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  1. This is what I need to do. I need to re-kick out of my daily intake bad carbs, and now that I've learned the lesson, NEVER let the in my mouth again. Post-op I did really well, until Christmas came 6 months later, and I "allowed" myself to have a few bites here and there of some of my Mom's annual Christmas Desserts... then it was, a bite here, half a sandwich there, suddenly I eat bad carbs daily. I have PCOS... I KNOW this is really bad for me, yet it’s easy so I go with it. I have been struggling to kick the sugar/carb craving again for the last couple of months. I have cut down on my bad carbs, but I need them to be totally eradicated from my diet forever. I'm a year and half out, I've lost 65 (because I've gained back 12) and I'm 45 from goal. I'm VERY angry at myself for sliding backwards.

    This Boot Camp diet seems like a good way to work on this. I'm going to be smart about it though. My plan (so close to Christmas) is too start on December 26th. I know me. I know that I will just give in on Christmas Day again, and repeat the cycle. I'm not going to expect mental militant me to be successful by setting myself up for temptation on the very day that ruined me a year ago.

    Thanks so very much for posting this!! It feel totally doable!

  2. Your post is exactly why I'm back on this forum. I so frustrated and angry with myself. I've gained 12 pounds in the last 5 months. I'm 45 pounds from my goals weight... and I'm so scared that I'm going to gain all my weight back. It is absolutely terrifying to me. Life has been throwing me a lot of curveballs lately, and I resorted back to bad eating habits to cope. And I know that... in the moment I don't care, then after I'm like... WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?

    I will go track down the Vet's forum myself. I'm not sure how I like this combined site thing. Especially since I had an add pop up while I was looking around the site. That is not really a good thing.

  3. I took a combination of Biotin, silica (horsetail), and zinc. This is the combination that showed up in my online reseach at having the best effect in your future hair growh. I will say that after 2-3 weeks of taking it, my Hair loss slowed down. Now, I have a TON of little short 1-2 inch long hairs growing in. So, even though it got scary there for a few months, I think that now I'll be fine!

  4. ***HIGH FIVE***

    I think the best advice is.... there could be bumps.. no there will be bumps in the road in the beginning. The first 3-4 months post-op tend to be the hardest as you go through, healing, and then learning about the new you. One of the best things I did, was follwed the advice of a book I read written by a bypass patient. She said to write two letters to yourself. One for the days/week right after surgery that moment when "buyer's remorse" kicks in. It should remind you why you did this surgery, how you feel at your current weight, what inspires you to lose weight, etc. Then the second is for yourself 6 months from now, when you might start giving up, or letting old habits creep in. Remind yourself of your struggles, and to stay on course for the long haul. Be honest with yourself. No one has to see or know these letters exsist, or you can do what I did. Gave them to my boyfreind in sealed envelopes. I told him if I got to a low place, and needed it, to give me my letters. Its amazing what pure honesty with yourself reminds you. :)

  5. I purchased my jawbone Bluetooth earbuds from best buy in the store and the jawbone transmitter from Amazon. My iPod is fairly old (2nd generation) so does not have any built in Bluetooth functionality. However, the currents iPod models might have built-in Bluetooth functionality in which case you will not need to purchase a separate transmitter.

    I have an older model iPod as well. I tend to carry my iPhone for music (and safety) though, which does have bluetooth funcionality. Thanks, I'll drag my fiancee into Best Buy next time we're out and about. I'm sure he'll mind tons... ;)

    Thanks for a great thread! I'm just getting into walking, and hopefully, eventually running. I'm at the start of training for a 5K mud run and I'm really excited!

  6. iPod with mp3. I got jawbone bluetooth ear buds with transmitter. Just need to plug the transmitter into my oldish iPod (2nd generation) and it just works. I have so many good things to saw about the earbuds in terms of sound quality and noise canceling ability. The only negative is they need to be charged after each run, but that is a small price to pay. They add so much to my quality of running.

    Couple weeks late to the conversation, but I've been interested in finding a bluetooth earbud set up. Where did you find yours? I have looked on Amazon, but all I see are the replacement or fit kits. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.....

  7. The first few days are the hardest. Don't give up! Do ANYTHING to distract yourself from thinking about food, dieting, eating. Go for a walk, clean the house, learn a hobby, go walk the mall, get lost on Pinterest, shop for pretty smelly things, window shop at a store you can't wait to buy smaller clothes in, get your nails done... do ANYTHING to distract yourself.

  8. I had real plateaus - nine weeks apiece - at roughly six months and one year post op. Both times they occurred when I hit a previous "happy weight" that my body had trouble moving past.

    YES! Exactly, the weight I have been stuck at for the last 3 months now, is a weight that is a "happy weight" for my body. I was here for several years, and seem to be having a tough time pushing past it. Its my fault though. I won't blame anyone but me. I have been really distracted getting ready to move, and getting my wedding together that I've slipped off the hustle wagon and haven't been doing my workouts. I still watch what I eat, but, since I'm in my last 37/40 pounds of weight loss (with PCOS), I'm struggling! I'm sure once I kick my butt again, the scale will start moving.

  9. I don't have a scale... mine stopped working. So, I can't tell whats actually happening. People keep commenting that I look thinner, but I can't tell. Usually though, when those comments started happening in the first months, I'd drop a size a couple weeks later. I hope thats true again! I've started feeling pretty low that I feel stuck. I've been stuck for a couple months. I have 40-ish pounds to go and I don't feel like its moving! I need a reboot!

  10. Yep. I'm your poster girl for PCOS! But, this surgery is changing that! Since surgery I've been having monthly, normal visits from Tom (Time of the Month). My insulin levels came back normal at my 6 month blood work, I was so totally excited! First time I've ever not been classified as pre-diabetic! My testosterone levels are normal (at 3 months post-op).

    Have to be SUPER careful now. I really want to hit goal, and be there for at least 6 months before we try for a kiddo!

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