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    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    Hello everyone best of luck! I was banded January 2, 3013 and so far so good! Just learning how to eat again at this point. mild pain but able to get up move shop and eat so Im happy as of yet


    Thanks a lot today I am 2 days post op feeling really good mild too moderate pain a little tired no real issues with the band yet currently working on trying to eat at least 3 to four times a day only been really tasting things like broth yogurt and apple sauce not that I cant eat just haven't been hungry at all working on drinking water not thirsty at all already lost about three to four pounds surgery went really well almost no bleeding I was up and walking and eating right after I got up to the recovery room had my first fart today lol haven't been gassy or anything I hope my good streak continues!


    Getting banded tomorrow Jan 2, 2013!


    What happened?

    Post op day 2

    Congrats hope all is well! My surgery date is set for Jan 2 and I am so nervous hopefully its going to work out well for me as well!


  7. :wub: Hello everyone! So i'm finally at the medical clearence point! Thank goodness all these doctor's appointments got me and my husband going crazy! So what happens at the medical clearance appointment? Mines is set for September 13,2012 should I call to set up my surgeon appointment now or wait til after the medical clearence first? How long after the medical clearance does it take to actully get thre surgery? Im starting to antsy! im nervous, and scared Does the lapband surgery hurt? does it take a long time? How is recovery? I have a million and one question and i am drawing a blink Any advise or knowledge about the lapband will be greatly appreciated
  8. For over the last past six months, I have been trying new things to enhance weight loss to no avail,the the only thing I have accomplished is gaining weight. its so hard to find someone that will say hey eat this food, this amount this time, this is what I tried and it works etc!.......Can anyone help all of us pre-surgery people trying to prepare for surgery please.
  9. Thanks for the tips! I will try some of these things to see if they could help me I'm trying to lose 15 to 20 lbs by september 13
  10. Thanks for responding I am going to start a new regimen where I eat at scheduled times and add exercise into my daily routines. I am taking all of the recommended vitamins and supplements required after surgey too get use to them, and I use the unjury protein shakes three times a week my nutritionist told me not to do them eeryday so I dont burn out on them before surgery. I also just got a new food log so hopefully I will start making changes for the better. Unjuy protein shake mix is really good with V8 fusion drinks with ice added perfect for the summer time.

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