believe i am under eating a lot. How do you all cope with meal times and whats on everyones plate? I find eating just such a tedious task and where as i was a huge food lover i just cant handle much any more. dinner today for me was one small fish finger home made and a small meatball.
  21. nixi

    I Hate Eating

    I believe it is the recipe link. Lots of good stuff on there.
  22. So i finally decided i need to make some changes with my diet and more actively use my fitnesspal. Seeing that i have only one friend on it who doesnt use it would anyone like to add me so that we can get a support network on there? I'm nixisandhu if anyones interested.
  23. nixi

    I Hate Eating

    @rvpcindi thanks a lot for the link i just took a look at it and its amazzzzing. Just what i needed
  24. nixi


    How are you doing jimmy? All of is here are praying for you and anxious to know how you are.
  25. Wow thats great news. Best of luck and do keep us posted with your journey.