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  1. Hope everyone had a nice turkey day :) Surgery went well - almost 10 hours, and a lot was accomplished! The hiatal hernia was repaired, anchored in place with mesh - hopefully that wont be an issue in the coming years. My sleeve was repaired - Doc said it was like a curled up shrimp, with a significant stricture in one area - he was able to fix it up and get things equalized. When I had the sleeve done in 2012, that surgeon used a 40 bougee, Dr. Srikanth used a 34. He removed an inflamed gallbladder full of stones, and worked on my small intestine to convert the vsg to the DS. So far so good.

    The first three days I didn't feel so great but energy has been getting better every day. Struggling with fluids a bit and trying to get in the supplements - I'll get there I know it takes time. The supplement requirements are pretty intense - My old surgeon had DS lumped in with RNY with supplement needs (he does not do the DS). I take Vitamins and minerals pretty much all day long, and Protein supplementation is to be 150g a day due to the malabsorption.

    Worse thing is the constipation - a nightmare, but it will get better I hear. Hope you guys are all doing well.

  2. I'm so sorry that you are in pain Denise - I can relate, though the knee is much more stable, it better be since it is made out of metal lol! It still hurts quite a bit, and as does everything else it seems. I was at my final pre-op appt with the new surgeon whom I really like (Dr. Srikanth in Federal Way, WA) and I was pretty stunned at the results of labs that were done on Hallowen...normal Iron level should be at least 100 - mine is 11, I am peri-monopausal, so some months I will have a normal cycle, some times it will be light, then I will miss one and then its like those elevator doors opening in The Shining. I also have frequent nosebleeds.

    So I have a few more hoops added - doc wants a colonoscopy, that took a bit to get on short notice, and have that Thursday afternoon and I see an ear, nose, and throat doc on Friday morning, then more Iron infusion after that. So after I get a call from the hospital to clear everything in ab out an hour, I drop off my post surgery scrips and pick up the fun stuff so I get to sit on the toilet for the next two days haha!

    I guess my gallbladder is packed full of stones - I will be very happy to get that out. The stricture and hernia are pretty serious - doc says some mesh may be involved to anchor my esophagus in place and keep that stomach where it should be. A dear friend found out he was showing signs of Barrett's esophagus in June - she lived until mid September - that one gets you fast.

    This doc is super comprehensive and it is cool to find out all the things inside that I did not know about - my husband and I have matching cysts on our livers lol. The last bone scan revealed arthritis just about everywhere - my hands have been bothering me and sure enough it showed up between the carpals and metacarpals. I'm an inch shorter than I used to be too - so that mea I need to lose even more weight haha.

    I am hoping that the surgery will help with the reflux so I can get off of PPI's - I worry that my bones are just going to turn to dust. You guys don't even what to know what the Vitamin req's are with the surgery - its pretty intense - 4500 mg of Calcium a day, 150g of Protein (2 scoops of Optimum Nutrition chocolate mixed with 4 oz. of Water three times a day gets me to 144g with only 12 oz. of liquid) this is good since I am also to drink an ocean of liquid a day :) I wont go into the other supplements the list is long.

    I honestly cant quite believe that insurance approved a revision - I got denied round one and was ok with the decision either way. Round two they said yes. I will keep you guys posted with how it all goes. I am sorry I have been so bad at keeping in touch with the board. I have only recently started reading other forums again - I hate drama and get upset when everyone else seems upset.

    I asked how long the procedure will take - this one is going to be a humdinger - 6-9 hours of surgery. Wish me luck! If for some reason I don't make it - its been a good ride ;)

  3. Its been a long time since I have checked in - as usual :) Looks like there havent been a lot of folks responding lately on this thread but thought I would give you guys an update.

    As it turns out I have been having some ongoing problems that will require som more surgery. I have always had terrible gerd prior to and it seemed to get worse after the sugery. My lucky husband had his resolve completely after his vsg and hernia repair. I started seeing another bariatric doc last year, as my doc had moved to another practice and we moved as well. To make a very long story shorter - and the number of tests I've had done dwarf the first surgery - I will be having revision surgery on 11/22/16 - 11 days from now.

    I have a significant hiatal hernia, a stricture, and various other sundry things that will be repaired - gallbladder out and removal of stray sutures (which is goofy but that's what the photos after the last egd) My new surgeon is going to revise my sleeve a traditional Duodenal Switch. I had gained back about 30 lbs from my lowest weight.

