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  1. It's considered "elective cosmetic surgery" when you're not quite at the approved weight/bmi when you are SELF PAY.
  2. sidvicious

    Have any of you dumped on purpose?

    sugar is an addictive substance. russian roulette
  3. sidvicious

    December Surgery dates???

    if you want to capitalize on all your pain and suffering - don't do the diluted apple juice... only do zero calorie drinks.. then you won't have to post in a few weeks about how your weight loss is slow.
  4. sidvicious

    I can gulp

    With the lap band, if my sips got a bit too big, I would feel restriction. 2 weeks out since surgery and I can take large gulps ( not intentionally) and no restriction. Sleevers? Do you feel restriction when drinking mindlessly?
  5. sidvicious

    Hurts to drink water

    totally normal take smaller sips more frequently get used to being uncomfortable
  6. sidvicious

    I can gulp

    Please don't ever lose hope.
  7. sidvicious

    I can gulp

    Get a portable toilet. Get the surgery/ drink the requirements.... the weight will come off then you won't hurt to walk. you can change your life
  8. sidvicious

    I can gulp

    Are we suppose to feel restriction?
  9. sidvicious

    I can gulp

    Actually, you might be luckier... The restriction acts as a reminder for us to sip/ take small bites/ etc... it is a great tool
  10. sidvicious

    1.5 years out & still throwing up?

    Stress, which you sound like you have an abundance of, can trigger an inflammatory response. That in conjunction with a carb heavy diet (especially for a carb addict) will make the inflammation even worse. Maybe time to look at the control center... your brain. Give it rest (for survival) , pray or meditate, seek out a group like OA for support.
  11. sidvicious

    Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve

    Banded in 2012 lost 75 lbs but starting gaining in 2016. Just had sleeve on 12/2/19 down 21 lbs. have come to accept that i am a carb/sugar addict and if i don't come to terms with the addiction than i will ultimately be in same boat.
  12. sidvicious


    Ultimate Bariatrics -Dr Adam Smith and team. SELF PAY SLEEVE- $11k
  13. I thought Metformin (pcos med) makes everybody lose weight?
  14. sidvicious

    Hurts to drink water

    omg NO aleve!! only tylenol extra strength
  15. sidvicious

    12/2 surgery people?!

    It's 3 am dallas time and my surgery is in 4 hours. lap band to sleeve as well. here's to us both!
  16. I hope this book I finally picked up and it's principles work for me. It's called The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous. I am doing the head work before my second WLS and maybe it could help you too?
  17. sidvicious

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Same surgery date!!! I started my liquid 3 days ago just to make sure no issues at surgery.. Will be following you.
  18. sidvicious

    December Surgery dates???

    I'm scheduled for December 2nd for band to sleeve.
  19. I'll be having surgery on 12/2 - band to sleeve, by the same doctor who did the band 7 years ago. It's done as an outpatient and I will be staying at a hotel as I am traveling from out of state. Is it completely insane to think I will be able to be a passenger in a car for 8 hours to go home on day 3? Doc says yes.
  20. sidvicious

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    Hi! I'm banded in 2012 and having sleeve done on 12/2... We can DEFINITELY be buddies!
  21. sidvicious

    December 2019 Sleeves

    what is the injection appetite suppressor?
  22. sidvicious


    is weight gain part of band slippage
  23. sidvicious

    Disappearing lapbanders

    My cross to bear.... yes
  24. I am totally confused... if you all are able to cut these items out 6-8 months prior to surgery, why do you need surgery at all?
  25. sidvicious

    Disappearing lapbanders

    Here... Just had my unfilled this week due to severe esophagus issues. Pretty miserable.

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