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  1. cissiesue

    What Did You Name Your Sleeve?

    Only because of another poster on this site, I named mine Sleevie Nix
  2. I've experienced the same thing. Maybe some of the foods are more filling?
  3. Had surgery with the uncomparable Dr Ramos Kelly, June 11, & as of today, I've lost over 44 pounds, and three pants sizes! To celebrate, I purchased a designer dress to wear to my cousins wedding today! It's gorgeous, and looks very nice on me! If anyone is doubting this surgery, DON'T! You won't be sorry!! (pics were taken 6/11-7/11 & 8/11)
  4. cissiesue

    2 Months Post Op With Pics!

    Thank you, thank you!! I feel great, and can't wait to see what the next two months bring me! I am touched by the kind comments!
  5. cissiesue

    2 Months Post Op With Pics!

  6. Lucerna makes the marriot look like a super 8
  7. cissiesue

    Dr Kelly On 8/31

    You'll do great! Hope to go back very soon!
  8. cissiesue

    3 Months Post Op With Pics!

    You look amazing! I hope to have similar success! 8 Weeks out and down 35#. Wish me luck! Keep up the great work!
  9. I had my surgery with Dr K. on 6/11. Fown 32 pounds and feeling great! Dr. K and his entire staff were nothing short of amazing! I keep in touch w/ Omar weekly, and hope to go back with a friend in Feb/Mar. Cant wait to show off the new me to them, and have a follow up with Dr. Kelly. I honestly miss him and the others
  10. cissiesue

    Spider Method

    Dr Kelly does
  11. cissiesue

    Toddler Silverware?

    Walmart has them in the dishware section
  12. cissiesue

    Moms With Young Children....

    How young are your kids? Mine are 6, 6, & 8. I had no trouble caring fir them but I was pretty lethargic for anout 2wks.
  13. cissiesue


    We went June 10, 2012
  14. cissiesue


    My cousin didnt have a passport, just her license & birth cert and had no trouble getting back across with the rest of us that had passports. Unless you plan to do some international traveling in the next decade, I'd say save the 100+ bucks!
  15. Ok, some days I could chew my arm off, I'm so hungry, and then days like today, I barely get in 400 calories. Any suggestions or tips for me? Im almost 6 Weeks out, and down 32 pounds, and I actively exercise at least 3x a wk
  16. I had twins via c-section as well. Vsg surgery was a piece of cake in comparison!
  17. cissiesue


    Is the fit bit water proof?
  18. cissiesue

    I Skipped The 18's! :)

    Great job! How far out are you?
  19. cissiesue

    When Can I Start Eating Bread?

    Im almost 6 Weeks out, and I have enjoyed a small piece of toasted sourdough, and today I had 1/2 of a piece of regular sandwich bread, toasted. Like others have said, try to limit breads, but once in a while is ok
  20. Ndnrn, we dont have casinos, as we are in Nv, nor is ihs affiliated with per capita pmts. I know of some ppl who did get it paid, it might be worth your time to see if they will. If not, you're no worse off. Good luck!
  21. Dr Kelly told me himself that the coordinators were charging 2k per patient. 200-500 PP would be more reasonable. But they wont budge, so that's the reason he forgoes coordinators, because he wasnt making much, but the coordinators certainly were! I'd much rather the funds go to the one performing my surgery, than someone who coordinates it.
  22. I had a harder time, especially w/the choc/pb, but im telling you, if you mix it with something besides water/milk, they aren't bad! The canned statbucks drinks are super yummy, and the light one is only 65Cal per serving! Also, you can try the Pure Protien that they sell at W.M., they are a lot better than the others!
  23. I found that the J.M. Powders have less protien and more carbs. Go for the new whey body fortress protien jugs at Walmart. They are 15$ for a large jug, and I put my light vanilla Starbucks coffee in with the vanilla or chocolate peanut butter, with some crushed ice, and its just like having a frappuccino

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