    And it took just about a year to recover from the total knee replacement - what a nightmare that is, but at least I can walk again. Hopefully the hips and back wont hurt as much soon.

    Wishing everyone well and hope everyone is happy and healthy :)

  4. Morning everyone - 6 weeks today since my last post - 6 weeks to the day on my TKR surgery. I have a pretty decent pain tolerance, but this ride has been excrutiating, and makes my VSG with complications feel like a stroll among the daisies.

    The first two weeks passed in a blur of agony and extremely limited mobility - doing much better now, drove for the first time last Friday to pay a visit to a new doctor, visiting my old doc is just too far a drive since our move south. Working hard on getting better every day.

    If anyone ever needs joint replacement I found a good forum called Bonesmart.org - lots of folks from the UK, sounds like the procedures post surgery are a bit different than the US - good reading!

    My weight is up right now - I've have been pretty much immobile for the last month and a half, but I don't really care right now :) I will focus on that later. As always sorry to be such a stranger and wishing everyone a happy Monday :)

  5. Hi ladies,

    Lots of news lately - had started a great new job and had to leave it one week because I could hardly walk - long story short - I will be having a total knee replacement on my left knee in about 3 weeks. Not looking forward to how long I know this one is going to take to heal from, but lookingforward to hopefully walking and exercizinf pain free for the first time in a long time.

  6. /comforts Florinda

    I have finally gotten into the habit of using My Fitness Pal on my phone to log my food - after switching from little paper journals from my surgeons office ( I have no idea why I was so attched to those things). I've been pretty good food wise but the scale doesnt want to budge. I put an imaginary day in - right around 1000 calories (its usually at 1250) and its says in 5 weeks I will weigh 11 lbs less than I do today...I want to tell the app - oh no I wont lol.

    I feel like I can eat next to nothing and the reading on the scale just wants to stay the same - I was reading old journal entries this morning and came across a quote mentioning that to maintain a loss one needs to get pretty vigorous exercise 5-6 hours per week - which is what I had been doing, and Im not now - go figure lol. Bah!

  7. Very interesting Florinda - and chin up darlin, keep fighting the good fight - you are doing what you need to do to take good care of yourself. The SWANK plan sounds like anything but - it sounds terrible. Makes me think of one of my clients when I lived in NYC who went on a raw macrobiotic diet to help combat Lyme disease and she just started looking like death warmed over - like she had been drained of blood - then another client came waltzing in how had been doing Atkins for the first time looking fit as a fiddle, rosy cheeked - and quite slim.

    I found a doc closer to us who looks like he has significant experience with revision - I think I might see if I can attend one of his seminars to ask about the gerd issues and a RNY - I am scared of having to get a manometry (hubby had to have it and said it was the worst experience of his life - its where they thread sensors through your nose down your esophagus to place sensors for overnight study, his desciption of it is terrifying and hubby is no puss by a long shot lol)

    though I am more scared of Barretts esophagus!

  8. Aw shucks - Thanks Kim ;) and I guess I am a bit worried about what that acid can do after reading up on it all a bit. Even one of the pharmacists give me the hairy eyeball when I pick up my omeprazole scrip - every time she tells me you aren't supposed to take that long term - and I tell her that my nutritionists and surgeon tells me I will probably be on it for the rest of my life.

    One of the reasons I am getting more worried is that I am much more frequently finding acid regurgitating up into my mouth, in all body positions, not just lying down - often times it happens when I am asleep and I have aspirated acid - it is not a pleasant way to wake up - choking and sputtering having sprayed stomach acid out through the nose. Very hard to fall back asleep.

    Hmm - back to the research.

  9. Our power was out for a bit as well - that was some crazy wind wasnt it. Glad we are getting a bit of rain for once.

    Do you guys have issues with acid? I had terrible gerd prior to surgery - as did my husband, he had a hiatal hernia that they repaired at the same time as surgery and has never had to take a ppi or other form of acid reducer. My gerd has always been bad, but it is so bad now that if I miss one omeprazole within a couple of hours I am in agony - and often times I can still feel the acid even with the medicine - it seems like it is getting worse.

    I did a bit of reading and it looks like sleeves can make the acid issue much worse - how did I not know this?

