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  1. Hey' date=' I was banded on 2/26 and a couple of my sutures were still draining. I went to urgent care about it today, bc I'm paranoid. Doc said it was fine, but did give me a new antibiotic instead of cipro. (Yay). I've been coughing, too. What causes that?[/quote']

    I don't know but it hurts so bad! Might have something to do with the anastisia but I am not sure. But thanks. If it keeps doing it I might call the dr. I am so nervous about getting a infection or something.

  2. Hi jenn0207, I just had my surgery yesterday and had no pre-op diet. My doctor doesn't require one unless you have a bmi of 50 or higher which I didn't. I didn't worry about it and ate what I wanted until my surgery. I had my last pre-op apt last fri and told him I had just been eating what I wanted and he said that was fine. I would trust your doctor on this one.

    Thank you! I feel a lot better knowing that you ate whatever you wanted and it was okay. So excited for next week! Hope you are feeling okay after your sugery!

  3. I think every docotor has a different protocol. My doctor is extremely strict in the pre-op diet but less so after the surgery. I don't think it would hurt to do the diet beforehand if you are concerned---I do Adkins shakes in the morning and afternoon and then a small high Protein meal for dinner. Not easy but if it shrinks my liver and he doesn't have to blow me up with as much air, I will be gratefull lol. I hear the gas is the hardest to deal with. I wonder if I should purchase stock in Gas-X chewables biggrin.png

    Yes I have already bought some Gas-X lol. I have started the Protein Shakes and I think I am just going to cut back a lot. Thank you for the reply.

  4. I had my pre-op appointment yesterday with my doctor. When I asked him if I need to be on a pre-op diet he said no that he does not require one but everything I read online your supposed to go on one. Worried that there might be complications with my liver being too large. Anyone else have a doctor that didnt require them to go on a diet before surgery?

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