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    Thank you so much for your response... I was beginning to get nervous.... I hope that the unfill will be all that's needed. I can honestly say I feel better... I go back for another xray next week. Thanks again.
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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight. I went back to the doctor last week, and after taking an xray they told me my bad slipped. I immediately became nervous at the thought of going through another surgery and the financial toll that it would take on my family...(I'm getting married in a few months.) The doctor deflated the band and put me back on liquids. Then she said let's hope for the best... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? Is it possible that the band will lift back up on it's own, or is surgery inevitable? I don't have the re-flux or vomiting anymore since the band was deflated, and the pouch immediately and visibly shrunk. Has anyone had a slippage that corrected itself?
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    Yes, a complete unfill and 6-week rest period cured my band slip.
    Whether surgery is needed to correct a band slip will depend on how bad the slip is and how it slipped (up or down). If your only symptoms were reflux and eating problems, the unfill may do the trick for you.
    When the lower portion of the stomach moves up above the band (called a prolapse), often caused by vomiting, the blood supply to the stomach can be compromised. That causes severe pain and possible death of the prolapsed portion.

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