    The funny thing is when posed the silly hypothetical question of what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse - my first thought is Oh damn I need to go rob the pharmacy for every proton pump inhibitor and every antacid they stock! And make sure I have all my eyeglasses haha!

  10. Best of luck Denise - I hope things are going well and you are on the mend already!

    I dont mind sharing what meds I take - not at all. I currently take Wellbutrin SR - the Sr stands for slow release I believe, I am supposed to take one in the am and another later in the day but oneseems just fine. I was prescribed this medicine when I wanted to stop smoking (which I did on November 1, 2010 after 28 years of a pack and a half a day habit.)

    My doc prescribed Wellbutrin because I have anxiety issues - mentioning that the other popular smoking cessation drug Chantix, could send folks with anxiety into a tail spin ( meaning it can really ramp you up). I asked my GP how it works and she said with a chuckle that they really aren't sure why it works so well to help quit smoking. It is not an SSRI, I have a long and diverse history with those as well. The nice thing about the Wellbutrin is that it does not have the heinous side effect of killing the libido or making it so that one cannot reach climax - which I hear is common.

    My docs at the WL surgery office have kept me on the Wellbutrin, as it also has a positive effect for folks trying to lose and maintain their weight, I don't notice a huge difference in how I feel with it - I do know that I seem to be on a much more even keel than in the past. I'll take it.

    I also take a lot of anti-histamines for allergy and dermatological issues - I worked with accelerated solvents and oxidizing chemicals for decades and I am hyper sensitive to my environment. My skin, eyes, and mucous membranes are super easy to irritate - so it is a continual battle to keep inflammation at bay.

    Interestingly enough - anti-histamines are also considered useful in the treatment of generalized anxiety symptoms - which I have along with PTSD/acute anxiety (i.e. panic disorder) in a nutshell, a brutally abusive childhood spent with a raging alcoholic stepdad and a horrifying car crash in my early 20's that put me out of commission for a year are big elements of where this all came from - 'hi, nothing, nowhere is a safe place to be.' and welcome to using food as a substance to soothe and disappear.

    I take Klonopin when life is just too edgy, and when I know I will be in the passenger seat of the car for a long trip. I used to take this one daily just to get through the day in the late 90's when I finally found my way to the therapists couch.

    The potent cocktail of drugs I used to take daily were Zoloft, Trazadone at bedtime, and Ativan and then Klonopin(Clonazepam) on a daily basis. I was in rough shape back then, confronting issues for the first time. I went to therapy 3 times a week and then was in an eating disorder group as well - which was challenging as most of the other members were anorectics and bulimics, which while very similar to bingers/compulsive overeaters (meaning that one can turn into the other pretty easily they say.) those folks can be very hard on those they few as inferior.

    So now I just use Wellbutrin and the clonazepam as needed, and a lot of anti-histamines - hubby and I take the Safeway brand sleepy medicine - which is just Benadryl but a whole lot cheaper - if you look at the price on Zeequil, its the same stuff and they just charge an arm and a leg. Diphenhydramine is the anti-histamine. I have heard good things about L-methyfolate and ​Sam-e.

    I recently went off of melatonin because once its built up to a therapeutic level in my system I get serious nosebleeds - which seems to have happened to a lot of folks. Sheryl I have also taken the 5HTTP, seemed like good stuff but I was using my other regular meds so I am not sure if it makes a lot of difference.

    What is interesting - when I was in bad shape all that medication make me feel normal, My normal from waking until sleep was like being on fire without meds - I wanted to die - just dart out into traffic and have the pain just stop.

    Now - one Clonopin knocks me on my ass - I really feel it - whereas before I was in such a state that it just made the day tolerable enough to get through - so I could do the work needed in therapy to get a little better. I know that I am permanently imprinted by the bad things that happened in my life, that I will always be afraid of things - but it is better than it used to be. I have considered trying that flashing light therapy to help with the PTSD - I have heard good things about it.

  11. I found a cached version - here it is below. Though I think that how one views the glass - as half empty or half full in terms of stats 5 years+ out...I have read stats that have EWL at 50-60% at 5 years and they feel that is still a great success.

    Benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy Wane at 5 years

    The weight loss and diabetes remission achieved with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) appear to wane by 5 years, a new cohort study suggests.

    Sleeve gastrectomy has been growing in popularity as a bariatric technique, but data on its long-term effect on obesity-related comorbidities are scarce, with most findings reported so far limited to 2-year outcomes, explain Inbal Golomb, from Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Hospital, Petah Tikva, Israel, and colleagues, in their paper published online August 5, 2015 in JAMA Surgery.

    In their retrospective analysis of a prospective cohort study of 443 patients who underwent bariatric surgery at the university hospital between 2006 and 2013, the percentage of excess body weight lost had dropped from 77% in 241 patients with available data at 1 year to 56% among 39 at 5 years.

    And of the 82 diagnosed with type 2 diabetes prior to surgery, the proportions achieving complete remission — defined as a fasting glucose level of less than 100 mg/dL and HbA1c below 6% — were 51% of 71 with available data at 1 year and 20% of 10 at the 5-year mark. Total cholesterol didn't change significantly at all, and decreases in LDL cholesterol were significant at 1 year but not at 5 years.

    "Undergoing LSG induced a reduction in [percent of excess weight loss] and a major improvement in obesity-related comorbidities in the short term," Mr Golomb and colleagues note. But the longer follow-up data "revealed weight regain and a decrease in remission rates for [type 2 diabetes] and other obesity-related comorbidities. These data should be taken into consideration in the decision-making process for the most appropriate operation for a given obese patient," they conclude.

    In an accompanying editorial, Anita P Courcoulas, MD, of the University of Pittsburgh department of surgery, Pennsylvania, observes that there are "critical gaps in knowledge in this area," resulting from the "paucity of comparative trials, incomplete follow-up, a lack of standardized definitions for changes in health status (eg, diabetes mellitus remission), and the tendency to a rush to judgment in favor of surgical-treatment options."

    Gastric Bypass Appears Better for Diabetes and Heavier Patients

    Asked to comment, Philip Schauer, MD, director of the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, told Medscape Medical News, "This is a 5-year study that adds to our understanding of the durability of the sleeve gastrectomy. These authors show, like the others do, that some of that weight loss and improvement in comorbidities does retard over time."

    However, added Dr Schauer, who was one of the first surgeons to perform LSG over a decade ago, "Even at 5 years, there is still significant weight loss, and even though the remission rate of diabetes drops from 50% to 20%, that's still remarkable. That's not achievable with medical treatment."

    He noted that LSG typically works better — and with more durable results — for patients with a shorter duration of diabetes and for those with lower levels of obesity (ie, 50–100 pounds overweight, as opposed >100 pounds). And it has some advantages over gastric bypass: it's a shorter procedure, with less short-term comorbidity.

    But, he said, there is growing evidence from his data and those of others that "when we look at longer-term and more important outcomes, we're now seeing pretty consistent reporting in favor of the gastric bypass over the sleeve, at least for diabetes and the higher-weight people, too."

    Large Randomized Trial Comparing Surgical Procedures Impractical

    In her editorial, Dr Courcoulas says that cost and feasibility issues will make a large randomized comparative trial among surgical procedures relatively impractical.

    Therefore, she said, data on long-term outcomes will need to come from sources such as large electronic databases and "also by thoughtful inference that will be made through pooled analyses of data like that from Golomb and colleagues and from many other disparate randomized and nonrandomized studies of bariatric surgery.

    "It will take time, patience, and a willingness to avoid a rush to judgment," she adds.

    Dr Schauer said, "I agree with her; we have to dampen our enthusiasm a little bit until we see the longer-term results."

    In the meantime, Dr Courcoulas writes, "clinicians and prospective patients will need to discuss and weigh the evidence in a dynamic exchange driven not always by final conclusions but by the most current available data."

    The study authors have no relevant financial relationships. Dr Courcoulas reports receiving grants from Nutrisystem, Ethicon, and Covidien and serving as a project consultant for Ethicon and Apollo Endosurgery. D. Schauer has received grants from Ethicon, Covidien, Novo Nordisk, the National Institutes of Health, and a travel grant from Nestle and is on advisory board for Surgiquest.

    JAMA Surg.Published online August 5, 2015. Abstract, Editorial

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your co-worker Sheryl - one of our students took his own life during the school year a while back and its just not something that you can shake. My condolences as well.

    Happy 16th Florinda :) sounds like yo had a fine time camping - I wish we had gotten to go this year, got to go see Cancun and Tulum so I am certainly not complaining.

    I too am 5'3" and nicely situated in the obese range - so I am in good company with the rest of the gang in the same boat. Someone on FB yesterday posted a medical study showing the results of sleeve surgery were significantly less successful than bypass a few years out - I should go find it and post here.

    The scale is being my friend - it is inching down ever so slowly - about 7 down from the highest regain point - I'll take it!

    Finally really using My Fitness Pal to log rather than paper journalling.

  13. Big poodles are awesome dogs - so smart and funny.

    Hang in there Sheryl, hope everything goes okay with the next step and the biopsy.

    Have a great time on holiday ladies! I just got back from Cancun and had a fine time traipsing around in my swim suit - though I dont think I have tried a bikini since my age was in the single digits - nowadays there is simply too much flappiness going on in that region to be allowed out in the sun free of strong spandex :)

    Awesome on the art sale Florinda - that always revs up my own art motor when I sell a piece of my own work. scale is hanging out in ther same spot- egads I think I am going to need to start really sweating again to make the scale move some more.

  14. Hi gals!

    I've had a bit of computer trouble so hopefully it is fully repaired now - hoping your MRI goes well Sheryl - I had to have one on my knee soon after my sleeve surgery and I told myself I was glad that I did not have to be inside the machine because there was no way I would have fit. Luckily, it doesn't take too long.

    Thanks for the nice list Kim - I should save that and add my own to it. I like cleaning, organizing, labeling things - I think it is a stress reliever for me because it gives me some semblance of the illusion of control over one area of my life. Checking things off lists makes me feel like I am accomplishing something - even if they are silly things. I had a therapist years ago who considered me very ocd with my writing things down and checking them off and tried for a long time to break me of the habit - I think it only served to make me feel even more freaked out and vulnerable than I already did (I have pretty much always felt very unsafe in the world growing up with a raging sexual/verbally/physically abusive alcoholic stepdad and checked out mom.) I know that I will work on all of this stuff until the day I die and it still wont be resolved :)

    Florinda, you simply have not met the one yet - I kissed hundreds of frogs before my princely man game along, and by no means are he or I perfect, we can all find someone to love - I did not think this was possible for a long time. I never thought I would find happiness and just when you least expect it - it can arrive. I can completely identify with how you feel - I have been there.

  15. Glad you are enjoying Chicago - that is the land of my peoples - well the boonies 40 miles outside of Chicago to be more exact, in the land of corn :) Beautiful but far too humid for me.

    Florinda, I am sad you are angry - I get that way too - but it quickly goes to "poor old me" - have been working on snapping out of that madness more quickly and it seems to help.

    I love my husband dearly, more than anything, but if anything happened to him I do not know if I would be interested in marrying again - we have been together over 15 years, met when I was 35 and we get along swimmingly, we got into an altercation yesterday (which happens every few years) and it was about the frequency of sex - we can hump like rabbits and he still thinks it isn't enough at times, then he gets his feelings hurt if he gets turned down (like wanting sex at 3:30 in the morning when he gets up for work when I am in deep rem sleep - I'm lucky when I can even get to sleep these days) - this happened yesterday and he fumed all day and when he got home basically let me know that he feels that he is a chore to me...wont go into it, but I am very lovely dovey but he can be a spoiled brat sometimes lol. Get over I say. If he spent half the time worried about my pleasure that he does with his own - things might be different! Okay, Rant over - I really hope folks cant read this board other than our own group members.

    Good news - the scale is down - I need to go confirm the exact number but its 5-7 lbs. My Aria scale is finally far enough away from hubbies weight that it doesn't confuse us and ask me which one of us is on the scale - that means I am at least 8 lbs away from him - i'll take it :)

    I've been doing my best to try and reign in the carbs, haven't been eating any bread - and have switched from vanilla latte's to cappuccinos - been eating Protein Shakes, lots of hard-boiled eggs, and ground turkey and feeling good. As always working on the hydration, which can be better. And so can the Vitamins, and waiting to drink after meals lol - working on those post rules that are so easy to break when one is far out.

  16. Interesting about the posts that are food related - I recognized long ago that I should stay away from that kinda stuff - because I am terribly addicted to eating really bad things with no moderation whatsoever (I almost just typed mozzarella, what does that say haha.)

    I do best when my food at home is as boring, routine, and nutrient dense as I can get. My nutritionist mentioned that the more complex recipes are - with more ingredients, it can spur the over-indulge side over an over eater.

    I think most of the junk is finally gone, and austerity and the humble egg, chicken breast, and turkey filet will once again reign supreme - along with costco Premier Protein shakes - none of which I abuse by over eating.

    Maybe he writes those types of posts to rile folks up? Freak them out? Who knows.

    As far as all of our poor skeletons go - we have good company. And as far as getting cheated out of some good stuff in life here's a quote :)

    "Ring the bells that still can ring

    Forget your perfect offering

    There is a crack in everything

    That is how the light gets in"

    ~Leonard Cohen

  17. I am so sorry that your health concerns are so overwhelming right now - I can relate. I have severe osteoarthritis in my knees (there is basically no cushion left at all on the left knee) and my right side has always been a mess after a car accident in the late 80's that required ligament reconstruction on the right side and put me out of work for a year - now when I walk my right hip aches, and audibly pops rhythmically when I walk - I just don't even feel like dealing with musculo-skeletal issues right now at all.

    So many years of carrying a couple hundred extra lbs really messes up ones body lol. I was really upset when we went on our trip to Whistler this past spring - mind you I have not been on skis in 30 years, and the snow pack was so bad that the new bunny hill was up at the top of the mountain with the Olympic rings right there - translated to " Hi, this is steeper than you could ski when you were young and good at it!" It was exhausting, and I felt like a failure - my knees totally failed me I could make left turns, but I could not hold on to an edge to make right turns and would fall every time. I felt like a huge disappointment to my husband who had been so excited to ski with me - feel like an old lady.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures out and about - its awesome to hear what everyone is up to :)

  18. Well I do believe that the Keto means that it will send you into ketosis - the optimal state for burning fat. I know that when I did strict old school Atkins induction (1972 Atkins - which is essentially carbs at zero) I drop weight like crazy.

    Of course the first 10 lbs is always the burning up of glycogen stores, and the Water they require. It is a difficult state to stay in for me - I managed it pre-op for two weeks (my surgeon has his patients do Atkins for liver shrinking, no liquid diets or anything like that. I lost about 14 lbs in those two weeks. The nutritionists at my surgeons office always say there are NO essential carbohydrates - our bodies will make what it needs from other macros.

    Interesting that the calculator says if yo have too much Protein it can send you out of ketosis - probably not an issue if you don't have a lot of excess adipose tissue to burn.

    I just think it might be interesting to try it and see how I fare - I know that this type of eating helps squash my sugar demons pretty effectively and I like the types of food - I have never tried to up the fat so much though, it has always been so protein focused, if the calories stay around 1200 it should be interesting to see how the scale responds and how I feel. I struggle with pretty severe eczema and allergies - getting the sugar and processed stuff down should hopefully help those issues.

  19. Indeed you look fabulous! I love your hair - you look stunning :)

    I created a new little document to track my measurements over time - I had been entering it in a small paper journal, but have run out of room. I added a column for notes/behaviors/activity - of course the topics I usually avoid when I have fallen way to the wayside of the healthy track.

    Thanks for that link Kim - I am going to try the Keto thing - (this honestly sounds way more fun than Whole 30 lol - my family would NOT be on board with something that austere) but meat, eggs, cheese - those are things we will all eat. I am about 197 (cringe) right now and here is what that calculator gave me for macros at a 30% deficit - which they say can be hard, but I can always adjust it down. Also set it to sedentary - I know myself and I slack on the exercise as much as I do Water - so anything over sedentary is a bonus.

    Daily Calories


    20 g. carbs

    90 g. Protein

    91 g. fat

    It says to maintain - my cals would be 1794 - which is right in there with what the machine at my surgeons office says, which had me at 1800 something - though I think my lean body mass was higher - this regain is astonishing in how "flabbaliscious" all the extra fat is - its like I have a new outfit filled with Jello or something :)

    Hope you guys are doing well and hanging in there - love ya!

  20. Thought I would branch out and go read some other posts on the board for once in my life - just want to say that I think it is probably a good idea that Lipsticklady isn't in the group- she seems to take things really personally, and seems that she could be a 'pot-stirrer' - not that I know her at all.

    I dunno - I tend to stay pretty far away from folks who don't seem to recognize that text carries no inflection - that if you are getting hurt and upset by posts that are not blatant attacks or harassment - that it is you who is bringing the negative vortex into play. Reminds me of having to go over this constantly with our girls and other folks on the web - pre-teen stuff.

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